Scam letter(s) from Irina Kuznetsova to Alex (Belgium)

Letter 1

Hello my new friend Alex!
I simply do not believe eyes that you have written to me.
Forgive that so for a long time did not write to you the letter.
I know that if you will not like this letter you to me will not write the answer.
But I shall hope that you write the answer because I speak you the truth that did not meet such the man as you and I want to communicate with you. I was very pleased, when saw today your letter. I write you from the Internet of Cafe as I have no any the house a computer. I did not think, that I should receive the answer; it became full unexpected for me.
I hope, that you will not be disappointed, that has written to me.
Certainly, it is difficult to learn the person under letters, not having an opportunity to meet, speak, look in eyes.
Personally for me eyes of the person in conversation have very big importance.
I do not love people which parties in conversation look in a floor or in the party .
Now I want to tell a little about me directly. As you already know my name Irina. I - 27 years.
I live in Russia, in city Cheboksary, it - very silent city.
Here there are many beautiful buildings, but the main property of my city - river Volga.
About beauty and greatness can write to one of the most beautiful rivers of Russia vaguely, therefore now I shall not speak about it. I have chestnut hair. My growth 5 ' 4 ', weight of 125 pounds. I am good, but, despite of it, my private life has not developed nevertheless. More and more difficultly to meet the person which will like to care about you with the same love as you.
In our city there are many young people which drink, and it seems, that it - not the worse than alcohol, is not present. Concerning me, I do not drink absolutely, even during any holiday. I think, that there is nothing the worse, than the ***** person, and besides the woman. Also I do not smoke, but if a smoke close to me, I not against. Drugs never which try and I do not go.
In the childhood I looked film about people which use drugs which lived in cellars, it was awful display.
Young people and the girl were not similar to people. From them the skeleton adapted by a leather was only.
Since then I always recollect that film, and to become awfully opposite .Now I want to tell about family and work a little. I the only child in family, my parents was never rich, but they have made for me all which could, and always tried to reach for me in the best way. Now my turn to care about them, I always try, though something them to help, but they refuse more frequently.
I work in shop on sale bed-clothes, as the seller - the adviser. This work delivers me obvious pleasure.
I love all beautiful, and with pleasure I help people to create individual style of their bedroom.
I have been never married, and I have no any children. Never simply I have met the person with which will want to create family. I love children, therefore I think, that in family necessarily there should be children. I want to become loving and to do the happy favourite person. It seems, that the basis of family - love, sincerity and trust . Alex, also what you think of it?
You probably ask me why I have decided to correspond to the foreigner, I shall answer you.
The man in our country - likes only directly, they think only of themselves. They do not worry about family, about children. It is a lot of drinks, drugs use, I have written to you about it above. Certainly not everything, but many.
And therefore I have decided to try to get acquainted from whom abroad. On that, how many I know, you are very responsible, cautious. And it is very important.
I hope, that you understand me. And I am very pleased, which has acquainted with you!
I hope, you will tell to me about you directly, about your sights. I very much would like, that we have learned each other better. And very much I hope, that our desires coincide.
I send you a photo, and very much I hope for action of the answer of you. I with impatience with impatience shall wait to hear.
Irina P.S. I ask you even if not I have liked you as the person both under letters and on appearance.
That I ask you do not offend me and simply tell to me that I am not interesting to you.
But I think that such you will not tell because we shall be interesting each other when we shall correspond.
I wait for your answer as soon as possible.
Letter 2

