Scam letter(s) from Marina Kushakova to Penazzo (France)

Letter 1

Hello Ciao!
Thanks for your letter and wonderful photo!
How are you?.. How is your girls? They are so beautiful! :)
Well… I consider I must to tell you about myself…
I was born the 3th of September ,1976.
I work as an accountant`s assistent in a little firm.
I do love children, but unfortunately I have no children, never married.
I searched for the worthy man in my country, but my searches were not finished by success and I have decided to try the ideals abroad.
I rent a little flat and live alone.Few month ago I lived with mom, but it may not continue always.
Father left us, when I was 5. If I`m not mistaken, he lives in toher town now,but we don`t keep in touch with this person.
In my free time I go to Internet-cafe. In this moment I`m here too: write you my letter.
Well, I don`t know what else can write you about myself...
Tell me more about about your life, Ciao? :) Tell me more about your beautiful doughters?
Why you are lonely and decided to find woman abroad?
With all the best,
Letter 2

Hello, honey!
Thanks for your letter very much! :)
I understand your situation.
But it can`t continue always, i think...
We will meet, but maybe it will be a little late...
It`s ok.
I have deep feelings to you...
I`m enjoing as a little girl everytime when I receive your letter...
I will send you my photo again.
I hope you will receive it this time...
Sincerely yours,
Letter 3

Greetings my new friend! I have written to several persons with whom I wanted to get acquainted. You - unique to answer me. Sincerely conversation I loved you more than others. I do not know how to explain, that but I waited the letter only from you. I am very pleased, that you have not left my letter without the answer. I want to inform you about me directly, and I want you to similar me very much also. I want, that we knew each other well. It may be destiny. We may require in the friend the friend. If not, I think, that we may become good friends. I speak and I write the English language, but I do mistakes. Do not turn too many attention to those. I study former. I would like to recognize you, that my knowledge of the computer poorly also, and is required me a lot of time to write this letter, And by the end of the letter, I have already managed to study the keyboard. Think, that I shall study the computer in the future. I am capable! I want, inform you me directly slightly. My name - Anastasiya. I live in Russia. It - very big country having the big opportunities. But now my country does not test best times. And I think, that the situation will not recover soon. I certainly love my country, and I do not want to speak about it poorly. But many things do not satisfy me here. I shall write to you about it later. But I want to study a lot concerning it. It is very interesting to me! I live in the city of Kazan located approximately of 400 miles to Northeast from Moscow. There are many historical monuments and sight there. The handicraft and some industries also are advanced. Kazan is known for its food products. I think, that it was interesting to you to study it. I was given birth and got divorced here. Here I have gone to a kindergarten, in school and in university. Very good memoirs of my childhood have remained in my memory. I was very vigorous and inquisitive girl. Now I - 26 years of age, and I already work. I work above hospital. I am a children's doctor. I have received high formation at medical university. My work - is not difficult, but a lot of time is required. I love my work. I love children and to help them to be healthy. The hope you has not grown tired much at reading my letter. I only wanted to inform you my life. Probably - the interesting, physical data? Well! My age - 26 years of age. My height - 5 ' 7 ' (1,70 m), and my weight - 130 pounds. (59kg). I unique. I have no children. I am a non-smoking and spirits drink slightly. Hair - black. Eyes - dark blue I hope, that you have understood, that I have written to you. Now I have received too much tired, and I shall write about myself more in my following letter. I shall wait from you for the letter and the information concerning you, if you to want that I knew about you more. Good to you of day. I to send you a photo, I hope, that you love it. Please send to me your photos. Anastasiya.
Letter 4

Hi! I read your letter and understood everything. I think we haven't got problems about the dialogue. It was very interesting for me to read it. Nurious why I wrote to you? I want to get acquainted with an honest man. I want him to be loyal and courteous to me. I want us to have a mutual understanding. I had sad experience with a man. He appeared to deceive me. Besides he began drinking much and ****** me. I became disappointed about our men. I don't want it to repeat. I know, that people are different all over the place. Besides it is very hard to live in our country. It is a lot of criminals and drugmen. I don't not want my future children to live among it. I think you understand me. But do not look at it, as though I tomorrow to decide to leave for you tomorrow in marriage. I don't want to make of mistakes. I want to learn about you more. In any case I to think, that we'll remain good friends. I want to tell you about my family. I live together with my mum and dad. My daddy works in police, he the inspector. It is a dangerous work. Our friends and relatives respect him. The mum to works as a cook in cafe. She cooks very tasty . She teaches me cooking. I love and respect my parents very much. I like to spend time outdoors. What's your nature like ? I like to listen different music. I also listen your music. What you love to listen? I also go in for sports. I'm fond swimming and skiing very much. I with impatience wait for your answer. Anastasiya.
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