Romance scam letter(s) from Olga Prokhorova to Scott (USA)
Letter 1
I'm so pleased that you can understand my not so good English language, that I has learned in school and in College. I'm 166 centimeters tall, my weight is 51 kg, I work as a cosmetologist is a shop. I live in the city Cheboksary. It is approximately in 650 kilometers from the Moscow city. I want to say you, that I love children very much. I have an experience of dialogue directly with Russian people, but they are not adapted, it is serious also. And they drink alcohol very frequently and it not so is pleasant to me. I think, that such habit is not a gift. I want to inform, that I do not smoke, and I do not drink strong drinks. But sometimes I like to drink in the good company a small glass of grape vine, though it happens very seldom. I want to say, that I'm able well to play a piano, I have finished musical school, I've studied for 6 years. I Want to inform, that I live with my mum. I don't have father. My grandfather unfortunately has died, 7 years ago. I want to say, that I like various music, but mostly classical. I want to be serious. My relations with you are to find love and to create happy family. I will be pleased, if you want the same. I want to say, that I write to you from an office computer. Unfortunately I have no the computer at home. I hope, that it will not be a problem. I hope you'll answer me soon. Yours, Olya.
Letter 2
Hi my dear Scott! I write these letters from an Internet cafe. It's very fast. I've converted my weight and height for you. My weight is 112 lbs. I'm 5 ft 5 in tall. I don't have children. I dream to have two boys and a girl in future. I was never married! I want to marry very much. I'm 24 years old. I have never been to United States but I hope that one day I'll be able to visit this great country. I've finished a musical school. I'm able to play on the piano. I work as a cosmetologist. What do you like to do in free time? What kind of food do you like? I have a lot of free time today and I have decided to write a letter to you. My mum and me are going to visit my grandmother today. She lives in 50 kilometers from our city in a village. I live in city Cheboksary. There are perfect nature and circle of woods. She will prepare pies which are made in the furnace. They are very delicious and fragrant. You probably never ate such tasty pies. I've decided to write to you because one of my friends advised me to search in another country, because there's no men left in Russia who can really love their wives... My feelings with each letter to you are becoming stronger and stronger. I talked to the mum about our relations. I told her some phrases from your letter and she said that you are probably honor man and your feelings are sincere about your relations to me, but you should not hurry up with acceptance of the serious decision, you should understand the feelings. We with you as two climbers which rise in a mountain, I'm on the one side, and you are on the other, and the final point is the top on which we will meet. We should climb to the top not looking on obstacles which can will meet on our way, and then everything will be very well. I shall wait for your answer. Always yours, Olya.
Letter 3
Hi my dear Scott! It's a very big pleasure to read your letter. I have a dog at home. His name is Polkan. He is a large but very kind dog. When I'm playing the piano he tries sing under the music. I'm playing different music. I like music of the composers such as Bach, Shopen, Mozart and others. My favorite food are sea products, and also various fruit salads, but I also can prepare other dishes. I'm a very good cook. In free time I like to go for a walk in a wood or on lake, when warm weather. In winter evenings I like to read the romantic books, and also to make a wool of the ram for a sweater and scarves. I like sports very much. I like gymnastics. Also I usually watch football, hockey, basketball on the TV. I'm very happy, that I have found you. I'll be very glad to receive some new photos from you. My city is small it is near Moscow, and it 150 kilometers far from the city Kazan. My grandmother sends you a big hello! She taught me to how make tasty pies. I think that when we would be together, I shall make tasty pies for you. I'm going for walk in a park today. I hope you are not against. What will you do today? I'm interested in each your step. I shall write to you very soon. I'm waiting for your letters! Kissing and hugging you, yours Olya.
Letter 4
Hi my dear Scott! I'm very glad to receive news from you again and again. I like to prepare various tasty meals very much. I shall prepare to you the most tasty dishes at ours meeting. I'm living alone with my mum. My daddy left us when I was only 6 years old. I do not have brothers and sisters. It's a pity. I live in a beautiful city. I unfortunately still do not have telephone. I've worked hard for the last year to earn money for the telephone, but we are still unable to pay for it's installation. I want to hear you very much, but I to think, when we meet we shall not only speak with each other, but also greater! I like to read your letters very much, they are giving a lot of pleasure to me. With each your letter I'm understanding more and more what will turn out. I'm already taking our relations much more seriously. My opinion that the most important thing between man and woman is the complete trust, I hate when people lie and deceive each other. As I consider in that moment of life we have to accept the conciliatory proposals, you see it is the important part of the relation between the man and woman. You probably think that I'm too serious, but I simply do not want to be mistaken in a choice of the future husband. At this moment my feelings to you already much more than friendship. I'm understanding that you are honor man. Your words you write me warms my soul and heart. It so is wonderful that there is a man is in this world, to whom I'm not indifferent. It is pleasant for me to receive letters from you and feelings which I thus test to not pass by words. Probably on it I shall finish and with the large impatience I shall wait for your next letter. Strong hugs and kisses. Yours Olya.
