Romance scam letter(s) from Marina Khnykina to Hiroki (Japan)
Letter 1
Hello my sweet Hiro!!!!!!
Thank you very much for interesting and very frank letters!!!!!!!!!!
I liked your letters.
At the given stage of our acquaintance I with confidence can tell, that you very interesting person, as the Person, very fair and intelligent!
It is necessary to recognize, that you have fairly answered all my questions. You very close(attentive)!
I very much appreciate this quality of character!
Today I have received the information on travel to Japan.
The information of me has unpleasantly surprised with terms of manufacturing of the visa and expensive!
The visa to prepare 1 month.
Flight from Volgograd to Moscow and back = 200 dollars.
Crossing(moving) from my city in the airport of Volgograd and back by a taxi (70 kilometers) = 50 dollars
Flight Moscow of Tokyo Moscow = 900 dollars
The visa = 100 dollars
Total = 1250 dollars I think it awfully dearly! When you want to meet me?
How you are a lot of time can lead(carry out) with me? I want as soon as possible you to see!
If I had the own plane would depart to you right now.
My desire to see you is so huge!!!!!!!!! I send to you copies of the Russian and international passports.
On the Western Union I receive money on presentation of the Russian internal passport! Decide, lovely!
The faster, we shall start to operate, the faster I shall receive the visa and I shall see you!!!!! My full name
40 Let Pobeda 13-1
Volzhsky, Volgograd region,
404133 Russia To receive money on the Western Union, it is necessary for me:
Your full name
Your address
Control number (10 figures) remittance of the Western Union. Your letters for my person are very interesting, you write about different histories which occur to you. And I begin feel small participation in your life. Because I present each time, that you did(made), as it looked, as you laughed etc.
It is very pleasant for me to receive your letters. Moscow really very expensive city. Moscow in goes in ten most expensive cities of Europe. I carried bank documents and bills in General office of our bank.
I do not love Moscow, but to me to like to live in expensive hotel.
Our bank does not save on travelling and living expenses.
Each time I lived in hotel in cost of 400 dollars in days.
It is very pleasant.
Probably, each person loves comfort.
Especially, if this comfort in another's and unloved city, with hard work within day. I am a little tired from this trip because distances in Moscow very big, I on heels got tired. At leisure I went shopping, have made good purchases. But unfortunately, there all is expensive. When I have trip to Moscow I plan to buy a face cream and for a body, good shampoos and perfum. At me in city and in Volgograd - all these goods - a fake, not firm. I always need in good cosmetics, perfum and a cream. I watch(keep up) the appearance and very much I protect with what the Nature has awarded me! In Moscow now began a lot of police because in December in 100 meters from the Kremlin act of terrorism was accomplished, people were lost.
At the airports too it is a lot of police and it calms me.
Moscow became dangerous city because this city very convenient for realization of acts of terrorism, is a lot of people everywhere. Recently I with friends discussed the Moscow prices.
For example the international airport of Moscow has 3 floors. On all floors the cafe are located. On first two floors of the price very high, for example - a cup of coffee of 5 dollars. And on the third floor there is a cafe where for 5 dollars you can take soup, meat with a garnish, salad, compote and a sweet roll.
A little who knows cafe about it. In city of the price very high.
A lot of beautiful and firm clothes, but she(it) very expensive.
My weakness is footwear and handbags, unfortunately, I like very expensive handbags and footwear. Expensive taste at me. Write to me what your favourite aromas man's?
What favourite aromas female?
In your country the perfumery has the high prices?
There is a probability to buy a fake of perfumery or clothes in your country? What firm you prefer clothes and footwear? Write to me!!!
I very much miss under your letters!!!!!!!!!
I kiss you many times, my sweet Hiro!
Letter 2
Hello my sweet Hiro!!!!!
Thank you very much for nice photo you are very pretty!!!!!!!!!! Your look wonderful!
Thank you for letter!!!!
It is very a pity to me, but you have the erroneous information on my trip.
I shall make out the tourist visa.
I can receive such visa without problems in 1 month.
In mine city very serious tourist operator who specializes only on East and Asian countries works.
The tourist operator is accredited at embassy of Japan.
To me distances of 100 % a guarantee, that I shall receive the visa.
In Japan to me I was not necessary to go group.
I make individual tourist trip.
To me have told, that if I shall make the working visa chance to receive the visa very small - refuse each second person.
By the invitation too it is not real.
We have chance to meet only under the tourist visa.
Today I called to the girl who visited(attended) Tokyo 4 months back. To me has given its(her) phone round the operator.
I have talked to this girl, she(it) has confirmed, that problems with the visa at it(her) were not also its(her) visa was ready in 25 days after submission of a package of documents.
I can not insist on a meeting in Tokyo, but I very much would like to see you as soon as possible.
If you want - we can meet in any other country.
In an ideal, I would like to see your city, your apartment as you live. Probably, you - my future (I hope for it because you very much like me). I want to see than you live.
So it is easier to me to draw conclusions on our future.
At a meeting in other country - doubts will stay, other country is a neutral territory.
I write you frankly.
I hope you it agree with my reasons.
I trust you absolute.
But much my girlfriends had correspondence with foreign men, in letters of the man wrote, that the huge house and smart automobiles have, prestigious work.
When girls met these men in a reality they worked in cafe on kitchen, had poor apartments and doubtful moral principles.
I am sure, that you not such swindler.
I believe you, to me prompts my heart.
I believe, that you special the man, you for me only!
To me has carried, that I have correspondence with you and the minimal plans (at the given stage of our attitudes(relations)) on the future!
I am glad, that at you all is good on work.
From your letters I understand, that you are very pleased with work. You like new projects. You with the big enthusiasm are taken for these projects!
It is not enough people which are pleased with the work. I think, that you are happy in work. I do not love the work, but Russia to choose is not given.
I'm fine.
I began to miss under your letters more, I miss on you.
In your letters I receive a particle of your heat, I feel, that you very gently treat to me. I am right?
Write to me, my sweet!
You are necessary for me!
I kiss you of 200 million times!!!
Your Marina
Letter 3
Thank you very much for nice letter!!!!
Many thanks for money!
I received money with out problems!
Thank you.
It is awfully inconvenient for me, but I have bad news.
I was in fury when has learned(found out), that the tourist operator was mistaken in the price for my trip to Japan.
Such can happen only in foolish Russia.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have submitted documents on the visa and have paid cost of the visa and transfer of documents. Now my visa is made out.
For tickets and services operatorI too have brought in other sum, but there are no 500 dollars. The tourist operator has originally incorrectly counted the sum.
I swore at it(her), reproached with a carelessness and even have complained to its(her) chief. But the fact remains the fact, I do not have not enough 500 dollars.
I at all do not know as you to ask about it, it is very a shame to me, forgive.
But it is necessary to send 500 more dollars.
It is awful!
It is very expensive(dear) trip!
I in a shock from this situation!
Forgive once again!!!!!!!!
Term to me have named is April, 15.
I shall receive the visa not later April, 15.
Tickets have reserved, but I urgently need to pay them, 500 more dollars are necessary.
How to me to be?
I even to borrow from anybody I can not!!
Forgive, that so it has turned out!
I hope you will understand and you will help me with this situation.
We so have much made together for our meeting.
I think unreasonably to recede back.
I dream of our meeting
You are necessary for me!
To me new life in love is necessary, for tenderness!
Write to me!
I kiss you 100 000 000 times!!!
Your Marina
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