Scam letter(s) from Ludmila Petrova to Ozkan (UK)

Letter 1
Hello dear,
I was very glad to get your reply to my ad. I hope that correspondence will give us a chance to get to know each other better.
And who knows what might happen. You never know what might happen before try... I'd like to tell you a little bit more about myself. My name is Ludmila, i am 24 years old. I was born and brought up in the city called Lugansk. I like everything about this city. I know that this is not the most beautiful city, but nevertheless i like it because i get to use to live here. All my close friends and beloved family live here. I have a twin brother. We are very close and i can't imagine my life without his support. I love my parents too. Unfortunately, my dad died last year. I miss him greatly. He was a very understanding, well- natured and kind man. Now i'm living with my mom, grandma and brother. But i feel that there is something missing in my life, my second half, my soul mate. I miss a man who will share all good and bad times with me, a man who can give me his care and love, his support and understanding. I'm the woman every man can be proud of. I can and longing to give all joy of our mutual being together and i can bring him in perfect bliss. After school graduation i have been studying at college. I'm a civil engineer. But now i'm working as a flower seller in a florist's. I think that's the wonderful job for a woman. I'm always surrounded by beautiful and colored flowers, i'm close to nature and i do like it. As to my character, they say i'm a sociable, friendly, kind, well-natured, emotionally secured, cheerful, calm with a good sense of humor. I lead a healthy way of life, taking good care of my body and soul. I enjoy swimming, going to gym, jogging and different outdoor activities. I'm a book lover. I like to read greatly, especially poetry. I'm dreaming of a romantic meeting with my prince. I am sorry, but I want to note for you from beginning that I don't know English and now I use the services of translator. i hope that one day i will overcome this obstacle. Feel free to ask any questions, Hope hearing form you soon, Take care, Yours, Ludmila.
Letter 2
hello dear Ozkan thank you for your letter, next time i hope to get your photos. i have never been in another countries. As for music. I like all kind of music. But I've read a book about my love singer Sting. I like his songs from his album "Mercury Fallings". Do you like it? This year he 've been in Kiev. I couldn't to come to Kiev to see him. In his songs I can see not a pop star but a troubled soul understanding the sorrows and joy of the existence in the modern contradictory world, more a philosopher, less a musician. I like Sting's songs very much.
Now I would like to tell you something really personal, something about my feelings, moods and dreams. I love, I just adore sea. It makes me feel happy and free. Sitting on the beach, breathing in salt and cool air, watching white waves that run into the shore - these are the most pleasant and comforting things for me. I love sea in any season of the year, though in winter at our seaside it is quite cool even cold at times. It inspires me, makes me think of my entire and hidden wishes. Sea can arouse my energy, my ability to live and be happy. I feel miserable when I have no opportunity to spend at least several days at the seaside. Well, you may think that I'm a romantic and sentimental person and you'll be quite right in a way. I must admit that I like almost any other girl prefer romantic stories to other kinds. There is so much love, faithful and true love in them which the people have almost forgotten trying to get great profit, neglecting their relationships. OK, let's talk about the things which are more ordinary and simple. I don't eat much but I like delicious food. For example, I like lobsters with various gravy and fresh vegetables. I prefer red dry wine to any other. And, what is not very good, I can drink coffee all day long. They say you can understand person's character by seeing what she eats and the way she eats, that's why I'm writing about my favorite dishes. You see, most of all I like sitting in a cafe, drinking coffee, watching people pass by. It reminds me a small French cafe somewhere on the bank of the Siena...
where I have never been. Well, let me see what I don't like... Really I don't like a boredom, I dislike boring and ignorant people, I hate spending each other day like the previous ones. I prefer to change my activities at least three times a week. I like to meet new people and have fun. I want to know something new and to get new experiences every day. I don't like policy as there are so much lies and so many dishonest people in it. I hate deceiving people in any way, it's cruel and not honorable. I don't like at all spending evenings on my own.
I'd like to have a soul mate to be with me. Now, I think, you've got some impression of the way I am. I won't take your time any longer.
Hope to get your answer soon. BYE-BYE Ludmila.
Letter 3
hello dear Ozkan thank you for your letter. yes i asked you about your photos because i did not get them, i received only the picture of beautiful rose. Now something more about me. I am 24 years old. my full name is Ludmila Petrova. I have never been married, and have no children. I live with my mother [my father was died in last year] and my grandmother,in small house. I have a brother we born one day with him. Now he lives with his girlfriend and they are going to marry. I finished college after school and now i enter the University [as external student] and my future speciality is management. I like my future speciality it assume communication with people and i like to know new people. now i work as flower's seller and i also like this work. In free time i like reading,some cooking and i like spend my time with my friend, but Now I really very need to find my loving part in this life. My needs are simple. I want to find true love and happiness! I guess if I were to be more specific I would say; start a new family based on love, respect, trust, honesty and romance and provide a decent home environment for each of us through continued progression within in my career path. (Always maintaining my family first) My goals are to try to live my life to the fullest, maintaining integrity in the things I do and being affable toward others. I don't believe the things I do in life have to be monumental in nature they just need to be self-gratifying and make others around me feel comfortable with the things I believe in most. For instance I enjoy helping others, teaching or monitoring others to achieve their own personal goals etc. As far as my dreams and desires, I just want to be the best person I can and be loved. I always believe that each day is a learning experience and we need to apply the things we learn which are good to improve our personal character and be open to all life has to offer. As for dreams, I dream of having a strong family, with harmony and happiness. I dislike anger or hostility. I value strong communication and hope to find a woman who will be my best friend and lover, who is spontaneous and know the true meaning of monogamy. I dream of finding the other half of my heart, the one person who can complete me!. Ludmila.
