Scam Letter(s) from Olga Mikisheva to Yahya (UAE)

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Letter 1

Dear Yahya!
Yahya your desires coincide with mine. I want to meet Romantic the man. I work as the teacher at school, and it is not enough time Remains on myself even in the Internet of cafe where now I
am not It is possible to sit how many to me it is necessary, in fact I do not have a house Computer. I live with mum and so sometimes does not suffice man's Attention. At leisure I also like to go to cinema, to be engaged Aerobics, and other kinds of sports. And I like to look on in the evening Stars and to think when I meet the prince.
Certainly, it is difficult to fancy man by his letters but I hope that our correspondence will be continued and probably will develop into feelings. I hope to receive your answer soon. Unfortunately the Internet salon is closed also I is compelled to go home. I was very much touched with your brilliant letter namely frankness in my side for what to you THANK YOU Look forward to your next letter.
Bye Natasha.

Letter 2

Hello Yahya!!!
You would know how many pleasures to me have brought that you have answered me! Your letter has touched me up to depth of soul, and I shall not keep it a secret, but also I today going sleep to think of you. Believe such men as you at us are not present, which with such sensitive relation concern to girls. I think, that Fine men be similar to you should are happy, not looking at his appearance.
Tell please you like to listen to what your liked dish, what your liked film, what else music. My liked dish it pelmeni, this very tasty dish from Russian kitchen which consists of forcemeat of a beef and pork with an onions and spices wrapped up in a dough and are cooked. This really excellent dish. There may be sometime I of you him shall feed. In the letters you may ask me about everything, that interests you about me.
But if I on them do not answer you, do not take offence, I simply can not understand it , set to me it slightly on another and I it is indispensable on him shall answer you.
I hope to receive your answer soon.
Bye Natasha.

Letter 3

Hello my dear Yahya.
If you would know as I is happy to receive again from you the letter.
It is simply charming.
After work I then have not had time in the Internet therefore have not had time to answer at once. And today at me the day off, since the morning after a breakfast with ideas on you I have gone to the Internet . And in dream it seems to me have dreamed you.
It probably because I thought of you:-)
Concerning closing our questionnaires I agree. I too thought of it, because they there are not necessary, only a place now have:-) I liked your fine answer if you will not like a dish then me. And if it will not be in general then we shall eat each other:-) Yahya unfortunately I yet have no mobile phone, but I think in a week from the salary its purchase, and I shall necessarily call. I also search for the big, clean love to arrive to Dubai I yet I do not know. In fact it at me for the first time. Also I want to send one more photo.
Very much I wait for your letter.
Kiss you.

Letter 4

Greetings my dear and gentle Yahya.
From your words I lose gift of speech.
I all the day thought of you, really I have found that person which to me is necessary. You have turned to me a head I even has noticed that became absent-minded.

Yahya certainly I do not object it is not a secret.

In 6.30 mornings I rise, I put a teapot on fire while it is warmed up, I go in souls I do there all affairs, I leave I drink tea and I gather for work, there we solve mathematical tasks children, we read books, we draw, I check writing-books. It is the basic work at school borrows
till 13.30.
Then I have dinner. After a dinner I am engaged in addition with children who badly acquire a teaching material. A mid-morning snack at 16.00 and further till 17.30 or 18.00. Further I go to the Internet .
About 20.00 I come home I prepare to eat, I have supper and after that I go in souls. A little I watch TV.
At 22.00 I go to sleep and I do not want it to hide - I think of you.
I sometimes hesitate openly to you to tell, and if feelings which arise in me to not speak whereas we still we shall understand that are necessary each other. In fact the truth?
Already it is time to me to go unfortunately.
Up to fast letter Yahya.
Kisses for you. Natasha.

