Scam Letter(s) from Michelle Clark to Stuart (Australia)

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Letter 1

We know what we want, but how do we know if that is what we need?:) No idea here, just wondering.:)
No need on the photographs, I'm more concerned with who you are.
Although you live a far way from me, for that special person, it wouldn't matter.
Beginning to think the chances of finding the right person make the odds of winning the lottery seem like a dead cert. But it's one of the reasons If I like the profile that is written, I reply regardless.
I am not claiming to be your Miss Right (but I could be), all I know is I am someone's Miss Right. I don't know if you are him, but really liked what you wrote.
I believe that love doesn't read forms, like we fill in on this site but follows it's own agenda. (Oh yeh and I would really like to get my hands on whoever designed the form. I mean if ever anything should be user friendly, this is it.) Every time I tick a box, expressing preference I could be taking one step further away from that perfect (for me) person.
How about good conversation, relaxed, spirited discussions about a variety of subjects? Of course I will try to make you laugh, most likely at me, and I will join in too.:)
I wrote this poem a while ago about talking and listening. It describes a bit about me, but also a bit about the person (subtly) I am looking for.
Dear Mr's
When people try to communicate
Perhaps they should pause not hesitate,
To try and ensure that they are understood
Because it is our responsibility and we should!
So think about what was said
Do not mouth platitudes and nod your head.
Instead, listen and give due consideration
To the thoughts expressed or hypothecation.
For to stand there pointlessly talking at a person
About issues of import or maybe just fashion.
When all the time they stand there too
Just as busily talking back at you.
This seems such a waste of effort and time expended.
When nothing was learnt and everything depended
On an understanding being achieved
And the views expressed to be sympathetically received.
Finally, remembering to pause for a listen and a think is a must!
It gives an important chance to build friendship and trust!
Otherwise you are like ships that pass in the night
Or like two planes passing within the others sight!
Hope you liked it, but no matter if not, what I write will not appeal to everyone, nor will some people like all my poetry.
I enjoy cooking most of the time, washing up is a necessary evil lol, snuggled up with a DVD, alternatively going out to the cinema a meal be it casual or somewhere chic with nice food, wine, and that special person; and meeting new people. My friends are all married and seldom go out, so I just drop in on them and create havoc.:P
I like to keep busy, not necessarily physically, but my writing takes up quite a lot of time. Sitting in front of the TV letting my brains dribble out of my ears (I haven't got any to spare lol) is not something I'm suited too.
I love the countryside, it brings a calmness of spirit that is hard to equal in any other setting.
Started taking more exercise again, after getting out of the habit for a couple of years, badminton and tennis used to be what I liked.
Would like to take dancing lessons, ever since I watched strictly come dancing, looks great fun, plus will have the benefit of improving my atrocious dancing.
I'm presently in Nigeria West Africa coz I got transferred down here for my job(work for an importing company as the sales rep.)Well send me an email to know how u feel about all these...can u get a yahoo messenger downloaded so we can get to chat better...I am often on id is for MSN messenger and yahoo messenger is looking forward to hear back from U sometime soon. Hope U re having a wonderful time out there.
Love Thoughts,



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