Letter(s) from Anastasia Shabashova to Johnny (Canada)

Letter 1

Hello, Johnny!!!
Thank for your photo, you in a photo very beautiful, and I am very glad to our acquaintance.
What a surprise!!! But I must confess that it was very pleasant for me to open my mail box and to see your message. Really, Johnny, having seen your letter I smiled with happiness. In fact I am very inexperienced with Internet and I am very poor in computers :((( It's my first experience of getting acquaintance by Internet and I feel very excited. Really interesting: nowadays you can get acquainted with a person who lives on the other side of the Earth!!!
How I decided to begin communicating by Internet??? Oh, Johnny, it's really a very interesting and amazing story. So, I went to the rail way station and I wanted to by tickets to go to my garden ( it is situated 5 km far from my city and I go there by bus). Suddenly a young woman asked me to let her stand before me because she was in a hurry. She was so polite and gentle that I couldn't refuse her:))) She wanted to buy tickets to Moscow. I noticed that she was very happy and was even shining with happiness. I dared ask her if she goes to Moscow to visit her husband. She answered me with a smile that she is really going to her future husband but in Norway. She told me that she found her husband in one of web agencies. They have been communicating about a month and understood that they need each other and decided to have a meeting. I thought may be I'll be a success too??? So in three days I went to the Internet cafe and I decided to try!!! I looked through your profile and I liked it!!! So I think we can say that we have already begun our communication. I hope we'll continue our relationship and we'll know each other better :)))
Oh, I have written so many words but nothing about myself. I think you have read some information about me in my profile but it's really very little :)))
So my name is Nastya. I live in Russia in a fine city Vladimir. Our city is very old and beautiful. It has very long history. Many centuries ago Vladimir was even the capital of Russia. Now it isn't capital any more but it's still of one of greatest Russian cities. I love my city anA I'm proud of it. OK, about my appearance. I am rather slender but I always keep my fit and sometimes I even keep to a diet. I am 171 cm tall and my weight is 55 kg.
I am 27 years old; my birthday is on the 30th of October 1978. I like autumn a lot. I like go for a walk in this season and to enjoy yellow and red trees.
Sometimes I make bunches of leaves and take them at home.
I like spending weekends on the open-air with my close friends and relatives.
They can describe me as a kind, friendly, peaceful and funny person. I don't smile a lot but I was told for many times that my smile is very charming :)))
And you made me smile by your letter today!!!
Well, I hope that you are not tired to read my long letter, and I hope that you still want to know me better and will write to me very soon! If you have any questions (and I hope very much
that you have) I will answer to you with big pleasure! Take care!
Nastya, your new friend.

Letter 2

Hello, dear Johnny!!!
Oh, again a pleasant surprise!!! A letter from you!!! So as I have already said we began our friendship and I must confess that I enjoy it. You know usually I don't like writing letters, I mean simple letters those that are sending by mail. You send them and you wait for an answer and when you receive the long-waited letter you have already forgotten what you have written in yours :(((
But writing you this letter I don't stop for a moment!!! Oh, Johnny, I have a lot of things to tell you. First, more about myself. I hope you have noticed that my English isn't bad. I want to describe how I have learnt it. At school I had a very angry English teacher. Her name was Elena Alexeevna. She always told me that I don't have any capacities for foreign languages and she always gave me bad marks. After each lesson I came back home in tears. My mom advised me to begin study English myself. I bought a lot of books, audio cassette and spent 3 hours studying English words and grammar. The result was an excellent mark in my school certificate!!!
I wanted even to connect my life with English. I tried to enter Pedagogical Institute, English faculty but I failed :((( Really now I think I should take lessons from some English teacher. But all is well that ends well!!! I entered Vladimir State University, Faculty of Arts. Now I work in the museum of Painting and I lead the excursions. I like my job very much. Sometimes after work I look at the pictures and I feel fascinated by their beauty. Now I want to tell me about my family. I was a late child. My mom was 42 years old when she gave me birth and my daddy 48. They were very happy that I was born and I was a very happy child. But when I was 5 my father had an awful diagnosis: cancer. In 6 months he died. My mom was in despair. They have been married for 20 years. She devoted all my life to me and she wasn't interested in another man. I remember perfectly that she always looked at my father's pictures with a smile but in tears... My mum died 6 years ago after I have graduated. She had a cardiac disease. Before her death she addressed to me and asked me to promise her that I'll find a loving husband. She wanted me to have the same relations like they had...
I had some suitors during my life. But, Johnny, I didn't feel happy with them.
What they wanted??? I don't know but not serious relations:(( And I look for them!!!
Ok, I am sorry for my long letter. May be I made you tired by my long and sincere story.. But I feel confidence to you, I don't know why...
I hope too to get your answer with a story about your family (if it isn't a secret).
Kisses, Nastya.

