Scam letter(s) from Daria Mechta to Gianluca (Italy)

Letter 1

Is the first time in my life, my dear, that I joined such a site , because I believe in my lucky star. Sometimes things at home don't work out the way you want and so is hard to find your soul mate. I have not joined the site to find *** only. Nowadays *** is easy to find everywhere. I have joined the site looking for a nice man, which can stand as a man at my side and knows when and how to be a man. A man to whom I will give myself completely and he will give himself to me completely. A man with whom I will share my life . Are you him ? I hope so. I am not into this to play any kind of games. So I will tell you now that I do not believe in endless mail. If all goes well I think we must meet to know each other. I believe much in personal contact, so you can personally contact me . That first look and first words can tell you more than a 1000 letters. Do you agree ?
Don't make me waiting for you very long.
Letter 2

Privet,Dear Gianluca! Thank you for your such an interesting letter and your interest. You know you are a very attractive man and I would like to get to know you much better,please tell me more about you,about Italy and your native Milan,I think it is very beautiful city,I will be waiting impatiently for your answer! Before I'll tell you ore about me, I am anxious to tell you that my research on the net is serious and that for me it is not a game, I hope that for you it is the same thing, if it is the case our relation can go very far and you can count on my support without defect. As for me, I am 26 years old , 165 cm , I am Ukrainian women, who is a last year student in the university, I'm a future designer!!!I like very much moving, to travel (but I've never been abroad), going in for sport , to receive friends or to go to visit members of my family. As for my character, it is not easy to be described or even, my friends would be better placed than me to answer it , but I check in summary: I am a natural optimist, I like laughing, I am honest and hard-working. As regards my family, I have a brothers , he is 29 and live with his girlfriend, my father and my mother working now, my father is a builder and my mother director of the art studio. I live with my parents now because I am very close to my family, they counts for me a lot. I wanted to live along, but flats here is very expensive that is why I should live with my family. My parents often gather our relatives to them at least a dozen times a year. Flew as regards my family, we are a family welded and every member is there to help the others. I was growing up in this atmosphere and also in love and respect, I know how to treat a man and would have my own family soon. Relationship between my parents is a good example for me and I want to create very strong relationship. What vision have you of your intended wife and of your couple ? As for my vision to see a couple, it is especially based on the education that gave me my parents . For me , my husban will be my equal, husband and wife are the single whole. They should love , care and respect each other, being good friends, lovers, listeners and advisers to each others ! Two people who are in love with each other must do everything together without saying: it's your duty or this should do only woman or only man it is not questions that she made only the thankless tasks of a house, it is the thing which we can make for two. This is a short survive who I am and what I want from life! Hope You like my ideas and I can hook you, cause I want to know more about you and impatiently waiting your letter. Best wishes. Dasha
Letter 3

Hello,my dear sweet Gianluca! Thank you for such a wonderful letter! You said to me so many important and beautiful words! I am so excited of it! But don't think it is ****** to talk about it now,because I feel that I feel the same... It is a little unusual for me to be writing to someone from the other side of the world, but Dear, you are not someone for me anymore, you are a person, whom I like and want to know more and more about! I am always busy with something, I suppose that we make our lives busy, but perhaps do not always focus on the things that will really make us happy; I have a good life, but sometimes I think that I will never meet my perfect soul mate by chance:) My heart was broke in the past, that is why I decided to use net, I am honest in telling you this, so you know that I have been serious about this in the past, but that also from my past experience, I am cautious with my heart:) I hope that you understand, I suppose that it is no different to any relationship, things do not always work out, but we should not give up trying to find the perfect person for each of us. I think that there are cultural differences between our countries, in the ways that men and women relate, and personality differences from men here and in your country, which can be good, but also take some understanding from both sides I think, what do you think? I think that for a successful relationship people must be best friends, and truly want to support each other, if they are only really interested in what the other person can give them, and not in the person themselves, then it will not work, because one day you will find the person whom you really love just for the person that they are. I think that attentiveness and kindness is required, and having common goals to achieve in life, it may be that one person supports the others goals more, but as long as both are truly happy with this. I think that people should not let affection dry up in their relationship, and never go to sleep with bad feelings or thoughts about each other, any problems should be talked about and then kiss and make up:) so that you will start each day feeling happy, positive and motivated about your life. I think you've already understand that I don't speak English and use agency to translate for us, hope that this doesn't bother you, does it? But if you think that there is any problem that just not answer to this letter, i'll try to understand, but still hope that language of love is more important. Anyhow, these are some of my thoughts for you, I hope that it helps you to know me a bit better, and I look forward to hearing from you again. Dasha
Letter 4

My Darling Gianluca! Thank you for your wonderful letter and photo! You know I really don't speak English but I promise to do my best for learning it in the nearest future! Sorry for not telling you about our meeting but I think we have to get to know each other much better,ok? Thank you for your words. Now we know more about each other, but I want you to know my point about my beloved and my future family. A man want a girl that give him always love, sweetness, care, sensuality, surprises and also woman want to have a man for this. A man want it because he is like a child…he likes very much that someone takes care of him. A real woman knows it… she knows that the man can’t organize all in the same time. He likes very much a guide for him. The real woman knows that if doesn’t want to lose him must to be present in his life…in all moments… Now a lots of girls don’t want it or don’t want to give it but they want only to take. They want a man that must to be able in all. A man must to know all their needs…because only their needs are important. She should work… she should see her friends… she should do others things and when in evening together come back home it’s possible that she says that she’s tired…she wants to sleep…she doesn’t to talk… I think his is your point of view. And there are men that don’t have respect for their girls too…but I’m woman and will try to be a real woman for your and won't be tired when you need this or we will be tired together........ I'll try to make your life easier and will give you more care and help when you need this. I know that a man wants love, care, surprises. He wants a girl that loves her beauty…her womanish ness….that has care of herself and give him a lots of attentions. In a family is very important the role of the woman. I think that the role of the woman is essential for a family. She should control and take care of Childs education, the house economy… is she that controls the relationship between the father and his sons. If a family is strong, very unite, beautiful and shining this depend on only by the woman. She has the capacity to control different things together. Woman can't do this all just course of her wish, for this she need to love and we could have this!!!!! I'll try to make our family the best, believe me!!!!!!!! This is my point of view and this is the way I'll create a family, do you want to do this with me? Kiss you,
Letter 5

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Stanislav Denezhkin
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