Scam letter(s) from Elena Hopina to Gianluca (Italy)

Letter 1

Best wishes, Gianluca! I'd like to start from the gratitude. Thank you that you tries to take care about me. Thank you that you understand the problem that really exists. Happy birthday, my dear! i send you a million kisses, such as you sent me! You are so lovely guy, you know Ukrainian... you are so clever guy! Thank you for the romantic mood you sent me via your long letter, I'm so interested in you, I want continue our relations until the meet in real. Of course I think that it is high time for me to tell you why I still alone here, or may be why I try to be not with Ukrainian man exactly. You know that I am a seamstress, you know that I have my clients at home and may be you guessed why. It is because for me it is impossible to have the own office and the scope of this my "business" is very little. So one day I had the client, he came into the room and I was charmed by him... He wanted to order the suit... I saw his eyes, he saw mine... it was some kind of energy. And then he ordered that **** suit and ......, he came to me to have the trying on; so the time lasted and I thought that may be it is the love that I have waited for. But it was only the game from his side. He was such kind of man who likes to have as many woman as possible. He was from another city and for me it was impossible to know that he is this sort of men. When I was told about it, I though that my life crashed and there is even no sense to live, my clients went off because I canceled all the orders, I didn't want to see anyone. It is bad when the town is very little and everyone knows everything that happened with you, I hated the smiles of my neighbours, they smiled and they grinned... I was the topic for discussion, really it was awful. It is disadvantage of the little place. Then my friend came to me and told me that everyone has the right to be happy and I should try my chance. And now I am trying.. Of course for me it will be horrible to be disappointed by a man that seem to be wonderful, kind and with the ability to love with all his heart. Hope that you understood whom exactly I meant. You!!! I hope that you are ready to take this responsibility - our relations. Be sure that I am with you, and please, make me to be sure that you are with me. Not too difficult task? Hope to hear from you soon. Wishing you the most beautiful gifts the universe has to offer! Your Helen
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