Scam letter(s) from Olga Onischenko to Alan (UK)

Letter 1

It's really great that we meet?!! You probably would be interested: why a woman of my age is searching her love through the net?I am a grown-up,but in my heart I am still a young girl who believes in love stories and who still hopes to find her fate. I was trying to find my love here in Ukraine, but it didn't work out. I was desperate... I have lost hope the main thing that keeps us going. Time was passing - I was alone. I have read in a magazine that there is a such thing like net meeting of people, and thought why not to try?
I'm sure that you would like to know more about me...If you do here is the story of life. My name is Olga, but all my friends call me Olya, which name do you like more? I don't know where I was born, but one women brought me at the orphan's home when I was about 2 months old and she told the nurses that I was born on the 22nd of November 1978. When I was 7 years old a family took me to be their child, those years of my childhood will be always in my mind. Now I have a one dream for all children to have loving and caring parents. So I was lucky to have such a family. I was growing up as a real member of the family and have my youngest sister, her name is Lena. We used to live in the country and always have too much work to do and no time for enjoying life with other children. Later I graduated from the technical school and got married, he was very handsome young solder and I felt in love, i was blind and couldn't see his real nature, pink glasses were always on me. During almost 28 years I've done a lot, but the main is I was lucky to brought in the world a wonderful creature 4 years ago, now she is the main hobby for me and the reason for life. Her name's Masha. Nobody can look at her without smiling, she is both funny and serious at the same time. I try to do everything to make her feel comfortable in this life. I work as a shop assistant at the supermarket. I am determined to find the right man and to become a perfect wife for him. I am devoted and faithful and I adore children.
My friends describe me as a real woman who keeps high spirits in a house, I like cooking and everyone who comes to me always go to the kitchen to grab something there.
No I didn't forget to tell you more about my husband and the matter of divorce, I will tell you about this in my next letter. I'll be looking forward to getting your reply.
Letter 2

I want to thank you for your letter! I'm so happy that you continue writing to me, to tell you the truth I didn'texpect your answer! Ater your letter I hope that something very special is waiting for us in the future. I have never thought that I will find you with the help of the Internet! May be you're my destiny, who knows?
As I've already told you in my previous letter, I had a husband and I've told you some parts of my past life. May be my story will be in dark colors, but I can't tell it in another way. I got married to a man I fall in love with. But, you know, my life was awfull! Just some months after marriage it was good, but later my ex started to love alcohol more then me. He also cheated me with my "good friend" and a bit later he started to beat me. It was real horror firlm and I was so blind and still loved him no matter what. It was awful, I couldn't go anywhere because I was ashamed to leave my house with such face as I had. My sister helped me to survive, she insisted on my moving to her and I did this one day, I was so afraid, but plucked up all my courage and did this. At that moment I wasn't able to think about someone else and thought that will be along is much easier, but time passed and I realized that my life went on and that my child needed a good caring father (maybe you:)). I couln't find the right person here, because our man are very selfish and carry only about themselves. It's difficult to live with such an attitude. Yes, it was real hard and difficult it was for me to say "enough", but I did thins and now I'm here to find my future and i can tell you tht I'm very serious about this. I know that I haven't done anything wrong in my life and I must be happy, and dive happiness to my man and my child. Now I'm alone, but i hope that in some period of time I won't be lonely any more.
Maybe the story of my life isn't interesting, but I want you to know all the truth about me, because I can't lie. I hope you'll write me back, my heart says our relations will grow and bring us much joy in future! I also want to become the right woman for you, my darling.
And one more thing my dear I speak very little English, but i soon will try to start some English courses, I know how important to have a common language so we can talk about every thing without missunderstanding. Now I use translation company that translate my litters to you and yours to me, they also provide me with net and computer services, cause I don't have this things at home. Please tell me if this ok for you or not?!
Waiting for your reply.
Your Olga.
Letter 3

I was waiting for your letter so much. I think that after each letter we become closer to each other, don't you think so? My friend had a birthday party this weekend so we went to the disco to relax. Well it was wonderful, I can't remember the time when I felt so exciting!
My full name is Olga Onischenko, my address is: 91000, Ukraine, Lugansk, Glinki Street, 135.
I know that my previous letter wasn't a funny one, but I wanted to be honest with you. and I want you to know everything about me. I believe that good relationship can begin just with honesty and understanding and I hope that you understand that past is past and we can't change it anyway. I want to have a family, I want my daughter to have dad, I want to take care of my husband. And I know that i can do all these. The problem is that I haven't found such a man yet (or maybe he can be you?). tell me please, would you mind having closer relations with me? I'm speaking about serious relations, of course. I know, it'll be not easy for you, because we are from different countries, culture and societies and we have different traditions and culture, but who knows may be God made us exactly for each other, then why not to try our destiny? What do you think of it, dear?
I'd like to tell you more about my daughter and I'm sure she you meet her, you will love her, she is a very nice small girl. I love her so much. I always hurry home after work to see my child and spend some hours with her. You know, i work much, that's why I don't have much time to spend with my daughter. My aim is to give everything best to my child, because I want her to have a happy wealthy life.
You know I have a lot of hobbies, I like siging, dancing, walking and knitting. I like to read novels much. Sometimes I even write poems, but it depends on my mood. I also like to go to cinemas and theatres, when there's a good film or performance.
I'm waiting for your answer. And I want to meet you...someday...
Letter 4

It's so wonderful that I've met you! Each day i'm waiting for your letter, for some news from you... For me it's the biggest present to receive your letters!!! Thank you so much for your existence!!! Ithink, we suit each other much! Do you agree with me?
I think that it must be marvellous to be able to spend soft moments with you, to share simple pleasures like clasp you tenderly in my arms on the edge of a beach at the time of a ballade to the setting sun, to share a dinner in “tete-a-tete” with the only gleam of the candles around a meal that I would have prepared for you (yes, I can also cook, not too badly besides!). In short, to divide with you magic moments which would remain engraved with deepest of me.
Would like you to take my ******* in my mouth and gently run your tongue around, across and up and down till they are very hard and reach down and touch me in my special spot and gently rub till I explode with satisfaction. Hope you like my fantasy.
Today I had a wonderful dream. I saw you in my dream. You were so **** and amazing that I didn't even want to wake up! I love you, my sweetheart.
During all our communication, I must say, I really liked you much. I even started falling in love with you! I know, it may sound strange for you, because we have never seen each other in reality, but writing for you is so used thing now, like waking up everyday or have dinner. Something deep in my heart says that I can't live without you and your letters, something tell me that we need to know more about each other!
I feel that you can be my whole life. I want to see you very much! I want to be with you only! But I think it'll be impossible, because I've got one very serious problem. You know, I have a child, who needs to go to school, eat normal food and wear. All my money are for her and for her future. I earn not too much, and these letters are very expensive for me. That's why it's my last letter... I can't afford any more and hope you understand me.
I'm a strong woman and I'll never ask any man to help me with money, though I thought you really were my destiny...:( You'll always be in my heart. I don't think that I'll be able to find such a man like you. But unfortunately this is my last letter to you.
It's not easy for me to cope with all my difficulties, but I have no choice and by the way this is my problems and I should solve them. I'll give all my life for my child, because I'm both a MOM and a DAD for her dreamed about someone special, but now I understand that this all was just a dream, sorry, if I made something wrong............
Thank you for your letters and attention. Please, forgive me and try to understand me.
You are too nice to be forgotten...
With all my love and million kisses for you,
Olga P.S. Please, forgive me!
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