Letter(s) from Olga Mikisheva to Joseph (USA)

Letter 1

Hi my dear Joe!!!
Today I have received from you the remarkable letter. Me all has very much touched that you have written to me about the past and the attitudes with parents. You had very heavy childhood and I pay together with you. I understand, that you do not want to burn once again and completely I approve you. I too did not trust in love on correspondence until then have not got acquainted yet with you. I hope, that after our meeting when you completely learn me you can grow fond of the Yana. I very strongly wait for it. At me this day has passed very solemnly. I went to church and prayed for well-being of all my relatives. I am here not so frequently as I would like, but is rare better, than never. Sometimes in our life there come such minutes when simply pulls to go to a temple divine and to clear the I oppress also heart from wordly efforts. Here always it happens very easy and each of come remains alone with the soul and with the ideas. The surrounding solemnity and beauty directs me at any high purposes, helps me in the decision very much complicated questions. From church I always leave pacified and calmed. I know, that our founder and the keeper always will help us and will save us from wrong acts.
Now in Russia there has come such time when to ainiiao many of our fellow citizens were pulled very much. Very long time too hardly was to all and not knowing where and at whom to find protection we were pulled in temples and churches. In our churches very beautifully and solemnly. We do not have figurines of maiden Maria to which Catholics worship, we Christians worship Jesus Christ and the father of it. In our churches many icons are pictures with images sacred, we light before their faces of a candle and we address to them with any requests or prays. She always help us, I believe in it. In Russian a temple very beautifully, you should visit them necessarily. You will necessarily like them and grandeur, I know it almost for certain! The love to Ainiiao was imparted to me by my parents when I was still absolutely small. In our country it was very for a long time forbidden to pray and trust in the God, but my parents trusted in him always and me have brought up the believer. Therefore always heavy minutes of the life I come in church, I light candles all sacred which preserve my life, and I ask them to protect me, to set on the right path. I believe, that they help to find to me the decision in difficult situations.
And still I like to come in church when at me it is good and quiet on soul, I like it to thank for all those pleasures, that it has sent me in my life. Such minutes I always ask Sirs of ours that it has presented pleasure of life to all my relatives, and first of all to my parents because I do not present the life without them. Today I prayed not only for my parents, but also for one close person who has appeared in my life. I very much want, that at him always all was good, that it was happy, and all troubles bypassed his party. Today I prayed for you and your family, about that all in your life has developed well and safely. I from the bottom of the heart wish you happiness and success, and I hope, that I shall help you to become even slightly happier. Let you never learn treachery of the friends and disappointment in love. I with all my heart asked about it ours Sirs of the God.
Joe, just now I start to understand as far as we became close each other and as all the same we know about each of us a little. And only our personal meeting will help us to understand better our feelings and will place all in the places. I hope, that we shall be happy .
Joe how your small son lives? You for a long time told nothing to me about it. Tell to me more about the friends, in fact all this is very interesting to me. I wrote to you, that at my girlfriend the daughter was born, and so, on the next Sunday we shall go to christen her. It will be very much a gala day and I shall be its godmother. That is I too will have small daughter. I with impatience wait for this day and very much I worry.
Write to me, my dream. With love, your Yana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Letter 2

