Scam letter(s) from Marina Kushakova to Dennis (USA)

Letter 1

Hello Denny! Thanks for your answer. I am very glad that you have written to me the letter and is glad that you have shown to me interest, I hope that we shall shall find out each other better. Excuse, that in my structure was written that I from USA. Simply I very much want to find man, and if on this service of acquaintances to write that I from Russia that of access why that in general no. It not so that is pleasant. So was necessary to write to me that I from USA. I hope you understand and do not take offence at me. I very much hope for it. I want to tell to you that I do not have computer of a house and I use services the Internet of cafe. I still badly understand on the Internet because I never before did not work with the Internet and I am helped sometimes by employees the Internet of cafe. I come in the Internet of cafe when I have a free time from work. Still at leisure from work I visit rates the English language, but I yet in perfection own English therefore I use the program the translator to understand your some words. I ask you Denny to not use reductions of words when you write to me the letter because I cannot understand them. Now I want to tell to you a little about myself. You already know, that my name Olga. I live in Russia. My country is far from yours, but by means of the Internet any distances decrease. You agree with me? The name of my native city Ryazan. Our city not big, but beautiful enough. Especially I like to walk on our park. Certainly it is probable not so beautifully as your cities, but too very much impresses. I to get used to this city. When I have left school, to me there were 18 years, I have arrived to this city to enter the university. I have been given birth in the russian village, is very far from this city. My parents to remain there. At first I very much grieved and missed on parents, but now I have girlfriends and I already miss not so strongly. Here Denny I have received pedagogical education and to be arranged in city library. 3 years I work here. I work six days in a week. My working day begins in 8,00 and comes to an end in 17,00. As you already know to me 26. I want to inform you at once, that I never to be married and to not have children. I think that in me even all forward. I have attached my photo to this letter, I hope that it to you will be pleasant. I with impatience shall wait your answer. Also I want to find out much about you. Your new friend Olga.
Letter 2

Hi my friend Denny. Thank for your answer. I am really very glad that you answered me. I hope
that we shall continue to write to each other. In this letter I would like to tell to you about
my hobbies and things I like to do on my free time. I like doing sports because it helps for a
healthy way of life. I love swimming and all that is connected to water. I go to the pool, here
in Ryazan in my free time. Usually it happens on saturdays and sundays. Do you practice any
sports? Do you like outdoor activities? Fishing? Camping? It will be very interesting to me to
learn about it. Denny now I want to answer your questions. I not frequently to go to Moscow.
Last time I was in Moscow one year ago. What do I know about the USA? Likely I know about your
country not much, but there can be you to me a little tell about it. It would be very interesting to me to learn about your country. Denny in Russia it is a lot of snow in the winter and really here there are many remarkable ski mountains. Likely for this reason at us skiing is well advanced. And now Denny, if you not object, I shall tell more in detail about myself. My growth 170 sm, my weight of 52 kg. I was born on october 7, 1979. This day I to mark birthday. I do not smoke, I do not drink and I do not accept drugs. I like cooking very much and preparing meals. I love very much salads, vegetables, fish and simply, well prepared meals. And I to prepare to tell you without being too modest. I can tell you that I can prepare them wonderfully. In Russia, it is very difficult with good food stuffs, but I try to eat natural products which can be bought in the market or in shop. I remember from the childhood, that my parents since morning to leave for work. I always to prepare myself for a breakfast itself and after lessons always came and prepared them for a supper. My parents were very much pleased, that at them such assistant grows. I as was always cleaned and put things in order in the house. They very much experienced when I leaved from them in Ryazan. And I too very much missed on them. Now I sometimes think of them as they live. I for a long time to not be at my parents on a visit. I live one and I rent an apartment. Unfortunately Denny I have no brothers and sisters. Certainly it would be very pleasant to have one more soul mate, but it is not my fault not having one. To have a sister or a brother was always my dream. I want to tell again to you that I was not married and I have no children. You may ask me, what do I like to do on me leisure time. I like to listen to quiet music. For example classical or dancing music. I to want to hear from you what music to like you? Also I simply adore going to the cinema. I like to walk in the park, in the forest, go to the river and listen to the singing birds.
I love nature very much; and I very much love life. Denny I love films about love, about passion. And certainly I like films which have not been out on the screens for to long of a time. I hope you like watching movies too. What you love most of all to do in free time? Than be engaged on evenings? In this letter I send you one more photos. In one photo I stand in the street, on another - simple I. I think that it very much is pleasant to you. I very much hope that I will receive a fast letter from you. Looking forward to our meet. Olga.
Letter 3

