Scam Letter(s) from Marina Zaharova to Shawn (USA)

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Letter 1

Greetings!!. I am very glad that you have answered me my letter. Now let me to tell about itself.
My name Marina ! To me of 26 years, my growth 171 see. I have brown hair and dark eyes. I was born in the city of Vladivostok on January, 24, 1978. I very much love the city, it very beautiful. I want to have the big and strong family. I hope you the one who can force to be carried out my dreams. I would be very pleased if you have sent me your photos, would like to learn more about you to learn your interests as you live as you work.
I hope for as soon as possible answer.
Thanks but that have devoted to me your free time.

Letter 2

My lovely friend !!! I just from street, there it is snowing and it so was beautiful! I have received the letter from you and I very much was delighted to this case! a. I live together with my parents. I have finished the State university on a speciality the Closed networks. Now I, work in small firm as the computer manager. I there work 2 years and never took holiday since I very much like this work. I was not married and I have no children. But I very much and very much want to have them, me in fact already 26. Just there was at mother on work, my mother very good person. We with it together very much frequently prepare for various biscuits and pies. Likely if you were a number was surprised how I well am able to prepare. I have cat his name is Barsik. He is very clever cat, it knows some commands! I very much like to listen to all music. There can be it and it is ridiculous but my favourite executors: Dido. But nevertheless more I like POP. I very much like to travel, I was in many cities of Russia with the parents, but unfortunately I never was in other countries. I concern to alcoholic drinks and tobacco products badly. Only on holidays I can dare to relax a little. I very much like when in the house cleanliness and the order, I can not be in a dirty apartment. I hope to you it was interesting to read my letter. It was a pity to me that is wounded on the work. It was hurt you? Now it is hurt you?
Tell to me about itself, about the childhood, parents, hobbies. I very much would want to learn about you everything even if to you it will be bad, do not hesitate to speak me about it, I hope always you I shall understand.
With impatience I wait for your new letter!
Success to you!!

Letter 3

Hi my dear!! I hope that you is nothing I of you has kissed in previous the letter, should be kept and write. Simply you very much to like me and I really to want serious attitudes with you. Me to not excite age, this smallest value in attitudes for me. I think that in me there is a new feeling, I remember this feeling when to me there were 12 years, I fell in love with one boy when studied in school, but now it drinks alcoholic drinks and is very much spoiled now. In general in the Russian spirits drink there is that very much involves people in it. I to not understand it and simply to test hostility to such type people. I very big opponent of use of spirit, and in a life I to not use it. Really it is very pleasant for me to have friendship with you, I start to be pleased lives and this pleasure is connected by that we found each other in all this world. All that I to want to tell to you now - you the remarkable person and I very much to want to have serious attitudes with you. As you I should agree to conduct all life with such person, I know, that probably should be trusted on you, I completely believe you and I know, that such person as you never I to deceive me and to be able to appreciate and respect. The deceit is the most bad symbolical attribute of the person, it at all does not decorate the person!
I am not able to go by a horse. But I with pleasure would learn to go. Probably you sometime can learn to go me by the machine. I leave in internte from internet-cafe. I have very much become bored under your letter.
Today with the girlfriend on work I I went home and have paid attention on pair, the guy and the girl were happy, they embraced each other and their persons were really happy. During this moment I have thought of you, about that as we should go together and we should be happy. That people, will look at us and everyone should admire with us. With impatience I wait your letter.

Letter 4

Greetings, my perfect prince.
Today I have a few time to write to you the letter. Yesterday I was to cinema with my best girlfriend Tanjej, we saw romantic film about love, under the name " Vanily Sky ". Later we spoke more about it. I have told to her about you. She has said, that you, apparently, the good person, . I have said to her, that I believe you in general and ready To become a part of your life and to allow to you happiness. it seems to me, that you the good person. The bad person cannot write such kind, sincere letters. Weather at us cold!! Today at us in city have blown up in the machine of any abrupt gangster!! All city only about it also talks!!
It is a pity to me that you have lost that girl Lajza. It is very sad. On the work I work computer admenistartor. I watch for computer net. My dream it to find beautiful prince who will go for me on edge of light and will like for a long time, strongly and happily.
Write to me soon, please.