Hi my dear Joe!!!
Thanks you for your letter and picture, that you have sent me. I am very happy, that you do not overlook about me and write to me every day.
I hope, that your small son not so strongly was ill. I think, that it is very hard for it to transfer climatic changes, in fact it still such small. In our city now too very much many were ill, especially small children. Now at us it is very cold. Every morning there is a minus temperature and happens very coldly. When I go for work always very much I freeze!!! You write, that at you too it becomes very cold, but it seems to me that you never have frosts minus of 30 degrees. In such colds our schoolboys at all do not study, because there is a big threat, that they will freeze to themselves a nose, hands and cheeks. I remember, that in the childhood I too have once freezed to myself a nose, and mum pounded to me his spirit, which she has brought from work to do to me injections when I shall be ill. I not so fell ill much, when was small, but as well as your son too badly transferred sharp temperature drops. And mum in such days very much experienced for me.
I too very much would like to have the child, but I think, that when we shall be with you together, for the beginning we need to learn better each other. As you already have son and you so love it. I think, that I too shall grow fond of it as the own son, I already now have very much become attached to this lovely creation.
On the work I very much frequently collide with children and I very much like to help to them to choose the necessary books, to allow them advice how better to carry out this or that domestic task. Many of them name me simply the aunt Yana, and it very much is pleasant to me. I think, as many of them love me. I very much love the work, I like a smell of a book dust when I come in the library, I seem to me get in other world where the main heroes are books and their characters. It bewitches me. The only thing that does not suit me on my work is too low wages, but in our city it is very difficult to find other work. Therefore I also was interested at you, whether I can quickly find work in your city. In fact I did not know, how business at you with employment is. But you have calmed me concerning it. And now I hope, that after arrival to you, I can quickly be employed and help you with payment of accounts.
Joe, I almost know nothing about city in which you live. I tried to find it on a card of America, but we in library do not have such detailed card. I know, that is possible to address for the help to a computer, but I not so well am able to communicate with it and I think, that I can have problems. I very much would like, that you have more in detail told to me about the city and staff. It will be useful for me to know about the future residence more. I hope, that you will not give up to me in it. About, Joe, I nearly have not overlooked! The manager of Internet - cafe informed me today joyful news. At last that at me registration on a site has ended. Now you can not doubt of me and my sincerity. In my life there is only one man of which I think 24 hours per day!!!! It you, my dream!!!
My lovely Joe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I with impatience wait for your answer!!!!!!!!
Always yours, Yana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Letter 3

Hi, hi, hi Joe!!!!!!!!!
Today at me very playful mood. I would like to laugh and have fun. It seems to me, that all around smile only to me. And all this because I have got acquainted with such fine person, as you! It is simply wonderful for learning new people which are close to you on spirit. And that you have learned me even closer, I want to tell to you about the day, about that as it at me passes. Likely, it should be interesting to you.
I very much like to have a sleep in the morning, therefore for me the big problem to wake up early in the morning. Mum hardly lifts me, but it is necessary to me to lower legs from a bed, and I am already full of energy. I like to take a shower in the mornings, it adjusts me on working mood. While I accept souls and I direct beauty, mum already waits for me behind a table in our cosy room for reception of food. The daddy usually leaves earlier. We with mum drink tea, we discuss our plans on all the day, and then we run for work. On work always has much put, but I love the work, I like and I respect the colleagues. In a lunch break I usually go to cafe which is near to my work. And all because I like to indulge myself with different sweets. I am pleasant like tea with a piece of a tasty pie. It is good, that it is not reflected in my figure.
After work at me always has much put. 2 times a week I go to fitness - club to be always in the form and to feel like the healthy person. After fitness I feel the updated person. And if I under the schedule do not have employment in club I sometimes come to the girlfriends, we talk to them much, we recollect memorable events for us, we enjoy a society each other. In 8 o'clock in the evening I come home, and we have supper all family. After a supper we like to sit in a circle of family and simply to tell about the work or about the friends familiar. But unfortunately such evenings at us not so are frequently given out, and it is connected to specificity of mother's work. She at me the doctor.
In long winter evenings I like to sit with the favourite book or something to knit. Very much it is pleasant to me, when thread are bound among themselves, and due to my efforts from them fine things turn out. Evenings pass almost imperceptibly, in the street it becomes dark, in all windows light is lit, and gradually start to want to sleep. I kiss the parents, I wish them good night and I lie down to sleep. In fact tomorrow there will come new day and it will bring with itself(himself) new experiences, pleasures and acquaintances.
Approximately so pass my working days. I hope, that it was interesting to you to learn about me something new.
Joe, you ask, as in my country the summer and winter for a long time last. About! Winter at us very long. Since November and up to the middle of April, as a rule at us colds cost. And from the middle of April the snow starts to thaw, water runs and in the street the sun very brightly shines. At us the warmest month and this season I very much love July! And already from the middle of August the autumn starts to come gradually, nights become very cold and dark. At this time year it happens to leave in the evening terribly a little on street. In October at us the first snow drops out, and it means, that soon again there will come winter. As you see at us not so favorable climatic conditions and sometimes I very much would like to leave on the south, for the warm countries.
And what you can tell to me about yourself and about yours to weather? I wait for the answer. Up to the new letter.
Always yours, Yana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
P. S. I shall necessarily send you photos in the following letter!