Letter 5
Hi my dear Scott! I've awaken early today to make various fruit salads. I keep my figure and I'm constantly jogging a little after work. I shall be very glad to receive your new photos. I shall print them on the color printer and place them above my bed in a sleeping room. I have told about you to my mum, I've translated some phrases from your letters to her. She thinks that you're very nice and reliable man. I was never married, but I want to marry very much. I never had sexual contacts! It is very pleasant to me to find out that by mutual understanding each other, you see it is a very important fact in our relations. If we want to create strong union, we should trust and understand each other in all I feel fine, concerning me can not worry with me that's all right. Today I have received my salary. It probably will be ridiculous but I have earned forty dollars for this month. Well, we shall not speak about problems which rise on our way. Write me as often as possible, I like to read your letters very much, they giving me pleasure in life, giving me chance to believe that I'm loved by a man somewhere far away from me, it raises my mood at once, it would be desirable to live and to believe that we shall meet. I shall wait for your answer. I send you many kisses and hugs. Every minute you're in my heart. Forever yours, Olya.
Letter 6
Hello my love Scott! I was very pleased to receive from you the letter. When I read your letter, in me even have appeared on eyes of tear of pleasure. I see, that we are necessary to each other. I have visited church, and asked about our meeting. How you there without me? I'm feeling myself so lonely here without you. You are always with me in my dreams. You show very strong interest to me it very pleasant to feel. I'm thinking a lot about us, about our future. I hope very much to meet with you very soon. I'm very grateful to you, that you trust me. I'm in very good mood. I want to know all. You are very important to me. When I began to correspond with you, I had a hope, that everything will be fine in our future. With each your letter I have understood, that I have found a man, who is necessary for me. I as well as you want to see, that you trust me, it would be desirable. I want to capture you tenderness. I examine that the creation of the spiritual emotional basis of the man is exact and it is meaningful the purposes of formation of family. I want to say that my feelings and words concerning you always were, I'm sincere also always understood, that we put a lot of trust, that our union would be, when it is real. Now I'm sure concerning all 100 , that I can trust you. And you're that man, who is necessary for me. When I read your letter, I saw in it your sincerity and fidelity to me. I have made of your letter for me the directly large conclusion, which I can express in just three words - I LOVE YOU. Today I even felt so highly, in me by all was going so easily, because my ideas were directed concerning you. I as knew, when I think of you, and you think of me, and it to heat up my soul and body. You probably think, that I examine such not modern, but at first time I should have affinity with the favorite man. Now in me the large propensity to you, I do not know, why but it - truth. Sometimes I have such dreams, that it is a shame to me to speak about it. I had a dream tonight. In my dreams we had supper with you, at your home, with candles and champagne, and later we went to the bedroom to sleep, and we began to make love with you. But in life I know very little about making love, only on television films and would like to study everything with you. The justification, that I speak with you so sincerely, but I think, that you should know concerning me only. I would be happy to visit you, it's a limit of my desires. I love you very much and I completely trust you. Kiss yours Olya.
Letter 7
Hi my love Scott! I'm glad that you have received my last letter. I want to be with you as soon as possible. I know it is not easy. I dream to be with you. I LOVE YOU! I`m sure that it will be the happiest day in my life. So I must start as soon as possible. First of all I must apply to get visa and passport, it costs about 440 dollars. I hope to be with you soon. I can't believe that I will be with you soon! I think about our meeting. I don't know what I will to do. I will hag you and kiss millions times. I think about our future together. I feel tender when I receive your letter and read them. I'm sure your feelings are the same. The words can't show to you the state of my soul. You know, in Russia it is not accepted to enter into serious relations without approval of the senior relatives, it is very old tradition and it is not accepted to recede from it. I'm very happy to say you, that my relatives understand our feelings. They wish us good luck and both long and happy life. I miss you every day in my life. I cannot imagine my life without you. I need you. Loving you, Olya.
Letter 8
Hi my love Scott! I want to be with you no matter where do you live. I’ve understood from very first letters that you’re that man who want to make me happy. I think that you’ll show me all beautiful places , I simply could not even dream to visit it before. My love, I want to be with you forever, true love comes only once in life, and we have no right to miss it, we have no right to miss our happiness. I have visited travel company today and they explained me that I have to get visa and passport, it will cost 440 dollars and will be ready in 8-12 days. They also can do express application for additional 50 dollars charge and it will be ready in 5-7 days. Darling, I can’t pay for visa without your help. If you can help me with that, we can make more plans for our future. And when I’ll be with you, we can marry without losing a day if you want. I’m waiting for your answer very impatiently, forever yours Olya.
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