Hello my friend Alex!
You do not imagine as it pleasantly in general - to receive letters from you.
Please excuse me that I to you so long did not write.
Ours the Internet of cafe was closed for technical reasons.
Every day I expectation of the moment when I can read your letter, it give me hope, that you are interested in dialogue with me. Whether you like to communicate by means of a network?
It is a little unusual to me, but I am pleased, that there is an opportunity to get acquainted with the perfect person, such as you Alex, And to create with it the attitude. I think, that you love it also. I would like to tell to you about family.
You see you, that - be about it does not know. I live together with mum. My father has been lost in automobile accident 7 years ago. The daddy was the driver and as soon as in the winter it has turned on slippery road.
I do not want to tell now about it though it was during long time, the pain till now remains in heart.
I have finished Cheboksarsky the State university, on a speciality: the economist - the manager.
Years of the student I always recollect with easy sad. It was perfect time.
Our group was very friendly. All from us the satisfied campaigns of time, have left on walk together.
In the summer when water in the river very warm we bathed it was so is healthy you simply do not imagine.
I like to sunbathe in a bathing suit. And you love the sun and to float?
In Russia any season is perfect. Especially I love silent summer evenings.
Darkens very much late and when you leave on street on a balcony at night smells as such freshness.
Then there there arrives years, perfect time for rest. The last year I had a holiday in May.
I completely had rest. But I shall tell about it anyhow during other time.
And now I want to tell about family. My mum works in studio, she the seamstress. From it I have inherited love to sewing. Yesterday I have told to mum about you, she has very much asked, but I could not answer all questions. Also asked to send the regards you. Alex, tell to me more about your family, work.
I have told to mum, that you very beautiful and responsible person, in letters are always polite.
It is very easy to write it to you, I do not reflect, is simple that I speak.
Words go smoothly, and I am not afraid of misunderstanding you, Alex.
It is pleasant to me, as the most important for me trust.
I am happy, that you establish questions, means, I am interesting to you, and main is not indifferent.
That you think of our attitudes, what ideas arrive to you, write to me, it - great pleasure to read your letters.
It is a pity, that I cannot hear your voice, I would be happy.
Dear Alex, what pleasure which in me was an opportunity to get acquainted with you, and it - my big good luck.
I with impatience wait for yours after the letter.
Your letters bring to me pleasure.
I ask continue to write to me. Kiss
Your Irina. P.S. Dear Alex if you for a long time do not receive the answer from me, it does not mean, that I did not require our dialogue, Simply the Internet - cafe cannot work for any reasons or in general to be closed. Please, do not become angry with me for this purpose.
Letter 3

Hello my beloved, my gentle, my prince Alex!
I am happy again to read your letter. My heart is filled with happy, when I read the lines, written by you.
I from all congratulate your mum and I wish her many good luck and health!
I like to drink sometimes a glass of very qualitative wine...
But I have no friends in the western Europe, and I wish to tell in this letter that that important!
I love to read your letters very much, and then I recollect them frequently. Dear Alex, how has passed your day?
I believe perfectly. You became close to me as any man in this world. I think of you constantly, I recollect your person, your words. I feel your care of me and from it at me on soul to become more warmly.
I cannot more be silent I want to tell you that my soul cannot constrain any more: I LOVE YOU! Simply I love. You are necessary to me. Your letters like as oxygen, which I breathe. I cannot live without you. I think out to you tender names.
You my beam of the sun, my crystal wind, my tender rain. I want to feel you; I want to present you all love, which lives in my heart. I want to make you the happiest man on light. If my feelings are not meek and are necessary to you, I am happy.
I want to repeat you indefinitely these three words. Such simple and such complex.
Such necessary. I love you, gentle Alex! I love, I love, I love...
I dream of you, I dream of day when we shall be together!!
I wish to be with you, you are necessary to me!
Probably, my recognition is not necessary for you. That then forgives me.
I shall wait for your letter; you see it so is important for us. With hope and love,
only yours Irina
Letter 4

