Scam Letter(s) from Natalia Molchan to Aurelio (Mexico)

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Letter 1

Hello Aurelio,
I was glad to receive your letter.
I want you to know all the circumstances why I'm trying to find a man in such a way.
I know very few English words, but to write a letter I need an interpreter. I have no my own computer, that's why I use the Internet Club. I'd like to ask you why are you looking for your future wife in the Internet. Is it problem to find a date there in your country? I'd like to write the same about me.
It's not easy to find a man here. I mean that here are a lot of men but not Men (from the capital letter). Our men are not able to take care of there families, they don't think about their kids and they can betray and left family, find another woman and forget about kids.
I don't want to marry such a man, I want to trust my husband and I want to know that I'm the only one and that he loves me. I think that it's not good when a man is sitting at home and saying that it's impossible to find work when we have no money to buy food for our child. And when a woman has not only do everything in the house, take care of children but also work hard to earn money. That is the reason. Our man think that woman is able to do everything and that we don't deserve their help and care.
It's not a problem to find a date, but it's too hard to find real man. I hope that you understand me.
I don't think that cyber love is possible. I mean that it's very important to meet in reality and know each other better. But before meeting we have to know something about each other through the letters.
And more about me and my life.
I am working as a seller in a shop and I sell perfumes that I liked a lot as I have good taste for perfume and always my clients are very happy about my advice.
When I have free time I go to the gym or to the women's beauty center. I like this business and I'd like to continue it, but I realize a lot. It's not that I'm earning a lot of money. I just earn for living that's all. That's why it's not problem for me to leave this job. I realize that I'm rather happy now, but it's not very profitable work. Yes, I like it, but not as a way of earning money.
And moreover I realize that it's not the job for the rest of my life.
I'll be waiting for your letter,
Yours Natalya

Letter 2

Hello my dear Aurelio!
Thank you for your letter and interest in me, this please me a lot and make me very hopeful. You see I have started this search because I feel lonely and I don't see any suitable for me man here in my place. I don't want to speak badly about them because maybe not everyone is bad but what I see in them make me think about the possibility to find a better one abroad for me to be happy in a family life. I am not a girl with high demand from a man I would like him to be a nice, simple one, with ordinary life but if we understand each other and are able to take care of each other this will make us special for each one and this will be a good basis for our common life.
I can feel from it that you are very nice and sincere man but not only, you are also very interesting person with your own bright personality! I do like this in you and this took my interest in you and make me want to answer you as soon as I can. I really hope that this wonderful beginning is only beginning of something more between us and even we can become good friends by letters I think we can say for sure about our feeling only during our meeting and I hope that it will be soon and very pleasant for both of us and no one of us will be disappointed. I don't like to waste time and I hope to have nice relations with you and then we will see what it will be with us, right?
I know that our relations can meet some barriers on its way but I think that there is no one too high barrier if we want to be together and even if I don't speak English so well to write you myself I know that if we want to be together we will fight for our happiness and we will overlive this not very big barrier in our communication because the language is possible to learn any time when you have such opportunity, right? I would like to write you more how I can see my future family and my life in the nearest future. I hope to find the right one for me this way because I see that most of young men don't want to create their own families and older ones have their family already and I don't want to destroy any one's family to build mine because I know that this is not a good thing and you can't be happy using unhappiness of others! So, i hope to find my future husband via Internet and to communicate with each other to get to know more about us and to see if our interest is growing and developing and then it is possible to speak about meeting and to spend our time together. I think this will be very great moment for both of us and if everything is OK we can discuss about our future and to see if we are a great couple and can support each other with our care and understanding. But also I think that in relations it is very important to be faithful to each other and to trust each other. I prefer to believe all your words and not to be suspicious about you and what is worse to be jealous as I am not a jealous person if I have no reasons to be this way!
People say that almost everything depends on a woman in family and I am ready to do my best to have a nice and friendly family and to pay our attention to our parents and relatives and to take care about house and my husband but I feel that a man also has to be tender and caring to complete this picture of a great and lovely family. He has to be attentive husband and loving father and to be the head of our family and this way I think we will be happy and a real team! Because a team can do anything even those things where alone you will not be able to do anything with! So, in my opinion family is a team and everyone has to act correct and try to understand other and this will bring a harmony and happiness to both of us at the beginning and to all of us speaking in far future when we will have children. I hope we will go on with our letters and we will use this chance to get to know each other better because I am quite serious about my search and I hope that you are as well. I am closing this letter but I would like to send you my interest and my impatience to hear from you soon and to discuss any subjects you may be interested in.
Hope to get your soon reply.

Letter 3

Hello my dear Aurelio!
What a wonderful and lovely letter you wrote to me!
I enjoyed to read your compliments and warm words about me, thank you!
I feel that our correspondence is the beginning of a very tender and loving relationships and hope that my dreams will come true!!!
Dear, I want you to be in my life and in my soul.
You are a very romantic and I appreciate it a lot, because I am very romantic too and I can imagine how nice it will be when we will meet each other. I can say that I have the same wishes as you do, and dream to have a very good, strong family, take care of my future husband and children,have a lot of fun together, be a partners in every part of our life.
Dear, do you know something about my country?
I will tell you a little about my life.
I work as a salesperson in ladies closing store.
I like my job very much, because I can communicate with my customers and it gives me a lot of joy to tell them about new collections and make them smile! I work very hard and do my best all the time.
But what I can get for that my work?
Only 50$ a month.
Can you imagine to live on that money all month? I can't either.
Sometimes I don't have money for dinner!!!
It is very difficult life we are having here, in my country now.
There are a lot of people who have even less salary than I have.
I also need to tell you, that I don't have a computer at home and using Internet cafe.
I don't know English well and using a translator.
That is why each letter to you costs me 4-5$, and you can imagine how it is expensive for me!!!
I ashamed to tell you that, but I have no choice. I am spending my last money on that letter and It is a terrible to know that.
I like you very much and my biggest dream to continue our correspondence. If you can be so generous and can send me some help,I will spend it on my next letters to you, dear!!!
I hope you don't mind that I told you about my situation? Dear,I am very interested in you and want to know you better. I dream to meet you one day and be happy with you!!! Hope to hear from you very soon,
With love,



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