Scam letter(s) from Natalia Efremova to Nicholas (USA)

Letter 1

hi my loved Nicholas,
Thanks that has written to me many letters. I'm fine, I missed all the day long on work concerning you. I to have a lot of work. I shall write to you the big letter later, I shall have affairs on the house now. How at you affairs? I have anxiety concerning money. You to speak, that you to send it. I know, that all will be good. I ask to do it as soon as possible as soon as you to have chance. I know, that all of you correctly to do. I very much love you and I can not wait, it only 8 days up to our meeting.... I love you... I Ask write to me, as at you affairs.... I very much miss on you....
Letter 2

Thanks that answered me. I to write to you the letter. You to not receive it? I to write the letter to you and I shall do it. I to have anxiety concerning remittance. I shall speak you all. I worry,
that if there will be problems for reception of money on Monday it is possible , I cannot be in time. Loved Nicholas I ask, is possible you to have time today, I think, you will have a break in court or to be a free time. I ask send it today whenever possible. It is very important for us. We shall have more easy at once. And we shall have time if to be problems. I ask Nicholas, try to make it today.
I'm fine, I very much miss on you. I shall look you in msn at 11.30 my time. I very much love you.... I know, that you very much to get tired, but soon we shall together and I can do to you massage and you quickly to come to norm... I love you very much and very much I miss on you. I ask, try to make today...
I love you...
I miss you...
Only your Natalia
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