Scam letter(s) from Ilona Ponchik to David (Ireland)

Letter 1

My name is Ilona. I'm a sociable girl who wants to find new friend sand to know new interesting things. I'm open for new acquaintance and wish to know more about you.
I think that it would be great to have wonderful relationship with a man from foreign country and hope that you are the best one for it.
If you are looking for the same or smith more just write me at my individual e-mail address and we'll see how many surprise life will bring to us.
This is my e-mail address: I don't except such thing as seeing each other in person.
Have a nice day
Letter 2

Thanks for your letter.
In my letter I said that I don't except such situation as seeing each other in person.
If you want I can tell you a little bit about myself may be it helps you to know me better......
I have never been married and I have no children.
Yes there were some people in my life. But It wasn't my fate,I think.
What else might be important to know from me for you? Let me think about it for moment...
Hm, hm think think.
Yes: My hobbies. I like to swim and to bicycle and to run and to read books and to listen to music and to watch DVD's and to be honest: I like to sleep and relax and do really nothing on Sundays.
My character I would describe in one word as "warm-hearted" and my motto is:
Continue to learn and develop yourself and try to be a better person tomorrow than you are today. That's easy to say but hard to do - isn't it?
Yes - that's me.
As for my partner: I am looking for THE man of my life, with whom I can live in happiness and harmony, with passion and deep understanding until the end of the days.... with whom I can laugh in the mornings and be happy... In my opinion, a relation must be based on respect and mutual care, but I also think, it should be more than that...
That's how I think....
Do you share my thoughts??
I hope ..yes!!
Will you tell me about your home town next time??
I would like to imagine the world round you with the help of your words....(I guess it's a huge home task for you...
But you can send some pictures as well!!!))))
I live not far from Minsk(it's the capital of Belarus), in the town called Borisov.....My town is located 70 km far from the main one...
And it takes me about 1.5 hours to travel to Minsk by electrical train, if going by car...just 30 minutes....Last year Borisov celebrated its 900 year town is even more ancient than Moscow,the capital of Russia ...
I'll wait for your next letter,eagerly
Have a sweet day
The best wishes from
Letter 3

Good morning, David
Thanks for your photos a lot. I liked them very much.
Sorry that I didn't tell you about myself, you know it's the first time communication with a man in such way. I promise to be better next time:) :) :) :)
So I'm 25 years old and have never been married but in the last time this thoughts invited me more often.... I want to find my second half and create a strong family.
My weight is 52 and height is 169. I have no children as i think that they must born in healthy and loved family....
I don't smoke and never did it but I never censure people who do it...
As for our first meetimg it can be in any place you wish and it doesn't mind where it would be. The most necessary thing i to spend it in good atmosphere and emotions.
You can come to Belarus as well. You are welcome!!!!
So I must sign here and let you go. The weather is so wonderful and the sun is so bright and the air is warm so we should spend more time outdoors to get vitamin D
I'm waiting for your next letter and wish you great week-end!!!!
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