Hi my loved friend Denny. I think, that I more seriously now think of acquaintance through the Internet. When you established the structure in a service of acquaintances, you thought of an opportunity to find the woman for the serious relations? Inform me about it please. Inform me, why you have decided to get acquainted in the Internet, instead of in the street. I in the life had no good acquaintances in the street. I think, that if the man specially uses a service of acquaintances, he has serious intentions to find the special woman for itself. I would like, that you wrote to me the small story, how the usual man in your country lives. At our peoples different culture and life, and I think this story will help me better to understand you. I think, that on TV tell not always truth, and I never do opinion on the other people from the TV. I hope, that will not tell some things about it tiresome for you. What importance of family in your country and what opinion at you concerning it? I think, that the creation of family is very important in life and it is impossible to play by feelings of other people. To me it is pleasant that you to remember when at me to be birthday. In the birthday at me to be anything especial. We with girlfriends went in cafe. I dream, that once I shall mark the birthday with the favourite person. I want to tell you about my last relations. I to meet the man earlier. At us all to be good, we very much to love each other. But suddenly he has changed. He to become irritable, began to come to us home *****. If at him something to not be got on on work all rage he to vent on me as though I to be guilty in it. To me to become everyone are more sick every day. I to suffer it very long. You may ask me why I so long to suffer? I to answer you that I am very strong to love him, I might not without him. But nevertheless my patience to come the end and I to tell him that to us is time to leave. As it was hurt to me to speak it, but I to overcome myself and to tell it to him. I wanted to search again for another the man here, but was again convinced, that our the men are not so good and to concern to women roughly. After that I am very strong to be disappointed in our Russian men. I not unique who to collide such situation. At us in Russia it to be the normal phenomenon. Therefore I and to not want to search the man at us in Russia. I to want normal family, the good husband. I very much to want to live humanly. I to get tired to be one. And when I to dare to go that I on a desperate step, I to want to try happiness through service of acquaintances. Therefore I to begin to write to you. I already informed you Denny, that in me there are a work a in library. My earnings, not so big, but satisfies on me for a life. I plan to study in the future to lift a level for work. But the most important for me the purpose to meet the only thing the man with whom I could remain up to the end of a life. I to think, that the main thing between people this mutual understanding and honesty. I hope, that is it to you to like. I shall promise, that I to write to you later and certainly with impatience I shall wait your long-awaited letter. In this letter I send you a photos, I hope they to you too it is pleasant. I will write you later, I am impatiently waiting a response. Your friend Olga.
Letter 4

Hi my dear friend Denny! I am very pleased that I again, to receive from you the letter. Denny thanks what to answer my questions. It was very interesting to me to learn your answers. You sound very good person. I want to tell that you now my close friend. Simply to me it is very pleasant you so that to name you my friend. I certainly also to want, that I so that will be named I by we to think that with you closer. I already with any improbable feeling to expect your letters. Today at job I thought of you and these ideas were pleasant for me, it was pleasant to realize there is a man, which reads my ideas and writes that that specially for me. To me so that to seem, that in my afternoon to pass only expected your letter. Imagine, that I already begin to pass your letter and your words. I already to think, that we are the pleasant friend the friend. I certainly would like to hope for it. I to think, that to you also. For me, that the people to understand the main thing which they to want in life. Nevertheless I very much to estimate mutual comprehension in the people. Today at job I am especially tired. It is a lot of children and schoolboys to come and take books today. The some people already very roughly to talk. To me is very offensive for the country, which in she, grows of such small children. It is very difficult to study to children, when they, which you at all do not listen, and sometimes, offend. I to want it you it is more to be divided with me by the workers a problem, you see, together, that it is better to decide difficulties. I know that you Denny interests a question concerning that I have phone in my house whether or not. Unfortunately I to not have the phone though it is very necessary thing in the house. With my salary I cannot simply afford it yet. Probably in your country the librarian receives the good salary. Truly? But you do not worry. I can buy the international telephone card and without problems to call to you. Only all over again I think we learn each other better. The truth? It would be very interesting to me to speak by with you to phone. Even to tell each other pair words it it is already healthy. And I can assure you that my pronunciation in your language good enough so I think that we could understand each other. Also I very much would like to know your home address (city, street and so on) because I want to send you the letter in English and probably a surprise. I would like to learn it will reach you whether or not. On it I perhaps shall finish the letter. With this letter I want to send two my charming photos. I hope, that they to make on you impression. I with impatience shall wait your letter. Take care. Yours Olga.
Letter 5

