Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina to Patrice (France)

Letter 1

It was really nice to get your letter to my address, I am glad that you are interested to know me much more better.
You know when I got your letter at once I wanted to tell you so much and after reading your letter I understand that it is rather hard to write about yourself. Because it is just impossible to tell everything in the letter but I try.
As for me it is the first experience when I decided to use the Internet in order to make acquaintance with men. May be you think why so young and nice lady is looking for her love in this world net? And you will be right to think in such way because as for me I didn't used to do it before and it can seems a little bit strange. But it is only in the beginning as I begin to understand it now when I write you these lines. You know it is quite captivating to know a person
by letters from other countries which is far from you. I am here because I am tired to be lonely, this uncertainty bother me because I want to find my beloved and devote to him all my life, all myself only the only man in this world...
So, as you saw my profile you could see that I am 22 years old. I was born on the 8th of Noivember in 1983.
My sign is Scorpio. I live in Terebovlya in Ternopol region. It is not very big town but I like my native place so much because I was born here and my mother's and father's relatives live in this region. You know it used to be a historical place and sometimes you can see here some tourists or just students from the historical faculty who comes here to see the monuments. As for me I study at the Medical Iniversity, I will be a pediatrist. I can say that I am a doctor by my vocation because scine my early childhood I always wanted to help people when they were ill. I love children very much and that is why I desided to help these innocent creators. Besides, my
father is a doctor too, he is surgeon.
Our friends call us "The medical family":) As for my mother she is a teacher of English at school. Yes, and that is why I know English because I began to study it when I was so young! And I am very greatful to her that she didn't spare me and made me to study. I have two sisters Nadya and Vera and brother Vladimir, but inspite of this my parents never forget about non of us, they love us eqally and do the best to make our lives very happy. I am the youngest in my family and the only who is unmarried. And I have even two nephews. Now you have a slight imagination about my life and my family. I will be waiting for your reply very impatiently because I want to know about your life and you to give me some imagination of the people who surrounds you and your own way of thinking.
I am very interested to know what type of woman you want to be with you and what is your vocation.
Bye for now,
sincerely Katya.
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