Scam letter(s) from Natalia to Gianluca (Italy)

Letter 1

How are you, Gianluca? Wow, you can't even imagine how happy I am! It is the first time when I have decided to try such way of communication. I even was not sure, if you would write me. But in the depth of my heart I was hopping. So, I think I should tell you a bit about myself. I am Natasha, but all my friends and relatives call me Nata. I was born on April, 25, 1982. I am a usual girl from provincial city, but now I live in Lugansk. It is one of regional centers of Ukraine. Here, I study at the Commercial College and live in the dormitory of this College. I study by correspondence, that's why I also want to find a job, because I think that parents can't always help their children. Now I am on probation period in one big shop of elite clothes. My salary is very low, but it is better than nothing. I like to look at all these clothes and dream that one day I'll be able to buy at least one thing for me. Actually, I like my job despite the salary. Sometimes I go to visit my parents, as I have told you they live in provincial city far from Lugansk. I can't go to them very often, because I am very busy now and the ticket there is not very cheap. I also have a sister, Ann. She is 14. She goes to school and dreams to be a model. When I was in her age I had the same dream, but now I understand that it is not real. I love my parents very much and want them to have happy old age. I think that in a big city as Lugansk I have more possibilities to find a good job to help them and my sister. But here in the big city there are also a lot men who doesn't respect women. I couldn't find my beloved man here, that's why I decided to try this way. I have heard that men in your country are very kind and have open heart. I also have open heart and want to give it to a good person, who will love and respect me. Maybe you will be this man? I should also say to you that I don't know English, that's why I use a very good translating agency. I really hope that it is not a problem for you. You see, I understand that now it is a shame not to know English, but if I don't know it, it doesn't mean that I am bad person, am I? I want to have a family. I am sure I'll be loving and careful wife. I also want you to tell me more about yourself, your life. I really belive that we can find a lot of common. I send you a photo of me. I hope you'll like it. I'll be glad to see your photos also. I want you to know that I'll wait for your next letter impatiently,
Your Nata
Letter 2

Hope you have a good mood, Gianluca! So, I think it is a little progress, I mean our communication. But we shouldn't stop on this, OK? I want us to know each other as good as possible. I am sure you have the same goal, am I? Thanks for your pictures, I like them. You nice smile, do you know about this? You know, when I have received your letter first, something in my heart told me that I can trust this person. I agree that it is early to talk about something serious like family, but I hope that it can also be. Maybe I am quick a bit, but I want you to know that I have only good intentions and feelings about you. I want to believe that this feeling is mutual. I want you to be yourself with me, OK? I don't need a prince, I am not a child, and I understand that there is no ideal person. Every person has his advantages and disadvantages, and if you like and respect this person you should also respect all his qualities. I have such opinion.
Have you another? So, tell me about your dream, I mean not such dream as to be happy, to have family, children, house near the sea or something like this. I want to know if you have any unrealizable dream? You know, I have such dream. I dream to have a toy country. When I was a child, I liked toys very much, but my parents couldn't afford to buy me a lot of them, I understood that all this cost money. So, I decided to make toys myself. I was just sewing them. And you know, later all my room was full of different toys. And now I like toys very much. All my friends even don't ask me what to present. They know that the best present for me is a toy. I can seem you a child, no, I just like toys, it is my hobby. And, you know, everybody is a child in his soul, isn't he? I think this should be, a piece of childhood should be always with us, because it is the best period in our life. Dear, if you want to know something you can always ask. OK? I really feel that this is the start of something good. I am already waiting for your letter,
Your Nata
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