Scam letter(s) from Lilia Ermakova to Ozkan (United Kingdom)

Letter 1
Hello Ozkan,
I am very much happy and honored that you made such a choice and wrote to me. I think that it is very important for me as I am worrying greatly because it is my first letter.
It would be very interesting for me to get acquainted and to know more about each other and I hope that with every time our communications will become more interesting and we will have a desire to meet each other. My name is Lilya, and on the first of October I celebrated my 19th birthday. I live in native town Lugansk with my parents,sister and granny. My town is not very big but still I feel great in it. Here I have all my friends with whom I don't want to part because we are friends from the very childhood and I value their friendship. I am not working now, just studying. I attend hairdresser's and stylist classes at college, I like it very much, and in future I want to have serious, well-paid job. I am too young now and only begin my independent life, I'll have everything the best in future,there are so many chances. The main thing is not to make a mistake. But if you don't make mistakes you do not live and do not make progress.
Though sometimes I feel myself as a child, like a little girl who wants to cry a little, to walk without boots during the summer rain, to eat cold ice-cream, which was forbidden to eat when I was a child not to fall ill, to go to parks, make funny faces and watch cartoons. Of course we don't want it, but the life is going, we become older, but it is also a nice feeling to feel yourself as a woman, so tender, well dressed and beautiful.
As you already understood I can easily be a very good friend, but I always failed to begin serious relations. I dream to meet my onliest man and to love him to the end of my life. Everybody says to me that it is impossible in our life, but I don't believe in all this because everything depends on how sincere we will be towards each other. I believe that I'll meet my Romeo, the most magnificent in the world, who will be able to understand me, defend me, with whom I will laugh and cry together. Tell me what do you think about such love, aren't you afraid to love in such a way, and is there such a love which will help to forget about all the problems.
Waiting for your sincere answer: as A.Saint-Eckzuperi said - the only real luxury is the luxury of people's communication.
Waiting for your soon reply,
Letter 2
Hello dear Ozkan,
I was very glad to see your letter. You decided to reply to me and that is very important for me.
Even after three lines of your letter I understood that you may be exactly the man I need. I don't know if you believe in women's intuition, but I do and it has never let me down. It is interesting to talk to you, because you seem to be sensitive and clever man.
You gave me a hope and opened a door into a new life for me, and we will be there together, and there is no place for loneliness. I don't like that word, it is not comfortable, and it is cold. I hope that soon we will forget that. With this letter I want to give you the feeling that I have now, while I am writing. Here is the music playing, it is slow and calm, this is the sound of saxophone. If it is possible, please, turn on the same music, and we will be so close that you will feel me, I will be close to you. I'd like to continue about myself. In the first letter I wrote that I live with my parents, grandmother and my younger sister. I think that my parents marriage is not very good, although they have been together for 21 years already. My father likes to drink, and my mother has been trying not notice that for all these years, so my sister and I can have a father. We care about her a lot and respect every decision she makes. We are trying to support her. My sister's name is Lena, she is 17. We are wonderful friends and share all the secrets we have.
And do you have someone very close, a real friend?
If not, can I be the one, can you be open to me?
I like to start my day with a smile, I turn on the music, and I start to jump, to sing and dance. I say good morning to everyone, go to a shower, drink green tea, get dressed and go to school. After school I go to a gym, I like it very, very much. After that I go home, and my dear sister, grandmother and mother are waiting for me. In the evening, we like to cook together, and talk about how we spent our day.
Sometimes, after supper, me and my sister go to the park, and we take our Charlie with us (Charlie is a dog, my father and mother gave him to me on my birthday, when I was 12). This is the end of my usual day. But I would like to run home and know that there is my dear man and he is waiting for me, and I would be able to make the craziest things for him. I would like to get out of the routine life, and run to the end of the earth, there would be only two of us, our own world, our own paradise, our own riverbank, the riverbank of love. Write me, please, how you usually spend your days!? Do you have a pet? As for me my mother taught me how to cook numerous dishes of Ukrainian cuisine. Have you ever tasted Ukrainian borch, pampushki, or vareniky? What about kutya, kvas, draniky, bliny?
I like to experiment tasting cuisine of different countries.
For example I ma fond of Mexican, French or Chinese food.
I prefer active leisure and I would like to spend my summer holidays on he beach playing tennis, volleyball. Besides I like to travel very much. The far I go the better it is. Clean water, bright sun and absence of curios eyes - what else one may need to be happy? Night swimming with sparkling stars above your head, mysterious shining of the water. My dreams are to see the Ocean, visit the world-famous Disneyland, Butterfly-park, fly the water parachute, visit the most distant places of our planet. I'm dreaming to see incredibly beautiful ancient castles, to meet aborigines, to taste the cuisine of different nations, see their dances, customs, rituals, music instruments, carnivals, to throw a boomerang, ride a camel. Sometimes I feel like traveling in the jungles, spend the night in the open air, make a bonfire, cook a fish soup, bathe in the pouring rain like in my childhood, to travel in the mountains for the whole day, to tear myself the orange from the branch of the tree. I want so much to be able to realize this all my desires and have by my side a man with whom I could share my impressions.
I will be waiting for your letter, and I believe that you will definitely write to me.
Letter 3
Hello Dear Ozkan,
You, probably ask me if I have being waited for your letter? I answer you "Oh, I could hardly wait for it!!!" My full name is Liliya Ermakova. Maybe You will find more beautiful girl some day. But you will never find such passionate and fiery love as mine!
You, probably, want to ask me why I'm here if I'm so beautiful.
The Love was in my life as it seemed to me for all my life. But I was mistaken. You know we have the right for mistakes.
He made court to me from the seven class. But I was not ready for love. But his love and courting enticed away me. And in the 9th form I fell in love with him. It seemed to me this love would be last all my life. We were together nearly 3 years. We parted in the next way...
In the weekend we with our friends went to picnic. It was the wonderful spring day. One of our friends was with one girl. Everything had been good until I saw the next "picture". My lover kissed and hugged another girl. I was in hysterics. Later his friend said me that he had wanted to open my eyes, to show me that my boyfriend didn't fit me. At the same time I found out that he had being met with this girl for a half of a year. He tried to explain me that he loved me very much and he needed those girl only for ***. Because my principles did not allow me to have an intimate relations until getting marriage. Tell me who does need such love. Is it possible to build relations in this way? Since those time it is very difficult for me to trust men.
Tell me why are looking for your second half through the Internet?
and why did you pick out me? For what?
Looking forward your soon reply.
Your Lilya.
Letter 4
My dear Maximus,
I am greatly worried because I will not be able to send my next letter to you. My credit for letters is over now and I asked money from my Granny to write this letter to you. I hope you will understand me and be able to give me support. I am not asking money for personal needs just I have no funds to pay for our correspondence. I hope you will give us a chance to be together. I belive we will get more then loose from our being together if you really want this. The manager from the Internet cafe Nina Ischenko said that if wish to help me with the correspondence fees you can make payment to her name and in this case the my credit debts will be settled directly. So I will not have to go to bank and make payment arrangements and I think this would be more convenient for me.
The information for your transfer via Western Union or Money Gramm bank systems: Nina Ischenko
International street,17
91022 Ukraine. Or you can transfer money directly to my name: Ermakova Liliya
Osipenko street, 24/69
Luhansk, 91005
Ukraine With all my affection and hope,
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