Romance scam letter(s) from Ludmila Petrova to Mita (UK)
Letter 1
Hello dear,
I'm very glad that you choose me and wrote me a letter and want to learn more about me. When I was reading your letter I was very amazing of how many hobbies do you have and I have them a lot too. I think that may be we will became a great friends or may be more. And I understand also that you want to learn some more about me and I will try to tell you some and I hope you will like my description.
I'm 24 years old and I'm working now like a trainer in the gym. I like sport a lot and especially body building. And working now in this field. I live in the town of Lugansk and it is not very big town and there are also some places of interest. And if you want me to tell you more about it then I will tell you.
I live with my parents and I have also the older sister[she lives separeted] and she have two children and I love them a lot and spend much time with them.
And my family is very friendship and I just love them and want to have the same family like they have. And I hope that I will have also the most wonderful and caring man in the world and will put all my efforts to make this man happy then any one in the world. I would like my man to be caring and attractive and who will spend a lot of time with me and our children. I don't smoke and drink but only occasionally. And I don't care that if my man will smoke but don't drink and take drugs.
I hope you agree with me and have the same view on the life. I hope that we will have some more common sides and will continue our correspondence if you don't mind. I will end this short note about me and ask me what you want and I will let you know about all that you will ask. Good luck for now and hope to hear from you soon.
Your Ira.
Letter 2
hello dear Mike thank you for your letter next time i hope to get your photo. Let me to tell something about me. i am 24 years old. As I wrote you before I live in the city Lugansk. I live with my parents. We live in the two-rooms apartment, in spite of small flat we live very friendly. I graduated Pedagogical University[physical training] and work now as trainer in gym. I like to read, to communicate with my friends. Of course I also like sport. And now i also want to create my future family which will be created on the respect and love. I feel I must try to explain Why I even consider meeting a person from around the world. I look for that person to have a relationship that comes from the heart and that could truly last a lifetime. I may have told you that I am a little old-fashioned in my beliefs. I want that man who I can be with forever. I thought I had that once, but I guess not. It excites me to think of a man who gives up so much to be with me, to be able to show them a whole new world and a new way of living. I look for that man who I can make the center of my world. These are just thoughts of mine that I'm sharing with you. But, enough of that. I hope you are well, and that you might smile knowing that someone somewhere is thinking of you, wondering about you, and wishing you well.
and Mike i want to be honestly with you from the beginning of our correspondence so as i do not know any English i use the service of private translator[i use also her computer] and i pay for the translation of my correspondence. so i will be able to continue our correspondence if you at least pay for translation of your letters. i think that you will understand me because my salary is only 80$ per month and i simply have not physically ability pay as for your and my letters the same time. the translation of one letter costs 4$. Ira.
Letter 3
hello dear Mike thank you for your letter and good photos. as regards the translation service i pay for translation of one letter 4$. i writ my letter on Russian and then translator translates this on English and vice versa. Now I would like to tell you something really personal, something about my feelings, moods and dreams. I love, I just adore sea. It makes me feel happy and free. Sitting on the beach, breathing in salt and cool air, watching white waves that run into the shore - these are the most pleasant and comforting things for me. I love sea in any season of the year, though in winter at our seaside it is quite cool even cold at times. It inspires me, makes me think of my entire and hidden wishes. Sea can arouse my energy, my ability to live and be happy. I feel miserable when I have no opportunity to spend at least several days at the seaside. Well, you may think that I'm a romantic and sentimental person and you'll be quite right in a way. I must admit that I like almost any other girl prefer romantic stories to other kinds. There is so much love, faithful and true love in them which the people have almost forgotten trying to get great profit, neglecting their relationships. OK, let's talk about the things which are more ordinary and simple. I don't eat much but I like delicious food. For example, I like lobsters with various gravy and fresh vegetables. I prefer red dry wine to any other. And, what is not very good, I can drink coffee all day long. They say you can understand person's character by seeing what she eats and the way she eats, that's why I'm writing about my favorite dishes. You see, most of all I like sitting in a cafe, drinking coffee, watching people pass by. It reminds me a small French cafe somewhere on the bank of the Siena... where I have never been. Well, let me see what I don't like... Really I don't like a boredom, I dislike boring and ignorant people, I hate spending each other day like the previous ones. I prefer to change my activities at least three times a week. I like to meet new people and have fun. I want to know something new and to get new experiences every day. I don't like policy as there are so much lies and so many dishonest people in it. I hate deceiving people in any way, it's cruel and not honorable. I don't like at all spending evenings on my own. I'd like to have a soul mate to be with me. Now, I think, you've got some impression of the way I am. I won't take your time any longer. Hope to get your answer soon. BYE-BYE Ira.
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