Letter 4

Hi dear Joe!!!!!!!
Today at me free hour was gave out and right after a breakfast I have decided to take a walk a little on our city. I hope, that it for some minutes will force you to feel, that you are not lonely. At us very beautiful city!!!!! I shall lead for you correspondence excursion on it.
Close eyes and present, that you are on coast of the huge and wide river of Volga. White birds around fly is a seagull, to a strike they fish from water, it is very amusing. When you stand on coast of Volga waves drive directly to your legs, is remote noise of a surf reminds the sea. I very much like to come here during free time from work and to dream. On quay of this river my photo which I have sent you last time also has been made. And in general our city very big, is capital of republic Tatarstan which is part of Russia. Kazan shares on two parts: old and new city. In old city it is a lot of sights, even there is the Kremlin, almost as in Moscow. And in our city it is a lot of mosques because in our republic it is a lot of moslems. But our family professes Christian belief and I very much like to be in our temples. In them I have a rest soul, I find new forces and simply I calm down. Churches and mosques is one of the main beauty of our city.
Old Kazan is simply fine. Here many green trees, and in the autumn they become gold. I all the day wandered under these trees and even have typed a bouquet of autumn leaves. You know, here many small parks with small ponds. I frequently come here to sit on a bench, to feed swans, to observe children who run around. Here very much frequently come families and have simply a rest. The old city lives the slow life. Here many the old houses, many of them even wooden because are constructed in the nineteenth century. In some from them known people in Russia lived: scientists, writers and musicians. Sometimes it seems to me, that minutes here flow more slowly.
In a new part of city all absolutely in another way. Here the life boils. On wide streets thousand machines go, thousand people run on the affairs. All around from a brick and a glass. It is a business part of our city. Huge quantity of various firms, many the big shopping centers and boutiques. In this part of city I like to walk around book shops, to look for novelties of modern writers. In our city it is a lot of museums and exhibitions, still more many young artists who draw directly in streets portraits of passers-by. I for a long time dreamed of such portrait and today I have carried out the dream. The young girl (she studies as the artist) has drawn my portrait on a background of the central street of our native city. After I shall come home, I shall put this portrait in a framework.
In Kazan it is a lot of theatres, but I like biggest of them - National drama theatre of republic Tatarstan. About if you knew how there it is beautiful!!!! This such majestic building in which fine actors play. Sometimes we come here with my most close girlfriends.
There are still more many such places in our city about which I would like to write to you, but my fingers have not time to write everything of what I think.
I yesterday have overlooked to write to you, that I liked your photo which I have received in the last letter. You and your son are wonderfully looked together!!!!
The best regards, always your Yana!!!!!

