Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Shabashova to S. H. (USA)

Letter 1

Hello, sweet friend!!!
What a surprise!!! But I must confess that it was very pleasant for me to open my mail box and to see your message. Really, sweet friend, having seen your letter I smiled with happiness. In fact I am very inexperienced with Internet and I am very poor in computers :((( It's my first experience of getting acquaintance by Internet and I feel very excited. Really interesting: nowadays you can get acquainted with a person who lives on the other side of the Earth!!!
How I decided to begin communicating by Internet??? I have already written you that I look for serious and stable relations. But men in our country don't have such intentions. Also I don't like drinking men, and there are a lot of them in our country. Really, sweet friend, it, s awfull, but a lot of women suffer because of such men. That's why I decided to try to look for my happiness in the Internet.
I thought may be I'll be a success ??? So I went to the Internet cafe and I decided to try!!! I looked through your profile and I liked it!!! So I think we can say that we have already begun our communication. I hope we'll continue our relationship and we'll know each other better :)))
Oh, I have written so many words but nothing about myself. I want to tell you about myself, I hope you'll be interested in it.
So my name is Nastya. I live in Russia in a fine city Vladimir, it is situated not far from Moscow, only 200 km from the capital. Our city is very old and beautiful. It has very long history. Many centuries ago Vladimir was even the capital of Russia. Now it isn't capital any more but it's still of one of greatest Russian cities. I love my city and I'm proud of it. My city is situated in the center of Russia. It has fine nature and climate. You know, here it's cold in winter (-25 degrees approximately, but sometimes even till -40!!!), but we have hot summers (+ 30 degrees, it's normal).
OK, about my appearance. I am rather slender but I always keep my fit and sometimes I even keep to a diet. I am 171 cm tall and my weight is 55 kg. I am 27 years old; my birthday is on the 30th of October 1978. I like autumn a lot. I like go for a walk in this season and to enjoy yellow and red trees. Sometimes I make bunches of leaves and take them at home.
I like spending weekends on the open-air with my close friends and. They can describe me as a kind, friendly, peaceful and funny person. You know, sometimes I am told that I look very mysteriosly. I think that every woman has some mystery and it makes her only more attractive. I don't smile a lot but I was told for many times that my smile is very charming :))) And you made me smile by your letter today!!!
Well, I hope that you are not tired to read my long letter, and I hope that you still want to know me better and will write to me very soon! If you have any questions (and I hope very much that you have) I will answer to you with big pleasure! Take care!
I wait for your new letters and pictures with a great impatience.
Nastya, your new friend.
P.S. I think, that us early to speak about our meeting. We know each other a little.
But I really want to find out you more.
Also thank for your photo, you in a photo very beautiful, and I am very glad to our acquaintance.
Letter 2

Hello, dear!!!
Oh, again a pleasant surprise!!! A letter from you!!! So as I have already said we began our friendship and I must confess that I enjoy it.
Writing you this letter I don't stop for a moment!!! Oh, I have a lot of things to tell you. First, more about myself. I hope you have noticed that my English isn't bad. I want to describe how I have learnt it. At school I had a very strict English teacher. Her name was Elena Borisovna. She always told me that I don't have any capacities for foreign languages and she never gave me marks I wanted to have. After each lesson I came back home in tears. My mom advised me to begin study English myself. I bought a lot of books, audio cassette and spent 3 hours studying English words and grammar. The result was an excellent mark in my school certificate!!!
After school I decided to work like a hairdresse. Really I always was fascinated by this profeesion. I think a hairdresser is a person who creates beauty. So I finished college and I began to work as a hairdresser. I specialize either in male hairdresses or in female. But the most I like to make hairdresses for women for some holidays. It's really very beautiful!!!
Now I want to tell you about my family. I have a very happy family. My mom's name is Galina and my father's name is Valeriy. My father is a builder, he builds houses. My mom is a veterinary, she likes animals a lot and she likes to cure them. We like to spend time all together. Sometimes we go for a walk, sometimes we just spend evenings before TV set.
I'd like to tell you a little bit about my private life.
I had two suitors during my life. But, I didn't feel happy with them though we had rather long terms. I tried to give to my young man everything I had in my soul, all my loving!!! But in answer I felt coldness. That's why I said goodbye to my first boyfriend. The second boyfriend of mine was very gentle with me, but you know, he began to drink!!! I said to him that unfortunately I can't bear this!!! But he made his choice: he chosen alcoholic drinks...What they wanted??? I don't know but not serious relations:(( And I look for them!!!
Ok, I am sorry for my long letter. May be I made you tired by my long and sincere story.. But I feel confidence to you, I don't know why...Please write me more about your private life, if it isn't a secret.
I hope to get soon your fine answer.
Kisses, Nastya.
P.S. I have a little surprise for you. It's a little video clip. You'll see my flat and you'll see how I live!!!
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