Letter 3

Good day, dear Johnny!!!
Today I am in a really great mood!!! I have already written you that I like autumn but today I understood that it's really fine to walk in touch with nature these days. I walked in the park and I heard a wonderful song (there is a kind of radio station). You must know it!!! Scorpions, " Gorky Park "...
Unfortunately I could not sing with group because I do not know the words... may be you can send me them? And tell me please what your favorite music is? I like to imagine different stories hearing the songs. Did you ever try to do like this? For example today I imagined myself " walking down Gorky Park ":)))
In fact songs, poetry and fairy tales may take us away from the reality.
Frankly speaking I do not know a lot of poems by heart but I'd like to receive a poem devoted personally for me:))) like every women I enjoy reading love novels.
Oh, I really enjoy reading love stories!!! And what about you??? I know that a lot of men do not like love novels because they think that they are silly, but I cannot keep from reading them. Every time I read them I feel I am the heroine of these stories!!!
I adore going to movies. Romantic comedies it's my choice, especially, I like "Just married ". I laugh watching them!!!! And you, my dear Johnny, what kind of movies do you like??? And do you prefer to watch films at home or go to movies???
As for me I do not watch TV - set very often. Only news.. And what about you?
So now I think you have a pretty good idea of my hobbies and I wait from you story about yours!!! For me it's really very important to know more about you.
It is very a pity to me of your father.
You know, my darling Johnny, I feel that our confidence grows a letter from letter. I cannot stop talking you about my life and interests... May be it's because I feel your reciprocity and you interest of my life.
OK, my dear friend, I kiss you, and I wait for your new letters with great impatience.
Bye-bye!!! Tomorrow I hope that I'll read again your letter... I really wait for it.
Your friend Nastya.

Letter 4

Hello, my darling Johnny!!!
Again I came to the Internet cafe and again I felt very happy!!! Why??? It is not difficult to guess!!! I have found your new message in my mail box. You know, Johnny, I am very happy that we contuinue our friendship. It's very important when you have a person with whom you can share your thoughts and ideas, to whom you can describe a day of your life... And when you see that this person is interested in your stories, you feel necessary... I know that you wait for my messages and that's why I write you with great gladness!!! You write such beautiful poems.
It's so fine that I can write so often, really!!! In fact, I can tell you about all important moments in my life. For example yesterday I walked across the center of my city with my friend Dasha and she took a photo camera with her.
I decided to take some pics. I must confess that I had a thought: " May be Johnny will be glad to know what my city is like? " You can see that the weather is very sunny, but cold already. I hope you'll like these pics and you'll appreciate the beauty of my city!!!
You know I thought a lot about human relations. Some people (men and women) look for partners only for fun, the other are interested only in money or sex.
But as for me I just want to find such person whom I can trust and whom I can believe, I need feel that somebody waits for me and appreciates such as I am and do not want me to be changed. In my turn I am ready to give to my beloved all my love and kindness, all my tenderness and understanding... Oh, I am sorry I write so much, but you can forgive me, I think, I just express to you all that has been accumulated in my soul...
By the way I think that it would be nice to get a real letter from you. I'll be able to keep it and I'll have a real souvenir from you:)))
So if it will not be a great difficulty for you and if you'll find time you can write me on my home address:
Krasnoarmeyskaya Street, 56
flat 34
So I'll wait for your letter or may be a greeting card. You'll really make me happy!!!!
Oh, very difficult to stop, but I unfortunately I have to: (((
I hope hear from you soon and to smile again having found your message in my mail box.
Bye-bye, Nastya.

Letter 5

Hello, hello, my darling friend Johnny!!!
Today going from my work to the Internet cafe I thought about how unpredictable our life is. Only a little time ago I thought that my life is quite usual: job, evenings before the TV set and rare holidays with my friends. And now I understand that I have some extraordinary in my life - communication with you!!!
Really, darling Johnny, I enjoy it and I hope that you like it too. Frankly speaking I feel it!!!
You know, Johnny, after such events I understand that my profession is necessary for other people and that I can be proud of it!!!
We, woman we care a lot of our appearance. I think that it's important, but also I think that the internal world of a person is even more important. Nobody knows what is happening in one's soul and it's really a great mystery. What do you think of it?
We can judge people because of their actions and words. The way a person express his or her thoughts can show us soul of a person. I can confess that reading your letters I feel that you internal world is very deep and various. And what can you say about mine? Please, tell me truth, I won't offend.
So now I have a possibility to share with you the events of my daily life. I hope that you'll appreciate my sincerity and you won't laugh at my silly stories :)))
I want to ask you to share some of your thoughts too. I want to ask you, can you tell me your dream, your most treasured dream (if it isn't a secret of course).
So, my darling Johnny, I wait for your new message with your opinion of my dream and may be a description of your dream too :)))
Your Nastya.

