Letter(s) from Anna Ivanova to Mark (UK)

Letter 1

Hello my love Mark!!!!
I am glad to see your letter.
How at you an affair? How mood?
I'm fine.
My dear excuse that I could not answer you at once.
Simply I to go to agency and to find out, that is required to arrive to you and how many it will cost.
My lovely to me have told that I need to make the passport, the visa and the medical information.
When my documents will are ready me it is necessary to do the insurance and to buy the ticket.
All together it will cost about 900 pounds.
My lovely it is very a pity to me, but I to not have such money. I to think it costs much more cheaply.
But me certainly very much to want to have our meeting as I to have feelings to you and it absolutely another than letters.
To me very much to want to wake up and that you were a line and embraced me. I so do not have not enough you Mark.
My lovely already late and I very much to want to sleep.
I to wish you good night!!!!! I love you!!!!!
Whole yours Anastasia.