Letter 5

Hello my dear!! I as always expected your letter and I am happy that you have written to me. I think that you not against in that that I to name you dear!!!? Girlfriends speak mine to me that I became now absent-minded, speak that I have fallen in love, I do not know what to answer them as I do not understand that occurs to me and I all time to think of you. I already spoke them that I have found out the person in which Internet searched, and this person you. Whether tell to me please fairly, probably that our feelings are reciprocity? I very much to want that it was so because I very much to want to have serious attitudes with you my lovely and to hope for it. Now I to change not much and my heart to beat not in regular intervals. Probably I to be mad, but I to want to tell to you that you are my part a life and I do not present me without you. It is very important for me to learn your feelings to me and I am simple now in alarm for it! I like your dreams. Probably sometime they to be realized. I was very much surprised with the sum which to you can pay. It is very big sum, but it seems to me that health does not have price. Health of the person is invaluable. I from the bottom of the heart wish that you have recovered.
With tenderness, yours Marina!!

Letter 6

hello my dear!! How your mood today? I was very glad to receive your letter and more than glad that you are seriously adjusted to me. I very for a long time searched for the person of the partner in life for me.
You very much like me and I wanted to have serious attitudes with you and a fast meeting. I do not play with you in games, and I very much wanted that we were together with you. I think that letters can give us information to learn us better not much, but the meeting can solve all really. And we can do a serious step on a meeting to our happiness. If you are really ready to begin serious attitudes and ready to risk for the sake of me I am ready to meet you soon, I can arrive to you. When we went to look at stars I has told to the girlfriends about you!! I have told about what fine things you write!! They are very glad for me!! At us in Russia many girls search for the husband abroad!! Certainly I already spoke about it with my parents, they too want that I was is happy and ready to release me to you. Certainly I very much like them and I hope that I shall soon see them, but we very seriously spoke with them about you and they are really adjusted that I have arrived to you. But they very much expect that soon we together with you shall arrive to them and he will have acquaintance to you. You are very pleasant for me that so lovely speak about me, that I type the woman which you to want!! Still nobody spoke me such gentle words! To me spoke many words of the man, even that I did not wish to hear. But you are very gentle with me and I to want to see only you near to me in a life. Certainly to me wrote a lot of man, I looked what qualities is in people, I thought also I much has decided that you and only you can be with me. And if you ready now to meet me we can already plan it for this weeks, dear I shall be very happy to visit you now!! My full name Zaharova Marina. I want to meet you not because of money, you my dream. I have received your pictures, you like me. Unfortunately I do not have photo in a digital kind more. I prepare myself. I live with the parents. I hope to receive your letter soon, with tenderness yours !

Letter 7

Hi! Lovely I very much wait for your answer. You want that we have met whether or not. I very much want it.

Letter 8

My dear love! How your business today? I hope, that good. Weather is very cold now. Is to go a snow. I study all documents concerning my arrival To you. I yesterday called in embassy and have learned full details of reception of the visa. The visa to receive not so difficultly. To receive the visa it is necessary to show tickets aboard the plane which takes off to you!! At me is money and I can dare to buy these tickets. Lovely it depends only on you. To receive the visa to me it is necessary to arrive to Moscow. There to receive the visa, and then to leave to you. The visa will be done somewhere with 2 weeks. If you want our meeting I can already take off for Moscow on Monday. ANSWER me THIS QUESTION. YOU WANT THAT I To YOU HAVE ARRIVED?. At me is MONEY AND FROM YOU it is NECESSARY NOTHING to me, EXCEPT FOR YOUR LOVE.
I wait for that moment when we shall meet!! I would like to become a part of your life, to wake up together, to carry out all free time, to travel together and to make that happy person in the world. I hope, that we can embody dreams each other.



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