Letter 6

Hello, darling Johnny!!!
How are you? How are you doing? I ask these questions not only because of politeness, but because of my real interest in your life. I am interested in it, really and I need to know all the events of your daily life. What new happened with you this day or during the latest time?
As for me I can tell you that I have a very important change in my life during latest time: I have found you!!! This fact overfills me with happiness :)))
My dear Johnny, really I have never met such men like you. Nobody wrote me such letters: interesting, amazing, full of kindness and intelligence. Reading them I can say that I enjoy every line!!! I even reread them and every time I find something new that wonders me and makes me pleasure.
Really, Johnny, you entered in my life and changed it completely. Really, even my colleagues noticed that I have changed. They tell me: "Nastya, you became so happy; you shine like a springtime sun!!!" But I don't tell me the reason of my happiness. I want it to be a secret for a while.
Of course I want to share with my mom. I want to say to her that I have found a friend, a real friend, that we understand each other like nobody else and that I feel happy and necessary!!! But I decided to wait for some time more...
And what about you, Johnny??? Have you shared with somebody that you have now a friend called Nastya??? Please, tell me about it. It really important for me!!!
I feel that we became very close to each other. Understanding - that's the main feature of our relations, isn't it?
Today I was walking in my favorite park which is situated near to my house.
I send you a picture with a birch. I like this tree very much. By the way do you have birches in your place? I think it's a very beautiful tree. What can you say to me about it???
Ok, my Johnny, I must say you good bye... No, not goodbye, but hear from you soon!!!

Letter 7

Hello, my dearest, my prettiest Johnny!!!
Thanks you for beautiful photos. Mine birthday on October, 30. It is very fast.
Oh, it's a fairy tale!!! How much I waited for my coming to the Internet cafe.
The first reason is I waited for your letter which is so important to me.
And the second... The second is I have something very special to tell you... But I will not hurry up.
First I want to say to you that I feel extremely happy now. Why??? I have you in my life, Johnny. I have you and this fact overfill me with happiness. I have already written you that you have changed my life and I must confess those are really sweet changes. I became so open-minded, so open-hearted. Frankly speaking I learnt to trust people and to believe in love. Yes, yes, love is the thing that makes me happy now!!! I am all in this fine feeling and I like it:)))
I hope you have already understood what I wanna say to you. For me it's so difficult to pronounce these words... really so difficult... I am just a shy girl who madly felt in love with you, my darling Johnny!!! Yes, I must be strong and I must confess to you and to myself: I love you, Johnny!!! I love you!!!
I love you!!!
How sweet these words are, how much sense there is in them. Love seizes me all over...
My darling Johnny, really, I dared to make this confession because I can feel your reciprocity. I can see it from your letters, your kind nice letters.
You cannot imagine, Johnny, how much they mean for me. I am so thankful to the destiny that it brought us together, that we began our relationship and that now I can say to you these nice words: " I love you!!! "
I am so happy that we had found each other in this crazy world! I became brighter for me with you. You give me not only positive emotions but the sense for the life, because it is empty without love. How unhappy I was when I did not know you, and I did not even understand it. I thought that my life is quite good, but I felt that something lacked. Now I realize, that you lacked in my life!!!!
Ok, I am too talkative today:)) I stop my long and passionate speech...
Just, my dear Johnny, I want to ask you one thing: please write me honestly your opinion about my confession, tell me what you feel to me.. I need to know it though I feel that attitude to me is not only friendly:)))
Not to say more I stop my letter and wait your answer.
Your Nastya with love.

