Letter(s) from Tina Famous to Dave (USA)

Letter 1

Hello Dear ,

I am so glad hearing from you and how are things with you today.Everything is ok here too.Thank you so much for your concern It is my pleasure sending you email because i really want to get to know you much better too..

I want you to know that am not the kind of person that cheat and hurt peoples feeling.
I am not here too to hurt anybody but seeking for true love and understanding in God loving man that i can share all my love with and to start a great family and wonderful children too. A man that can assist and support my christian faith

want you to know that i am not here for age and not interested in any material things but only in love and understand,honsty and truth in both part.If age is what i am seeking, then i can be with any man that i want anytime because there lots out there but i believe even the older man are more caring and understanding that the younger ones.So, ,i am not here for your look but your heart and understanding to be my friend ,lover and everything.

I have been to the United States many time before ,although i wish to be there someday and most esspecially to meet with some one for real.The idea of my family is a very simple, God loving,respective and responsible family.I have never been married before and i dont have any kids.I have also never been in any seriouse relationship before and i dont believe in age.

I am Orphan ,is that no problem to you??

God bless you ..Cares,


Letter 2

Hello dear
I am very happy to receive your letter,I can assure you ,that I am looking for ahusband who will be my best friend and lover.I want to start a family ,that I can dedicate the rest of my life to their happiness and development.I am not a dreamer ,I am just a lady who feels lonely and has lots of love that I do not want to waste.
Therefore you should feel relaxed about my intentions ,I pray to God that things work out well between us.

I want to tell you a lot about myfavorite dish ,I am not really very fussy about food ,I love middle eastern food,Italian and Japanese.It will be difficult to explain for you my favorite dish because it is middle eastern,but I promise that i cook it for you one day ,I am a very good cook.

i am not not a demanding lady ,I can assure you that I meet your needs In a future wife ,and much more ,but I leave that to your judgment at a later time.

Take your time, till you feel confident and relaxed with me ,and I will be looking forward to meet you when you are ready.I will be looking forward to hear from you soon. .Till that time ,have a nice day ,and I send you my best regards.