Scam letter(s) from Olga Mikisheva to Robert (USA)

Letter 1

Hi my dear Robert!!! I am happy to have an opportunity to be presented, my name - Katya, here again I writing to you during the very first time from other party of the world. Robert, please, excuse me which has not answered immediately, but these days, I worked, but today I have a rest. I have no house computer, thus I use the Internet-center. I really think, that you - to learn value of the person better, and it seems to me, we have some general interests and thus I continue my introduction for you. I am badly familiar with transfer with someone on the Internet, I rather do not know what to tell, thus I assume, that I only shall tell to you about me directly.Robert, first of all, I - the young Russian girl who wishes to change a life, wish to love and be beloved. I would like to meet the Gentleman, the strong and clever person who can make me happy and to which I shall present my heart and soul. To me of 26 years. My birthday is on 18 of January. My height - 167sm, weight - 47 kg, my hair are long, and my eyes grey. I was born and I live in small have sat down Medvedevo, is situation beside 60 km from famous river Volga. I like to travel, especially somewhere where warmer climate and is the warm sea (cost of Black sea for example), I am a fan of navigation and supervision of the underwater world. I love sunny days, and supervision of the sun send and go down. I trust in honesty, sincerity, loyalty, and true prosecution of happiness in each aspect of a life. I am an optimist, and I have a lot of energy. I enjoy good conversation, warm declines and happy smiling persons. As all of the woman I like to hear a congratulation, and I like to be beautiful, therefore I prefer to remain in the good form, and I visit gymnastics and a swimming pool usually (3-4 times a week) .I work in small the companies, manager Im of sale. I have work 3 days and one day of a holiday. During my research at University I have met the girl who has told to me about its correspondence to the person from the USA, and their recent meeting in California, with loved both of them. And they are going to marry. My new friend has informed me to, has begun the correspondence someone from other party of the world. Thus only casual conversation has offered idea to me about such way to search from the Correct Person me. I am very romantic person, and I would like to meet the person who can be romantic, and at the same time can consider responsible and serious, when necessary. Robert, I think it, qualities are very important for the real gentleman. That I estimate, most of all: honesty, loyalty, understanding, patience, the approach of granting to your assistant, the obligation, the positive attitude, desire to be happy, fidelity to family, common sense of humour, and mutual passion. All of them are equally important for me. Everything what I require, - real love, and I shall give threefold in exchange. I have been injured in my life, but I know, that my other half - still there somewhere. There Are no other ways for me to learn about, whether my expectation will be carried out. Only the most interesting invention in the field of communication of people - the Internet. And if angels of love allow us to meet such way, thus we should try, why are not present? Please, send me your photos. I want to show the photo for you and hope it you to like much!!! Robert , please answer the letter and do not hesitate to ask any question to which you want. To like, speak me little bit more about you directly. I hope to receive news from you soon. The best regards from Russia, Katya.
Letter 2

Hi my dear Robert! How you do? I am very glad, which you have found, Time answers my letter. I wish to tell even more about me directly, I hope, that you very much Will pleasantly hear about my family and my life. I was born in Rural Medvedevo, it - is close to the capital, sew republics Joshkar-ola. In Medvedevo I have learned at school before 18 years and Subsequently the holiday in Joshkar-ola to study in institute. After school, I go to study in institute, I have research of ability - Trade. I have stopped to study several years ago and to receive above Formation. Now I have the diploma and work of the manager in small shopping center "aquarius" in Medvedevo. I love this work, and I love contacts with People, and it - so for me. As I love sports meets, meets, meets, I like to ski, it is a pity that probably To make it in the winter. Twice within a week I go To sports club. I love to navigation, I have rest to the nature. With Pleasure which I love, I transfer a bicycle. I like to look Night of stars very much. My favourite season - summer: it is probable to Coast of pass. I love dogs and cats, but now I Can ` t have it. But I think that when I shall have happy family, that we would have a cat And a dog. But the main dream which I wish to create happy traditional family With men whom we shall love also, we have children. I Think, that any dreams of the woman of it... Whether Robert so? I should be never married, and I have no child. Why I search for me for the person on the Internet? As Russian Men belong to the woman concerning the woman of the *****!!! I do Do not want it mine Russia the husband whom the person was as they often, drinks alcohol Also does not respect with wives and often addresses with Wives approximately. Almost all my girlfriends to have the husband And I see as their alive and problems, they arrive to work and Complain of their own husbands, often the husband beats the wife And about them sometimes to be a bruise about affinity near at hand or bodies! And I Do not decide - to be NEVER I the wife for Russian!!!! I wish to be happy, I demand fascinated in and supports of the person From the fan. And if we would receive to be together, I ` ll give all The love, is more twice. I think, that I can be the good wife and Mother because I want it. I very simple, kind and frank woman. I Don ` t as indignation. The most simple things can make me happy: a smile, a small gift, or The person who, to be about me. The same as everything, I put on ` t as lie and treachery, I ever, Don ` t tries to contact everyone with people who lay. I very romantic woman, I very pleasant to search for a star in The pure sky. I do not see sense in a life without love and Children, without the favourite person - the good husband. I think, that this main thing in a life. I wish to find the person, With it who I can live all happy life. I want a life with this purpose, and I ` ll have it and us to be happy. I only want, which have, create happy family and have found good men. I can seem very direct, but I want only one, it You understand me which I demand, and it was necessary for me in it Life. I want, I give my heart to men who will love me. If you have questions, write to me, I ` ll answer with pleasure them. How - weather in California? I want it, you answer me. Who your parents? That does you want from a Life? How you address to children? How many you want children? As you prefer, Execute a free time? Your hobby? And all all about You. And many other things which you do not wish to write. I hope to Receive Robert news from you soon. I have a photo for you which As me the girlfriend Vera has been made by mine good. I and Vera to go On park to be in MedvedevoI, I hope that film to similar you very much!!! The best regards from Russia, Katya. P.S.I thank you for yours fotos I very much to like to observe it.
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