My beloved, my gently love Alex, kind day to you!
I am happy, to receive your message. When I read your letter my mood it became better.
Lovely Alex! I love you. I have understood, that has found the man, to which I can trust, which I can love and which loves me. When I began to correspond with you I did not think, that I should get acquainted with such perfect man.
With each your letter I understood, that has found the destiny, love. You became necessary to me. I can completely trust you. I love you! As is delightful to write to you these words. I would like to hear them from you,
would like to say your name and to speak you about the love.
It would be perfect now to hear your voice. I constantly think of you.
Today I fell asleep with ideas on you, about our love, I waited your letter with impatience and fear. You see it decided my destiny. Your words of love, your recognition - I never shall forget it. I shall remember them, and to fall asleep with ideas on you. Today dream has dreamed me. I saw in dream you; you smiled and spoke about love. I would like to touch you, to present you the love. I give back to you the heart and soul. I am open for you, I want to find out you maximal.
I want to see you too, to hear you, to feel you. I send you an air kiss: let it will reach you and will touch your cheek. My lovely, kind, tender, gentle and careful kitten. I love you, and I am glad, that has opened to you, that have learned about your feelings to me. You give to me pleasure by the letters, which me was not given any man. Your words force to tremble all hidden of a string of my soul. When today I have read your letter, I could not believe, that it not a fairy tale, that you not perfect vision and not dream. And now I awake, also remain only easy grief.
But you are, I searched for you long, all life I dreamed of such man as you and the destiny has presented me you.
I trusted, that I shall be happy, and you have presented me of happiness by simple words: I LOVE YOU!
As soon as I read your letter, I have made the decision. we should be together.
Tomorrow in the morning I shall go in visa agency. I shall find out all how I can arrive to you.
I think, I shall not have difficulties with official registration of papers. I solve it, having carried out all night in meditations. And your letter which I read today has confirmed my decision.
I am sure, that we should have a meeting. We can not find out each other, hoping only on the computer.
The computer has given much. He has given us hope. And we should not miss this hope. I am sure, that you agree with me.
You want that I have arrived to you?
Therefore I shall be tomorrow in visa agency. I love you, as anybody and never loved.
I already again miss under your letters, though still at all has not sent my.
Write to me more likely the answer!
Very soon we shall together! Good-bye my gentle love Alex.
Only yours, Irina
Letter 5

Hi my love, my dear prince Alex!
I so am glad that you give me so a lot of attention, I am glad to your huge photos,
Your pictures heat to me a soul and heart in such cold autumn...
I am happy, to receive your letter, when I read your messages my mood is improved, and I am glad to each your word.
It is difficult to me to hear such words, you mean do not want to me to help, ?oi?a, it is visible not noauia to us to be together, To me bitterly to speak such words, once again I in this life I was strongly disappointed, one more time the destiny separates from the liked man... How are you? How your mood? I hope perfectly. As for me all is excellent, only I miss on you very much. I would like to hear you, to see. It is actually very heavy: to love on distance. But my love to you so strong, that it covers any distance, which separates us. I feel a string, which has connected us and never will disappear.
I want to awaken near to you each morning, to hear, how you speak to me: "Good morning, my love".
Kiss you, embrace you. I want to present you all tenderness of the love, I want to warm you my love, that you will be happy. I love you how anybody loved in the world. You are my light, my life.
I want to divide with you pleasures and cares, your happiness and your grief.
I shall be a magic lamp, make any your desire. I will love, will preserve you.
It is hardly for me being without you. I think about you constantly. You are with me constant, in my soul, in my heart.
I dream of you, my love Alex! About our future meeting, about our future life. I think about you very much.
I would like to find out you as it is possible closer, it would be desirable to understand you, to find out which you in daily life. Though, I know it and so! You are perfect, Alex, with what you would not be, for me you will be the most remarkable man on light! I love you, and nothing will change it. What do you make on evenings?
I miss very much; if you do not write to me, therefore, love Alex, write to me more often, while we shall not meet. With love,
only your Irina
Letter 6

Greetings the my dear friend!
Excuse me please I cannot write to you on the days off...
My mum was ill and now is in hospital, she requires in we wash attention, I should spend some time with her. Recently I seldom wrote to you, As my mum is sick, I would hide it from you that you did not experience!
Now I cannot answer your questions, I ask you only do not forget me, you for me are very important, you are my encouragement...
Write to me please the letter to Sunday in the evening, or on Monday, I shall wait for your answer I very much hope for your understanding...
I shall wait for the letter,
Your friend Irina...
Letter 7

