Letter(s) from Tatyana Belyaeva to James (Lebanon)

Letter 1

Hello My Beloved JAMES.

It would be desirable, that you were pleased with that you have in the life. That in Your life there were only, desired you events. And also it would be desirable me, That your health remained always up to the mark. But thus all, it would be desirable To tell, that only you can make for yourself all. As speak at us in Russia " It is not necessary to indulge in vain hopes. " And all others who surrounds you, can help only To you in your desire. That is I want to tell, that the primary initiative should proceed From you. This introduction, I want to greet you and to wish the kindest, that Is in this world. And also want to tell, that my love will be always near to You and to help you at the difficult moments in your life.
In the beginning of the letter, I spoke about what I would would be desirable me also that wish to you. Well and now, I would like to find out, how your affairs actually are? That occurs Or has taken place new in your life? Of what you think? Of what you dream? Also that you You do that your dreams were carried out and to become happy?
At me all is normal. At work too all is normal. Today at work it is planned Not the big holiday, in honor of birthday of one of employees. We were going her huge Bouquet of colors, I think, that it very much is pleasant to her. After a working day, we planned all Collective to go in cafe and to note this event. I think, that it will be very pleasant for her from Such rendered attention.
Thinking about celebrations which fill with pleasure of life of people, I think only of you and about Us. I very much would like, that we had an opportunity to meet and see off similar Events together. That every day our feelings it is more and more and overflew us more The tenderness, caress and heat. If you have not guessed, it of what I dream also that I wait. Want to tell, that my heart is overflown with this magnificent feeling, as love. And all this belongs only to you to one.
If it was possible to approach days Our happiness I not reflecting would make everything that we were together.
Lovely I has learned, what documents in your country are required. Lovely I ask inform me the name of the airport in which you can meet me??? Lovely inform me the name of the airport and city??? I need to learn the price, for tickets. Lovely I now am in difficult financial position. Lovely you can send me of money for documents and the ticket???
Unfortunately, it is time to me to go. My lunch break has approached to the end. After the Working day before to go with colleagues in cafe, I was necessary glance in Internet - cafe, To check up a mail. I shall wait for your letter. Once again I want to tell you, that I like You and it is very strong on you I miss. Yours Tatyana.