Scam letter(s) from Evgenia Zhdanova to Ivon (Norway)

Letter 1

Hi, how are you? probably you wonder who is bothering you?? :-) my name is Masha. I am new here at this dating site and I have noticed your profile and thought that it would be great to know each other better. do you think we should try? I do.
if you are itnerested in girl from another country (I am from Russia) - let me know. ok? I would be really happy to send you letter with photo! my address is: mshkzlva at rambler dot ru I would be more than happy to answer all your questions. your Masha
Letter 2

Hello dear Ivon!
How are you?
Thank you for your letter and for your photos. I appreciate it very much. Thank you that told me about yourself. I am really glad to see it. I want you to say that I corresponded only with Russian guys before I met you and now I will tell you all about myself and my country in my letters and please ask me any question that you want and I will answer it with the truth only. I want you to know that I don’t have computer at home to write you and I have to go to Internet cafe to write you. Hope you don’t think it is a big problem for us. Computers are expensive here and I cannot afford one to me. I am a very sincere and honest person and am serious to find a very special man who can share my life with me. I come from a very good family and there was always love and affection in our family. I am Russian and I was born in I have been lived here in Cheboksary, Russia. It is not big city and we don’t have airport here, only railway station. The population of Cheboksary is 400 000 people. It is situated about 650 km to east from Moscow.
I was born on 16 th of october in 1978. I am 169 cm in height and 53 kg in weight. I think I am in rather good shape and I always try to be active. I have no kids and have very been married.
I don’t know why but somehow I feel that we could have something special between us. I want you to know that I have hearted a lot about your country and. You know Ivon I know few girls and they are my very good friends who met men from your country. And I asked myself maybe I should try this Internet dating too. I think it was good idea because now I have met you. Maybe you want to know why I am single now. The answer is very simple.I am very serious about being meeting with men. I had a relationship with a guy from my city but things did not work out for us. He ***** a lot and sometimes beat me being *****. I could not stand it anymore and I have end almost a 8 months ago. Since that time I am not interested in Russian guys and I don’t need guy. I need a mature man who knows what he wants from life and knows what his woman needs. Who can listen and take care of his woman.
I am not interested in rich person. Money is not everything to me. I just want to find my soul mate. I want to love and be loved that is all. Is it too much? I don’t know. My life
is active but I miss to have that special person with me to share everything in my life with me. I do not like arguments and I also do not smoke. I don’t drink alcohol at all and have never and will never use any drugs. I write this letter to you Ivon because I am sincerely interested in you and I am also not playing any games. I am serious to find that one special man in my life. I hope that you will be interested to write to me and perhaps learn more about my life and me. I am sure that you will not be disappointed and that just to learn a little about me will also let you learn so much about many other things inside my country and also about my life and where I live.
I hope you liked my email and I will be waiting for your reply impatiently. your Masha
Letter 3

Hi my dear!
thank you so much for your letter
Dearest Ivon! I have learned about my possible coming to you! I have some news, good and bad. good news is that I can arrange my work schedule and come to you. good news also is that I could come to you! Another good news is that local travel agency could help me with everything! They will arrange this trip to me and everything will be ok. the bad news is that tickets to Oslo cost so much!!! :-(
round tickets Moscow to Oslo on 6 of November and on 3th of December (open date) back cost $603.7 (usa dollars). this the only one available ticket and if we decide to meet we should get this one because it is the cheapest and buying it now will save us a lots of money.
Next Ivon Schengen visa doesn't cost much but to obtain it I need a lot of papers -international passport, plenty of certificates from my job about my income level, certificates of individual property here in Russia, certificates about my relatives who lives here, papers about my
Living history, medic tests, insurances for everyday of staying in Norway, confirmations of my bank account. I have a big list of necessary papers. tickets are the most important (especially back one) it shows that I am going to come back home. I must have my tickets on my hands before starting interview at Norway embassy. Tickets shows that I am not going to be illegal immigrant at Norway. anyway tourist agency will help me with everything if I deal with them. if I deal with this tourist company everything will be great. I know that they know what they do because my boss told me about this company.
we will sign special treaty if I pay them cash for everything and I will be able to control everything from here. but I must co-operate with them. they provide full service and I will only have to go to Norway embassy to talk to counselor and show them my round tickets. It will be Schengen tourist visa. It will be good for 3 months. but as you can see I am planning to spend month with you. my vacation time will be for 27 days. so if we decide that I should stay longer we will change my back ticket for better date. what do you think? the process of getting Schengen visa will take for 2 weeks. so if want to have everything done in time we should start the process now and in this case everything will be ok.
that is all. ok. here is the calculations of all expenses:
round tickets from Moscow to Oslo - 603.7
round tickets from Cheboksary to Moscow - 221.25
international passport - 60
insurance - 90
visa+ agency service, all papers - 125
so total cost is - 1099.95
Ivon Could you please borrow me the of money. could you help me Ivon ?
I will refund everything to you!
Ivon I wish I could have more to pay for everything and not be a problem for you. Dear Ivon I understand that your help is the only way for us to meet.
Will you be able to loan me this money to pay for this coming to you? I would be so happy to meet you and I am really sorry that I can not pay for my trip myself. Ivon please let me know what you think? ok? I will do my best to refund everything to you on my coming back. I will be working hard and I will refund everything to you!!! Our meeting would be the best vacation I have ever had.... I need to meet you because I feel that we will have great future! I can not wait to meet you!!!! I am so excited just from thinking about you and our future meeting!! --
your Masha
Letter 4

Hi my dear!
Thank you for your reply.
I need a mature man who knows what he wants from life and knows what his woman needs.
Who can listen and take care of his woman.
I want to love and be loved that is all. I just want to find my soul mate.
Is it too much? I don’t know. My life is active but I miss to have that special person with me to share everything in my life with me, who loves spending time together with his beloved. I think that you special for me. I like man like you.
Honey I know that you don't trust me.... and it is really hurt to realize it. but I know that I don't deserve it and it makes me feel even more hurt. but I want you to trust me because I feel that I can trust you and I believe that I will be safe in USA with you. My GrandMom really worries about that coming to you and her fantasy takes her so far in crazy thoughts :) but I believe in you and I trust you. it is really serious step for me but I am ready to do that. so I trust you and I want you to trust me.
So I rely on you in my safe staying with you over there and I want you to rely on me in my coming to you from here! Please understand me correctly.
I wait for your next letter. --
your Masha
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