Romance scam letter(s) from Tatyana Novikova to Maurie (Australia)
Letter 1

Hello dear! I am very glad, that you have answered my message and have not disregarded me.
I want to inform you that I never got acquainted with the man through the Internet earlier. My girlfriend Christina has advised me it and I have decided to try.
In first I want to inform you that I do not live in San Diego and I do not live in USA, I live in Russia. I do not know why, but when the manager of agency of acquaintances created mine profile under my questionnaire, he could not specify my place a residence because the site did not accept my post code.
Please excuse me for my small deceit, but I am not guilty. I very hope that now when you know that I live in Russia it is not a problem for you and you do not stop to write to me.
You have liked me and I hope for continuation of our relations. I very much want to find out you better because I think that you are interesting person.
I shall be fair with you and I want that you were fair with me too. I want that you have considered my letter with all gravity as I have serious intentions, and I want that our relations developed to the best!
I think that we are searching for the same qualities in a partner. I want to fall in love, to be in love, and I want the man in my life to be in love with me as much as I am with him.
I want the happy family, I want the compassion, the honesty, and the undying love that we would share together.
Ok dear, I want tell you about myself. My name is Alina, my last name is Tumanova. I was born and I live in Belgorod city. I was born in this city and all my life proceeded here.
I am 26 years old, my birthday July, 25. I think that the difference in the age of has no value if people like each other.
My religion the Christian. My growth of 166 sm, is 5,5 and my weight of 55 kg is 120 lbs. I am the blonde with blue eyes. I do not smoke, and almost I do not drink alcohol, never used drugs.
I the orphan, I have no parents, and I have no brothers and sisters. My mum has died in when to me was 15 years, she has got in autoaccident. I do not know my father, he go from us with mum when to me was 1 year.
But I have aunt she is the sister of my mum and my favourite grandmother. But the grandmother lives in a village near to my city. My aunt name is Svetlana, and my grandmother name is Tatyana.
Now I am alone have try to survive in this difficult life. I work as designing and tailoring of lady's wear in a small private concern.
Well. that to you still to tell about me. I was never married, and naturally I have no any children, but I have dream to find the loving man, and to create a family.
I'll give this person all my love and tenderness. So I want to have a whole family, my husband I can trust in everything and he also can trust me.
A very important to have a the Person we can trust. You agree with me?
I have really many interests: music, reading, books, movies, good conversations, sports and many other things which make the life wonderful.
I am creative and curious by nature. I am very cheerful, kind, vigorous and in a measure modest.
I easily find common language with strangers and simply I like to communicate on interesting themes!
Probably it is interesting to you, why I was solved on searches of the partner by abroad?
Probably I shall answer rudely, but I do not want to live in this smelly and poor country
In Russia is not any prospect, there is no normally paid work, there are no worthy men, there is not future. Therefore I do not want to live my years in this country.
I want to ask you some questions, I hope that it will not complicate you:
1. What is your religion?
2. What is your favorite color?
3. What is your favorite food?
4. Do you like music? What kind?
5. Do you like to dance?
6. What do you like in a partner?
7. What is your favorite season??
8. Do you like animals?
Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions, I shall try to answer all your questions, Ok?
I think that now I shall finish the letter and I shall wait your answer. I sincerely hope, that you will answer this letter. I send you some my photos and I shall wait your new photos too.
I really want to continue our acquaintance. I just wish we were a lot closer to each other.
Kisses for you! Alina
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