My friend Denny! I so am pleased that you do not pass to write to me. Denny as I already informed I to not have phone, but I can call to you. You can write to me your phone which will be in China. So I can call to you there. I to want to ask you, how you do, whether - all for you good? I'm fine. I hope that for you also. To me it is very pleasant that you to think of me. Also that we, that in all afternoon to become closer with everyone. I to want to study from you how to pass your day, than you to be engaged and whether to similar you your job? I already to speak you, that my job very much to like me. I want to tell about our library to you, that at us really big library with several big halls. At us very big collection of books also it is possible to find practically all books. I want you to ask concerning religion. How you to touch to religion? Whether to trust you to the god it is valid? I to start to trust in the God when to arrive in Ryazan, to study at university. Then I to understand, that in the god it is necessary to trust and to like it. Sometimes I to go in church and to ask protection of the god, what is it to protect me from the ill-intentioned people, from evil, injustice. I to think, that each man to have the right to happy life. I to think, that you also so to think. Want to tell you, it far, but when me to receive your letters I simply to shine with happiness, my heart to begin to beat quickly. It is fast to begin to beat, when I to think of you, if it is not possible? To occur yes. Perfect, I shall be possible so you to name, I to want that you to me also if it probably to send all photos. Simply at presence them I, as though will feel your presence with me immediately about. I shall think already that more than one. I to want to see your gentle kind. I very much to like all beautiful, I am simple to want to have pure love, without lie also of deceit, treachery and mistrust. I very much, that I shall promise to like the people, which caress, care and tenderness, shall represent me. You Denny it is probable to think, that I to ask very much. Am not had me to ask most necessary concerning that, to dream each normal woman. You see me so to be close to fortunately, and all in flare to collapse. Therefore I again to not want to check up it and to pass. I to understand, that it is necessary to entrust to the people, but you I see in the world so a lot of meanness, lie also of deceit or to offend them to deceive concerning the people not meanly to place trouble in soul. Why it is impossible to live in harmony , with itself and with the world around. I very much to want to have happy family. And you to want to have happy family? What you to want to be happy? On mine to have good family it already happiness. I shall do all that by my loved man to be happy. Probably I could do you happy by the man? I to want to be yours most liked the woman.With this letter Denny I want to send you photos. One photo has been made in the last winter. In other photo I to be in a beautiful white shirt. To you to like? I shall wait your perfect letters and to think of you. Olga.
Letter 6

Hi my dear friend Denny. As it is good, that you to write to me. I was very glad to see your photos. They very much to like me, but is especial your photo by a boat. It is pleasant to me to read your letters. Earlier I was sure, that is unreal to have attachment to the man and to have to him the large sympathy, if not met him and did not spend with him together time. But now I feel pleasure, when I receive your letters, I think of you and sometimes I have sadly, when I think, that we far. I very much would want, when I come back from job to come to you in the visitors, to bring with myself any tasty pie. We could drink tea, and then together to go for a walk. Probably it would be wonderful. I feel sadly, because we have the relations only through the Internet. Sometimes there is a desire to embrace and to be near to the man. I often, when I am in cafe I see various pairs people, I look as they embrace each other, nice talk and then I am feel the loneliness. I do not know, whether you have feeling of loneliness. If you too feel it then you understand me and know, that often it would be desirable, that a beside was the man, which will support always and to understand you, will help at any time you and to console you. I would like to learn your opinion doing our acquaintance by more serious. Probably, we could meet and spend some time together. It would be very good. Today for us on activity short day and we probably with my girlfriends shall go to a sporting complex and probably we shall be swimming in pool. You probably know as wonderfully to relax after work. For example, to play in tennis, swimming and simply to take a walk on a park. I sometimes Denny to go and to think. Would be wonderfully, if we with you also when that to go for a walk together, having undertaken an arm for an arm. We would go with you, to tell one another that that interesting, would laugh. Probably it only my dreams. But all the same it is fine. Whether the truth? With this letter I want to send again two photos. To photograph me my girlfriend when we with it to go to walk in park. Is not that so it is beautiful to walk on autumn park? And other photo was to make, when we with the girlfriend came back from evening walk on quay. To you to like? Unfortunately Denny I have no photo of my parents as all photos I to leave houses. On it I shall finish probably my letter to you and shall wish to us with you all best in our relations. About love and hope. Olga. P.S. By the way I to want to give you my home address: Russia, Ryazan, 390004, street Sovetskay 37.
My full name Olga Suldina.
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