Romance scam letter(s) from Irina Molchanova to Kevin (Canada)
Letter 1
Hello Kevin:
Thanks for your answer to my profile. It will be short but is sincere. I can warm the heart like a song in a rainy day, I am tender like a rose only do not touch the thorns. I love walking on nature and soft breeze. I like to attract looks, when the house is full of guests, I like dancing, smiles and good food. I will sing if you ask, like kids, coyness and comfort. I dream about a cozy house, the garden full of roses, my man to carry me on hands and falling in love. I want three horses to be rushing me to the wedding, and a wedded bed covered with petals of roses. But this is just a fantasy, like can turn out differently. The most important is romance, the most important is love. I will wait your letter with photos and nice words to my part (smile).
Letter 2
Hello Kevin:
I so am glad, that you have answered my letter. If it is fair, I even did not hope, that such the man as you, will answer me. To me the truth very pleasantly from it. Now it is a little about itself. Unfortunately, I yet have no children, but I think, that in the future I shall be capable to have children from the favorite person. I have written the first letter to you not simply so, I have written it because you have very much liked me as the man. I want to learn about you as much as possible and itself I shall tell to you about myself. Also I think that our friendship will not lose sense, and will get stronger every day. I have since childhood grown in my city and very much it love. I do not know why, but at me huge bent for to travels. Probably, it because of my father, he was the traveler, unfortunately I remember him a little, because he tragically was lost in one of expeditions when I was some more very small, but I believe, that he very much loved us with mum. I very much appreciate in the person ability to love, up to the end of the days. At heart I also very romantic person, I very much like to observe of stars at night, sometimes I would like to fly up and touch them hands. I would be so is happy, if with me beside the man which could take care of me was. Unfortunately, now I have no any the man during long time because I had in the past very bad case with one man after which long could not trust anybody. But recently I have met the girlfriend, and she has advised me to take advantage of service of acquaintances, on this I have taken advantage of services and have chosen you from thousand other men. You can judge my appearance from a picture which I to you send, please tell, that you think of it. I would be glad to hear, that you will tell about yourself. I want to learn all about you because so we can achieve mutual understanding and friendly relations. I am glad, that was not mistaken in you and I shall try to not disappoint you with my behavior. I already spoke you that I live with mum together, unfortunately I have no any brothers and sisters with which it is possible to share the most treasured secrets and dreams. On this to my mum if it is interesting her age 51 year to you. We very amicably live with my mum. I admit fairly, that all over again my mum was against acquaintance to the foreigner but when I have shown her your letters she has told that you were not right and that good the man and deserve respect. By the way, my mum transfers you Hi. She is sure that we shall be good friends and that we should trust each other completely because without trust there is no strong friendship. I try to not think concerning that distance which separates us, but with each your letter to me to seem, that the distance between us decreases and to become ever less and less. I very much like to dance, especially a waltz. In the childhood I was engaged in dances at choreographic school. And you are able to dance a waltz? If is not present, I could learn you to this, certainly for this purpose it is necessary for us to meet with each other face to face though all can take place in the future. Tell to me even more about itself. I want to know about you all and itself I shall try to tell about myself as much as possible.
Kevin, can I ask you to pay for our correspondence? I have placed my at in the Internet through International Marriage Agency "Pearl" but I have recently been at the Agency and so I don't have my profile at the site of Agency "Pearl" and the email address what you use writing to me is an address of their computer. I paid for placing my ad in the Internet and I also pay for the correspondence with you. And presently it's expensive for me. I shall wait for your answer with impatience.
Letter 3
Hello, Kevin!
Thanks for your detailing and interesting letter. You look very well. I like your red beard. Russian very difficult and I do not think that you something will understand. I have the obligations before Agency "Pearl" and I do not know yours e-mail address. It is in Agency. I shall be grateful to you if you can undertake a payment for our correspondence. If you have problems with it, enter contact with Agency "Pearl" and they will explain to you about it. My telephone number and the home address you can take in Agency "Pearl" too. I think we can be good pair.
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