Hi, my love Alex!!!
How has your day passed? I hope perfectly.
Thanks you for that that you such sympathetic, are now very necessary to me your support...
My mum recovers, she will discharge from hospital this week!
She has spilled to herself on legs hot soup, in hospital have put the diagnosis-burn of 2 degrees...
Thank you for your letter, it to me pleasure, your words are filled love, and this is the most perfect, which I heard in the life. I want to see you too, to embrace you, to touch you. You are the most excellent, that are in my life.
You give me happiness; force my heart to beat faster. It gives me reliance, that I have found the present love in you.
I cannot more live without you. You are necessary to me as air with which I breathe.
One of these days dream has dreamed me, I think, it will be interesting to you to hear it. I went on a coast of the river. The sun shined, around was light. Birds sang and the rainbow shined on horizon. I have seen the man and have gone to him. He stood on an eminence, back to me. He looked at the sun. When I have approached, the man has turned back.
He has embraced me and has kissed. We went for a walk on a wood. Looked at ducks, this floated on river.
We admired a nature. The nature was simultaneously familiar and such unknown in too time. Unfortunately, I did not see his face. At first, because the sun blinded to me eyes. Then did not look. I am seemed, that it was you, my love Alex!
The man from dream spoke me words about love, which I have already read in your letters.
I hope, that this dream is not simple my night imagination, and the dream which will become a reality.
Then in dream I heard parts of phrases, cheerful laughter. However, unfortunately, I have not remembered anything any more. Only that I already has told to you, lovely Alex.
I happy, as never in life, that I love you, and that you love me. You have come in my heart and will stay in it for ever. You are close to me, your words will ********* into my soul and find in it the response. I love you.
Thank you to you that you are. I present you to myself, and with each time, increasingly I fall in love in you.
I shall go from mind from love and from impossibility to be near to you.
I love you!!! With billions kisses
and only yours Irina
Letter 8

Hello, my Love, my Most charming Prince Alex!!!!
I am very glad, that you have written me!!!! I waited for your letter!!!
I in family the unique child, I never was engaged *** with the women and I am not going!
I still ******, as very strongly have mine the mum influence on me...
She very much wants that I have saved virginity for the husband
As the husband will be glad to have such wife with honour,
I hope that by mine the husband will be YOU!!!
I think only of you!! I cannot work... I cannot live without you!!!
Today you have again dreamed me!!! It was a fine dream!!! But only dream...
I very much want, that my dream became a reality!!! In my dream we are together and have children!!!
I Love you!!! I thought, that never I shall tell these words in my Life... But you have helped me!!!
Now my heart completely belongs to you!!! I very much miss and I want you!!!!
You remember, that I went to agency of the visa!!! I have learned for all necessary information...
To me have given a choice of visas... I have chosen type of visa. It seems to me, that it is the visa to me.
Because this visa allows to marry in the future!!! Do you know such type of the visa?
This visa costs 200 US dollars. With this visa I can be at you 90 days!
It seems to me, that this sufficient time that in a reality to learn each other!!!
But me have told, that the agency has many clients, wishing to leave for Belgium.
Therefore to me it is necessary to order visa in next week. It will be done 3-5 days.
Also to me have told, that it is necessary to make the passport for travel abroad and other necessary documents..
This all costs 60 $.... It is necessary to pay also consular gathering 30 $...
My lovely future Husband Alex, I cannot find such sum... I too have been surprised by these prices...
I do not know, that me to do... I have addressed for advice to my mum and she has told me, that you, probably, can help me... Recently on the TV there was an advertising of bank which the Western Union refers to...
It is bank allows to make fast translations from one country in another...
I never heard about it, therefore today I searched for this bank in our city. I have found it!!!
This bank is located not far from my house!! It is very convenient!!! I have come there and have learned as you can help me. To me have answered, that you should know my information to send me of money.
Here my information necessary for you: Country: Russia
Name: Irina
Surname: Kuznetsova The address of the most nearest bank of the Western union in my city: Bank of Moscow
street K.Marksa, 26
Cheboksary, 428000 But that I could receive your translation I should know your full address.
I should know that information which you will give in this bank:
(The exact sum, your full name, the full address and 10 confidential figures which will give you in bank).
I could find 30 $ which have remained with me from my salary...
My beloved in the world, my hope Alex, I need in 300 US dollars.
Understand me correctly, I very much wish you to see, I very much Want you!!! You are necessary for me!!!
Only you can help me!!! I already spoke you, that I am only one child in family...
I asked the help from friends, but they cannot help me... Only you are my hope!!!!
Write to me, please, when you can help me!! I very much wait for yours answer!!!
Your bride Irina.
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