Letter 5

Hello My love!
You write to me such words which before nobody spoke me.
Only at me the free time as I again as with a circuit broken:-) to running to write to you the letter.
Even after your letters my life became better.
You will not believe as far as to me pleasantly, that you think of me, as well as I about you. To write to you, to warm a warm word. I want you to embrace, or simply to sit near to you silently. Understanding each other without words.
Yahya, I do not refuse to arrive to you, on the contrary, to me interestingly to visit such country where probably I shall live.
That you have shown me all sights of your city.
In fact I was farther than Russia anywhere.
I heard that registration of the visa borrows from 1 month till 6 months. And while it is made out, we shall continue to communicate. It is possible with to make so. As it is fast at me to appear mobile phone, and on work between lessons, we will have opportunity to call up, and to correspond more often. You imagine as it it will be healthy!
While I live with mum. She works for me the doctor in hospital, treats people. Daddies at me are not present since early years, from him have taken away a life. Native brothers and sisters at
me are not present. Still there is an aunt, the uncle, and 2 cousins who live too in Russia.
I have with the great pleasure accepted from you a gift from you, but from for borders to us to Russia parcels badly reach, is especial up to our cities. Especially there is no the best gift than you are already a gift. As one singer admiring with the husband wrote in the newspaper.
There is no the best gift, than loving and sensitive the man, able to notice the slightest change in mood of the woman.
Yahya after I have written you the daily routine, it became interesting to me about yours. Write to me please than you are engaged all the day. Really only think of me :-)?

Letter 6

My fine Yahya!
It is very pleasant for me to read your letter again. Especially that you felt, that with me that not so. Reading your letters, I every day all become happier.
When on the ground begins more than such people as you then I think, there will come paradise on the ground.
I have a little looked your city, and read about it on the Internet.
There are at you such skyscrapers beautiful. The year round it is warm also people do not require at all winter clothes :-) At you people ski not on a snow, and on water, I so would like for it to make. It is possible to bathe the year round.
Yahya I had in view of a photo where you in a suit of the bachelor.
Have recollected?
And still please specify what photocopy of the passport to you to send. If you meant the passport of the tourist it at me while is not present, in fact I never travelled abroad and consequently it was not necessary for me.
When I have come to travel agency I have met there the girlfriend from whom we together went to school, appeared that she works in it. She has told, that can help me with official registration of papers, and make it faster.
Registration of the passport of the tourist + the visa will cost 320 American dollars, only then they can start to do it.
Tickets will need to be bought there and back at once, and differently me will not will not release from the country it is an obligatory condition as they should be confident that I can return back. They will cost depending on type of the plane. She to me has told: If to buy on cheaper the opportunity to depart not to Dubai increases, and to the God :-)
In general they will cost about 550 dollars. And all together is necessary 870. As to me the discount of 10 % will be made if all to do{make} at them.
I to her have told that to me is necessary to consult because to decide not to me, I find out that I will tell Yahya.
Therefore I would like to learn{find out} your opinion in this occasion.
She also to me has told that I to her too have found the groom :-)
On it I shall finish the love letter, having wished to you all kind
and good.
With love and gentle kisses Natasha.

Letter 7

Dear Yahya!
Yahya last letter with a scarlet rose, and a gentle kiss, I thought that in 10 sky with happiness. It so is lovely of you.
With gentle kisses Natasha.

Letter 8

My gentle Yahya.
It is very pleasant to receive again from you the letter
Last days I have been strongly occupied with work, at all there was no opportunity to run in the Internet, but ideas about you did not abandon me during these days.
Today I was in travel agency they to me informed that I can submit tomorrow documents for registration of tourist documents.
The given agencies:
Leostra tourist angency
17 Grajdanskaya street
Mobile: +79600955211
It is phone of director which directly is engaged in my documents.
These are my data:
Country: Russia
City: Cheboksary
21-35 Universitetskaya street
FirstName: Natasha
SurName: Bastrakova
By the way from Moscow up to Cheboksary near 800ei.
Yahya unfortunately I yet have not got to myself phone, but most likely in the days off I can call you.
Then to me simply has not sufficed on a good cellular telephone. And bad I did not begin to take because it suffices not for a long time.
On it I shall finish the letter.
With love to you yours Natasha.



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