Scam letter(s) from Marina Kushakova to Hank (USA)

Letter 1

Greetings Hank.
It was pleasant to receive your letter:)
Do you know, are difficult to write for the first times..... but I will try to write... I am very glad you answered to me seems to me what we are beginning to trust each other...
I want to tell that I recently read there is a deceit on the Internet where Russian girls want to receive money from the foreign mans under various pretexts and for this purpose specially correspond with them, and men which got acquainted with such girls have spent a lot of time all for nothing and cannot trust any girls any more....You are the good man and I don't want you you will get in this careful with it in any way.
First of all I want to tell that I liked your letter and want to repeat I like your profile.You are nice man and it's easy to you know this?
In the any relationship (and the more so in correspondence)I never will ask anybody about any money and even if somebody will offer money to me I not take.Money always spoilt relations.
I want to tell also money is not main thing to me I simply want to find the husband and I want to write to you the detailed definition of my nature and mine soul. I am not looking for rich man i only want kind and loving man with me to create a happy family and I know I can be a good wife.
You also should know, that I live in Ukraine country (in Rovno city) where each day there are many divorces each minute.
I think that my future children should have the best life, than I. I am going to move to another country, most likely to the USA or Canada within next two or more months. I have enough money to do it and going to open the visa soon.But first of all I want and try to find my love, and only then I agree to moving to another country.
I want to tell you also that I am not a scammer , I will never ask you about any money or even any gift.
If to speak about our relations, I very want that we with you prolonged our relations, as I feel your desires and agree with your ideas , which is Important to me. ...
I would like to know what happened with your relations before? How much serious relations did you have and what happened?
I think, that you are the man, which very seriously concerns to life and has a firm vital position therefore I want to correspond with you.
Here is my another photo. Photos are really my.
You wrote your email on but will be better if you will write on (because alot of spam start come there )and I wrote you from here too.
Waiting for your letter impatiently. Olga.
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