Letter 8

Greetings, my beloved, my sweetheart Johnny!!!
How happy I am!!! How excited I am!!! Again I write to you, my beloved Johnny and now my letter isn't usual at all. It's a love letter, a letter of a loving woman who can tell that she has found her happiness!!! It's me... Those are words about me...And I want you to know that you are the reason of my happiness. Yes, only you, Johnny, and nobody else.
I send you a picture of mine. Look at me!!! I have intention to hug you in my arms, to kiss you and to say to you: I love you, Johnny!!!
Also i send you a small video. I want to say to you my words of love myself, I want you to hear them, not only to read!!! I hope it will make you pleasure and you'll like it. Really, my darling Johnny, for me it's important that you feel good. I wanna to do everything to bring you joy and happiness. I promise to do that!!!
Oh, I am so romantic today. At work I was thinking of you constantly and I am afraid that if I'll go on in this way all my clients will be bold :)))
The weather is rather cold now, really very cold. But in this cold and severe weather you warm me and I feel hot beams of your presence in my life.
You know, my sweety, sometimes I feel that you near to me... Yes, I feel that that I need only to turn my head and that will be enough to see your face, to look into your eyes. It happens very often when I am writing you a letter or when I am reading yours. I feel as if I am talking to you!!!! But you are so far...:((
My darling, I want to tell you a story my mum told to me. Earlier, 20-25 years ago a lot of people worked in Siberia. That wasn't their desire but the government's one. Among them was my daddy. Yes, they were separated from each other by thousands of kilometers for a long period. I think for 2 or 3 years!!!! But my mum waited for him and they jumped to any chance to have a
meeting, to have a telephone talk or to write a letter to each other. And they didn't have Internet!!! It took a week to get a letter!!! But they overcame all the circumstances and you can see the result - it's our friendly and loving family. Sometimes I look at them and I wonder: how strong their love is till nowadays.
I want to have the same relations with you, my darling and I want you to give all my love. Do you feel it?
And I must confess that I feel the same from your side, I feel the chemistry between us , I feel your energy that you present me with. Thank you for this great gift, Johnny, thank you for it!!!
Ok, I stop my letter, but before I repeat for you once more time: I love you, Johnny!!!
With the most distinguished feelings and the tenderest kisses, Nastya.

Letter 9

Hello, my angel! Hello, Johnny!
I hope that you are ok and that you are glad now to read my letter. Sweetie, you cant imagine how much I love you and how much you mean for me! You are my treasure, everything that I have in my life! Dear, if I loose you, I will have no sense to live. Only you give me the joy of life!
You know, thinking of you, I notice that even the weather changes. The most slippery days become happy for me, if I have your letters and your warm wordrs.
I have read somewhere that a fire can disappear even because of the small wind but on the other side it can become more. The same thing is with love - a distance can kill love if is not rather strong, but if this love is really true it becomes even stronger on distance. I think that it is a good check for us that we dont see each other. If our love is really true, distance is not a
problem. And I am sure that we have already proved that we love each other.
Johnny, look, we have never seen each other, but we communicate still. It means that our feeling is very serious. And may be it is high time to meet. I would like so much to see you with my own eyes, to kiss you, and to tell you myself that I LOVE YOU!!!! Also I want to hear it from you. I would give everything that I have now to hear it, everything, beside my love to you!
Dear Johnny, how do you think is it possible to meet each other? I want so much to see where you live, to get aquainted with your fiends. I am sure that very soon they will become my friends, as you know yourself that I am an open-hearted girl with a good sense of humour. I hope that they will like me. As for me I am very proud of you and nobody can change my attitute to you! I just want to wander with you in the streets of your city. You will show me some places of interest, or just your favorite places.I want to see and to feel myself everything that you love and I will love it too.
So, how do you find this idea, my angel? And if you really want to see me too, if you are not against of my arrival to you, tomorrow I will go to the travel agency to learn what papers I need to come to you. It is so important for me that I want to know your oppinion as soon as possible. Write me, ok?
I love you, Johnny.
Your Nastya.

Letter 10

Hello, my sweetie Johnny!!!
I am madly in love with you and your photos.
I am so happy to receive your letter, but you know it yourself. Dear, I hope you are ok and glad to my letter. I send you photos when I in a dress. I hope she to you to like. I miss you so much! Johnny, you cant imagine how much I want to see you. I need you!!! Last night going to bed, as usual I thouhgt about you and asked you to go in my dream. I dreamed about you, and in the morning, when I got up and understood that it as a dream, I wanted to feel asleep again, but I
didnt manage... So, it was a wonderful dream. I was at work and somebody knocked at the door Then the door opened and I saw you. I was so tired but when I saw you I couldnt even move in the chair. You entered the cabinet and said: " Hello, Nastya! " I stood up and run to you, you embaraced me. I was crying on your shoulders, but you was calming me down. You kissed me in my eyes with tears. And then, I opened the eyes, and understood that there are tears in my eyes. I
was crying in reality! Johnny, I was so im pressed with this dream, that even now when I remember it I am full of emotions! You were so close to me and disappeared when I opened my eyes.
Johnny, you know it was the most wonderful dream that I have ever seen. So, sweetie, I have already seen you in a dream. And I am sure that very soon we will see together face to face. As I promised you today I have gone to the travel agency.
So dear, I have to do next papers to come to you:
tourist visa ($140)
passport ($78)
tickets ($1478)
insurance ($840)
According to russian laws insurance is necessary for everyone who goes abroad.
It is not only because of terrorism, when planes are exploided (I dont want even think about it), but different problems can happen to me in the plane aor in you country. If I am ill, I will not need to buy expensive medicin, they will be paid by my insurance company during 3 months. Because the tourist visa is available during this time, but then we will extend it. But I think that you
have heard about it yourself. Well that is all. Johnny, I have some money saved, I also have borrowed some money from my friends. I am very glad that they agreed to help me, as they have said they want me to be happy and i can be happy only with you! I appreciate their support. But, you know, even with their help I dint have enough money. Johnny, this sum is really big for Russia. I realize that I shouldnt do it, but without your help I will not be able to come to you.
Dear Johnny, tell me can you help me with insur ance? I hope that you really want to see me, sweetie, and you will not refuse to help me. Our happiness is only in our hands, nobody, only we can help ourselves. I did all my best, I have no more money left. I am sure that you will support me.
Your Nastya with love.