Letter 5

My love Joe!!!!!!!!!!
I today have received your letter and it seemed to me, that at me wings behind a back have grown!!!! We be fast we can with you together and learn each other much better!!!! But I cannot insist on that you have sent me this money. You should solve, whether you want it.
I went to agency and learned, approximately trip will cost what sum to the USA with registration of all necessary documents for me. The employee has told that the visa costs about 200 $ USD, the embassy of America takes consular gathering about 150 $ USD, also the agency takes about 150 $ USD for work on registration of the visa. Also it will be necessary for me to do the passport for travel abroad. It costs 260 $ USD. The passport for travel abroad I shall make out about 3 weeks. In total I was necessary about 760 $ USD. The employee has told that when I shall bring all necessary documents and as I shall pay the necessary sum then all my documents will be sent to Moscow. There in embassy of America will consider my documents. After a while, approximately in three weeks I should go to Moscow on interview in embassy where will ask questions. In the same place in embassy I can receive my visa and all necessary documents to arrive to you. Also it will be necessary for me to have your letter the invitation. This letter can be written in the free form. Your full name, your full address there should be only necessarily specified and should be written that you invite me. I also know that it is necessary for you to know some my data. My full name: Yana Potapova and my full home address: Russia, Republic Tatarstan, the city of Kazan, Street of Gagarin 88, anapartment 11, the postal index 420039. The employee has told that my tickets will be reserved beforehand. It has explained that it very conveniently. Also if I shall not have time to take off for day of flight or if it will be necessary to little bit more time to receive my documents then the employee has told that their agency automatically will transfer my tickets on the following flight this week. To me the employee has picked up roundtrip tickets. With single tickets of me will not let out from the country as I fly for the first time. There there are some airlines between which I can choose. The price approximately identical so we with you can choose later airline depending on our desires. Cost of tickets depends on airline, time of stay and from that when tickets are bought. If to order tickets right now it it is cheaper. Full cost of these tickets makes from 1100 $ USD up to 1500 $ USD. There I insurance, gathering of the airports is already included is obligatory and all are necessary taxes. It is the cheapest type of tickets. I do not think that it is necessary to spend more, than it is necessary. I do not want that you were spent strongly. You so do for me now much. You can make a decision itself here under what price to me to order tickets. Tickets which have the best airline and the best service in flight little bit more dearly. I once again want to tell that for me the most important to arrive to you and it does not matter what airlines I shall use.
The provisional prices which to me were informed by the employee of agency of travel.
Joe, you should solve for yourself, whether you want to send me this money at once, or will send their parts, all over again for registration of the visa, and then already on tickets! I cannot and I have no any right to press on you, you should make itself this decision! But know, that you have not decided, I shall agree with you because I trust you! I can tell with the full responsibility to you, that as soon as I shall arrive in the USA, I at once shall start to search for work to give you all that money which you will send me and we shall necessarily cure your son!!!!!
I with impatience wait for your answer and your decision!!!
With huge love and sincere kisses, always your Yana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Letter 6

Hi dear JOE!!!
I do not understand, how you could think, that I do not want, that you came to me. You likely have not so closely read my letter????
I'm fine. Yesterday in our country the day off was, we marked a holiday of the consent and reconciliation. We has very well spent it with my parents. I have woken up early in the morning and have decided to make to parents pleasant and have prepared for a fine breakfast. You know to me very pleasantly to do what that a gift or the help, it is much more pleasant on mine than to receive a gift. Having had breakfast I have gone to pool to swim for a while, I very much like to go to pool, it is very pleasant to be in water. Besides navigation does my figure more beautifully and my health is better, but the most important to me is very pleasant to float. After descended since morning in pool has gone on shops. I should buy that from meal and that for economic needs. Then at home it has helped mum to be cleaned with an apartment and we together making a dinner. After a dinner we have watched on TV transfer about animals. And after that my parents have gone to park which is near to our house. We frequently all family go there simply to have a rest, feed swans or even to have a meal ice-cream. I very much like such peace hours per a circle of family on a bosom of the nature. But yesterday I have not gone with them because I have decided suit a celebratory supper at candles. My parents very much were surprised to this, in fact I have told nothing him about my surprise. I have prepared for a tasty supper, have baked a tasty pie and have covered a celebratory table. My parents very much were delighted to such surprise!!!
In the evening I have gone to my friends to be moved with my future goddaughter Maria. She has already grown up also to me it began seems to sleep less. At it such lovely small mouth, very much is pleasant to me, as she eats. Tomorrow we shall go to church and we shall christen her. I shall necessarily write to you about it in detail. By the way, my friends transfer you greetings!!!!
I very much wait for your following letter.
Always yours, Yana!!!!!!!!!!!!!