Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Hill to Ivon (Norway)

Letter 1

Hello my dear Ivon. I have received your photo, she has very much liked me. I the first time see such big lizard. The big desire consists to nestle to your man's shoulders and is strong. Strongly to embrace you. And I wanted that you have kissed me In my very hot lips because when I shall receive from you this kiss. Then my heart will take off upwards and I shall be It is happy. Because only then I shall be happy. Because I shall understand as strongly we waited for it and as is strong we We like each other. I am happy only with you and yours the letter to cheer me up. But when I now one to be at night In the empty bed without you me to become hardly. Because it is grief seizes me and to me to become very much Sadly. I am happy in your dreams. In your dreams. And only we shall make our way and ours with you happiness in the big m great. In the Internet - the cafe are played with very sad melody and it becomes more and more hard for me. Because I without you now. All that now surrounds me all results me in grief, because weather behind a window very wet and very much Cool. And in the Internet of cafe very melancholy melody and me more and more and more boringly without you plays. I look in a window and I see as ontrees have turned yellow fox and as all around reminds me ofmelancholy on you. I wait for your answer Ekaterina.
Letter 2

Hello my dear Ivon! It is very pleasant for me to see your letter. I am very happy, that you want that I have arrived to you. I for a second do not overlook about you. I think of our life with you. I cannot normally work, because I think and I dream of you. For me we is very important with you a life. I would like to fly to you right now. If you not against, I could borrow money at my familiar. I could legalize papers, necessary for arrival to you. I went to travel agency and have learned that I need to issue the visa, the passport for travel abroad and the medical information. I could borrow money for registration of these documents. But for me will be necessary money for tickets. I hope that you will help me. I all time think of ours with you to a meeting. It will seems to me very romantically. I present as you meet me at the airport of the fine country. I present as you stand with a bouquet of roses and wait for me. It will be the happiest day in my life. My dear, I finish the letter and I wait for your answer. Your love Ekaterina.
Letter 3

Hello my love Ivon. I am very glad to see your letter. When I read your letters, my heart starts to beat all more strongly from love to you. I when did not think, that I so shall strongly fall in love with the person. I am grateful to the god, for that that he has given us chance to meet in this big world and to grow fond. I every day think of you and about our the first meetings. I hope you not against my dream: that you would meet me with a bouquet of red roses. It would be very pleasant for me, when my favourite person gives me such good gift. My lovely I so it is glad, that at us the chance to meet and embrace each other has appeared and strong to kiss. My lovely when I to review in the evenings on your photo. That to me so to want to kiss you and to embrace. Your photo costs in a framework about my bed. When I look at you. I so well fall asleep also to me good dreams dream. My lovely I very much want, that our family would be the happiest all over the world. I hope you too lovely.I shall arrive to you. For the sake of you I shall dress bikini and you will see me in a reality. My lovely I would like to cry for the whole world, that I love you. My lovely I shall borrow money for official registration of papers. But I should buy tickets. I learned, that tickets cost 1200 euro. My lovely you can help me with tickets. I very much try to do, that we would be together. When I went to travel agency to me have told lovely, that you can send money through bank the Western Union. I at once have gone to this bank. To me have told, that you could send money. You should know these data.
My name Ekateina
My surname Hill
And the country Russian Federation
To me have explained, that all this the data which are necessary for you of that you could send money. To me as have told, that I could receive money, I should know your full data. You can leave to me them lovely. Your full name, a surname, city in which you live also street. My lovely I do not know how to write in the letter all my feelings which I test to you. I so strongly love you. I give you 10000000000000000000000 kisses. And with impatience I shall wait for your letter lovely. Yours love Ekaterina
Letter 4

Hello my love Ivon. I am very glad to see your letter. I so am happy it to read. I so am glad, that we soon shall together and we can embrace and kiss each other. I so wait for this moment lovely. When I write to you the letter, at me a leak of tear for pleasure, that we like each other. Yesterday dream as there was our first meeting lovely has dreamed me. I have arrived to you to the airport, and we searched each other. Then our sights have met also we have run on a meeting each other. Also have charged extra each other to kiss. All looked at us, how on the happiest pair. My lovely I so strongly love you and I want to be with you up to the end of this life. My lovely you have made me the happiest girl all over the world. I am very grateful to you for that that you will help me with tickets. My lovely today I went to bank MoneyGram. I for a long time searched for it, but nevertheless have found. I have gone to bank what to learn the information. I have asked as you can send money and as I can receive them. To me have told, that when you will come to bank MoneyGram lovely. You should fill in the form on departures of money. You should specify my name, a surname and to specify my country Russian Federation. In bank to me have told, that you should not specify my city and then I can receive money. Because I am not registered in the city. You should specify my country only. To me also have told, that when you will send money you should me tell any confidential code, for reception of money. My lovely you can send tomorrow to me of money for tickets 1200 euro? I very much want to issue and arrive faster all to you lovely. My lovely I to you spoke, that I do not have phone. You can tell to me a code, having written it in the letter. My lovely I hope all it will be good. I so am glad, that we every day all come nearer each other. I so strongly love you. My mum is very glad for us and the happiness wishes us huge. She has transferred me a gift, what when I have arrived to you. I have given to you of it in charge. This gift is transferred from generation in generations. My mum of it was given by her mum. My lovely I very much love you. You are necessary for me as air. My lovely I gently embrace you and I give a kiss. And with impatience I shall wait for your letter. Yours love Ekaterina
Letter 5

Hello my dear Ivon! I am very glad to see your letter. To me our attitudes and our future are very important. I very much want to be with you beside. I am ready to give last money for the sake of our meeting. I would be glad to borrow money for tickets at familiar, but it is the big sum which will be very difficult for finding. At us in Russia very low salary and it is very difficult to earn such money. My dear, I hope you will help me. My lovely you to me the person and me nobody to ask the most dear about the help except for you. I very much want that all these days between our meeting have flown by imperceptibly and we were a number. I finish this letter and with impatience I shall wait for your answer. Yours Ekaterina.
Letter 6

Hello my dear Ivon. Today, when I have come to the Internet of cafe I have not seen from you the letter. My dear, I very much worry for you. And me it is now very disturbing on soul. Do not play on my feelings, my heart is now broken off from alarm and melancholy on you. I with impatience shall look forward to hearing from you. Yours Ekaterina.
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