Letter 11

Hello, my dear kitten Johnny!!!
Again your fine letter, again your nice message personally for me!!! I am happy, I am happy. I want to sing, to dance, to smile constantly with my happiness.
I'd like the entire world to know about it, but in my soul I understand that it must to be our small secret. But may be I'll tell my friend Dasha about it. She is my best friend, she is my former classmate and she understands me completely.
So, if you are not against it, I'll tell her about our love, OK? I want to know her opinion and I am sure that she will support me!!!
Johnny, I miss you so much, you just cannot imagine... I need being with you every moment, every second of my life... I need feel your smell, I need hear your voice, see your smile - I love you, I love you!!!
My night dreams are too about you. What they are about??? Sometimes we just go for a walk in my dreams in a park, sometimes we are drinking coffee in a cafe, but you are constantly next to me, you mean a lot for me...
Today at my work I was a little bit upset. I had a very disgusting client.
It was a very arrogant woman who frankly speaking wanted to have a hair dress which would not suit her at all. I told her about it and advised her to make another hair dress. She told me that I do not understand anything in hair dresses and that I am a bad specialist. She went away and I burst into tears... But then my colleagues consoled me and they told me that we cannot exclude such cases and that all people are different. I thought it over and I remembered happy faces of
people who went from me beautiful and happy. I bring joy to people and that's fine!!!
Of course I thought of and I know that you would support me in this situation, do not you, Johnny?
I will do everything for our happiness and safety. I understand that I should be patient but it is so difficult without seeing you, touching you and kissing.
Tomorrow I shall go to learn(find out) be relative 1500 $ about which you to me speak. And I shall inform you results.
And I feel your reciprocity; I feel your tender feelings to me...
Oh, I became so relaxed after having written you a letter...
Hope you'll be relaxed too after having read my letter.
Loving you, your Nastya...

Letter 12

Hello, good day and with all my love, Johnny!
What news? How is your day? How are you, my precious Johnny?
I miss you, I miss you.. That's all what I can say... And you kno, Johnny, this feeling is very mixed. On one hand it's a very sweet feeling, because I know that soon we'll be together, but on the other hand I cannot keep from sad thoughts when I know that a great distance separates us from each other and I cannot just stretch my hand and stroke you...
Really, Johnny, this fact makes me so unhappy, so upset. But I will do everything for being with you.. I do not want to be under the circumstances, I want to be over them!!
We are strong, we are full of energy and we'll do it.. And I'll be forever yours. I want to be your Nastya, only your little girl. I want to put my head on your knees and to fall asleep there, calm and happy. Oh, thoughts, dreams...
They take me faraway, very far from the reality. I am on the skies in my dreams... and of course with you!!!
My love today I went to bank and tried to take the loan for payment of money which it is necessary to present at customs house. I have been very much pleased when to me have authorized for her reception. I can receive money in four days.
I very much am glad to this. Also I was in agency of travel and to me have told that my documents will be ready next week. The truth it is healthy???
My love I still need in your help for payment of insurance. As soon as I can make insurances I can buy tickets and fly to you. I very much need in you.
Please write to me your answer.
Ok, you can see that I have sent you some more pics. Do you like them? I hope - YES!!! Write me, please which pic you like more - with a leaf or in the cafe?
Oh, how much I'd like tom spend an evening in a cafe with you... I thought of you a lot. Oh, Johnny, if you were with me...
I kiss you, Johnny, it's time to stop. I wait!!! I'll always wait for you.
Loving Nastya. Your Nastya.