Romance scam letter(s) from Marina Zaharova to Chris (USA)
Letter 1
Greetings my love! I think, that we shall be happy together. I very much like to float. I I present to ourselves as we shall bathe together!! I go to walk and I think, that soon we shall leave on walk on your city together, and you will show me many interesting places. I am confident, that in your city there are many various sights. You it is probable after work very much get tired?? I am able to do massage. I think, that it will deliver to you a lot of pleasure. I want to take with you a warm bath with foam. I all day and night dream of it. It is very romantic. I hope, that all of you still love me. I now go home to sleep. Lovely for me is unimportant that you do not have money. You are necessary for me only. The price of the ticket up to New York, costs less - 300 euro. And it is necessary for me only 800 euro. But during too time I cannot wait so much for time. Lovely probably you will manage to borrow money from the friends. I have small idea - That if after arrival to you, I can will be arranged on work at you in city and then I can help you money. Then we together can give money. Lovely please think of it. Please try. It is very important for me.
Your Marina.
Letter 2
Hi my lovely! After your letter I have understood that you really care of me. It is necessary sell the machine, at me is money. I can arrive to you and from you it is not necessary for me of money. Excuse me but it there was a small check and you have passed her. I hope you of me you will forgive for this deceit. I needed to learn you want me whether or not. Now I know that want. If you not against that tomorrow I shall go to buy the ticket to Moscow. I shall take the ticket on 28 Saturday. As soon as I shall come to Moscow I at once I shall write to you. My full name Zaharova Marina. My address: Russia, Promorskiy krai, city Vladivostok, street Gagarina, the house 14-15 If all that I to you have told arranges you write to me faster! I shall wait.
Letter 3
My lovely at me very important message for you. Today when I have gone on the box, I have found out that it completely is empty. I do not know you wrote to me today whether or not. Therefore if wrote that please write once again. I do not know that has taken place, all letters which laid at me on e-box they have disappeared. Please write to me once again. I wait!
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