Letter 4
hello dear Ozkan thank you for your letter and your song. of course for me will be interesting where i will live but for me more important with whom i will live and i think that our relations have not yet so seriously level, we only recently have been starting to communicate with each other. and my intentions are really very seriously and i am not prepared to marry from the third letter. We will need also in personal meeting.
This question about my coming to your country made me to be deep in thoughts. I realize it's too hard to leave family, home, friends, colleagues, things that I used. But life is so complicated. The time is passing. My friends have already made own families, had children. In the evenings they hurry up to their homes where they are waited for loving husbands and children. Certainly, all friends are relegated to the background at this moment. During all our life we have been loosing old friends and acquiring new ones. We are changing all the time, but only one thing is staying constantly - it's a wish to love and to be loved, to feel own necessity. It's very terrible to be alone, especially for woman. God create woman for love and for children. She is a keeper of home. And it's going without saying, she desires for family happiness. And I don't care where loving man lives, because I desire to be together with my love. And I don't choose the place where I can live. I'll be happy with the man who will love and respect me. Is it really so important where your love lives? May be it's so, but not for me. I'll live at any place where my real love will live.
i wish you good, Ludmila.
Letter 5
hello dear Ozkan thank you for your letter. i am sorry but may be something was wrong but i am not going to marriage on you yet because i do not know you good and we have not seen each other face by face. (NOTE I NEVER ASKED HER TO MARRY ME?) on this moment we only try to know each other better. am i right?
about Tabtima i do not know what this means , this not my e-mail box, this is the e-mail box of my translator.
today is weekend. As for me, I like this day very much. You needn't hurry anywhere and you may go wherever you like after your week's work. On this day I wake up later than usual. But sometimes I don't get up till 9 or 10 o'clock. I read morning newspapers or listen to music. After making my bed and doing morning exercises, I have breakfast, clear away the dishes and wash up. Sometimes I go to do my shopping. I like shopping very much. Then I meet my friends and we discuss our plans together. We may go to the cinema or theatre, to museums and parks. Last Sunday we went to the Botanical Garden. There were many beds of flowers there: red, yellow and blue. The air was fresh and clean. It was very pleasant to spend time there. In the evening all the members of our family get together. We have our supper, make plans for tomorrow, watch TV or read books. Actually, reading is my hobby. Sometimes we receive guests at our place or go for a walk. In fine weather I also like to be out of town. My friends and I find a nice place somewhere in the forest or on the bank of the river. We lie in the sun, play different games and swim. When the weather is bad my friends come to my place. We listen to music or chat. And when the wind is blowing through the trees outside and the rain is beating on the windows, my warm evenings seems warmer and more cheerful than ever - and I often think that these "quiet" evenings are the best evenings of all. and i hope that may be in the future we will have such evening together. your Ludmila.
p.s happy Valentine's day.
Letter 6
hello dear Ozkan thank you for your letter. as regards me i am ok, go every day on my work and sometimes really very tired from this. When I come home at the evening, I like to take a bath, read news magazines, watch a little bit TV… to follow the world, read some interesting book and relax. I do exercise at bodybuilding club (Gym). I like to go for a walk in a park or if the time suits, walk in the nature. At the weekend I like to go to a theatre , cinema or some other activities where I can meet friends and other people, relax and sleep little extra. My thinking is that I shouldn't sit and wait favours from God. Therefore I try to utilize my time by best possible way, I don't like to waste the time, because time runs anyway whether you do something good or just **** the time, and life is too short to learn, live and experience everything on this beautiful planet (but to learn and experience the universe, I think I need more time then a just one life time). I like almost all kind of music, especially pop, classic. It all depends on my mood.
and Ozkan so as i do not know any English i use the service of private translator [i use also her computer] and i pay for the translation of my correspondence. so i will be able to continue our correspondence if you at least pay for translation of your letters. i think that you will understand me because my salary is only 80$ per month and i simply have not physically ability pay as for your and my letters the same time. the translation of one letter costs 4$.
i wish you good, your Ludmila.
Letter 7
hello Ozkan. I am thankful to you for your intention to help me with our correspondence. I know that there is exist Western Union system and Money Cram. May be there are another but i know only this one and in bank they said it is safe if i have no my own bank account. This system allows to transfer money all over the world really fast. They say it is safe, too. You can send your money to the following address of bank to the name of Petrova Ludmila(my full name ). Bank Aval Sovetskaya Street, 61 Lugansk 91000 Ukraine
I wish you good, Ludmila.
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