Scam letter(s) from Maria Orkhidea to Gary (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my dear Gary !
That has written thanks me again. I am very glad to it also it to deliver to me the big happiness. How you? How at you there weather? At us still warmly, but the autumn has come to an end. I I hope that I to remember well this autumn. In fact This autumn I to meet you. This very important event for me. I seem to me start to feel to you more deep feelings. I hope you not against my feelings to you? To you probably it is interesting why I to start to test to you such feelings? And so. I to start to feel to you because you in my opinion combine the majority of qualities which I search in the man of my dream. Such impression at me has developed under your letters. I yesterday thought, that will be with us further. You were not asked by this question? I have already become attached to you I wish to see your letters every day. I very often to think of you. I to think, that our friendship develops into something greater. I hope you not against it? It is important to me to know your opinion on this question. I to speak yesterday with parents. Mum has asked me, you really think, what at you with it the future is probably? And I have told, what yes I trust, that at all of us it can turn out. Yours letters to warm me as the sun warms the ground and gives it a life I with impatience shall wait for your following letter because we with each letter to each other to become all more close. I send you the most passionate kiss. And to wish you successful day. Yours Maria
Letter 2

Hello my dear Gary !
I am glad that again I have an opportunity to write to you and to read your new letter. For me it means very much. Because for that short time that I write you I have very strongly got used to you and am glad to see your letters each day. Your letters lift my mood and make my day. Last night I sat at home and all evening thought of you and about us. I have thought as it it would be fine, if we might be together. I very much want to meet you. In my opinion, completely to learn persons it is possible only communicating with for them personally and seeing eyes of the person. I have found in you many qualities which I searched in the man. I like your open soul and kind heart. From your letters I can see as you care of me and respect me and I to estimate it. We may write each other 1000000 letters, but we so never and shall not know each other really. I want, that we were together and developed our attitudes further. If you want, that I can come to you. It will be fast at me at work holiday and I have thought. That it is very good opportunity for us. Write to me, that you it think of all. I shall wait impatiently for your letter. I give you my most gentle kiss and embrace. Sincerely yours Maria.
Letter 3

Hello my dear Gary!!!
I was very glad to see your letter today. Thanks, that you could write to me back and I wish to tell to you, that I could learn in travel agency. I have spent all the day to receive the information on a trip to you I talked to the manager of travel agency and it has informed me, that for arrival to the USA it is necessary for me to do the visa and to buy air tickets aboard the plane. Also to me have informed, that our agency does not do the visa in the USA and it will be necessary for me to go to Moscow and to receive the visa in embassy of the USA in Moscow. Term of registration of the visa borrows 4-6 working days and for submission of the statement it is necessary for me to collect references and to give air tickets there and back. At first it will be necessary for me to buy air tickets. To me have told, that such laws in your country. When I have learned about the prices I strongly was upset. I the truth at all did not know, that to me to answer. The manager has told to me, that the visa in the USA costs about 300 US dollars. Air tickets to cost even more expensive. Tickets Moscow - Spokane to cost 998 US dollars. I the truth do not know, that to me to do. The trip to you to cost very expensively. I am afraid, that I cannot pay all trip and I shall require your help. I shall use the best efforts for our meeting. I shall receive my holiday money for work and also my salary. I shall try to occupy also money from my friends. I am afraid, that without your help I cannot come to you. Tell you you will help me? I sincerely hope on your help and support. I yet do not know your answer and very much I experience, that you will give up to me and will tell, that we never shall be together. I with impatience wait for your letter. Yours Maria.
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