Scam letter(s) from Elena Larionova to Ulrich (Germany)

Letter 1
hello Uli! I am very glad, that you have answered my letter. I only today to arrive home and might not write to you earlier. We with my daddy were compelled to leave from city for that what to visit my grandmother, she(it) lives in settlement behind city. In general I do not know from what to begin the letter. Probably, you will find out something concerning me? Now I shall try to speak more about myself. To me 27 years old, it will be fast 28. I live in Russia. In big city Samara. It is located on a coast of the river "Volga." I live together with mine daddy and mum in an apartment with three rooms, I live in a separate room. I the ordinary Russian girl, actually am not distinguished by anything from others. Probably, to describe about itself it would be easier, if I did not do (make) it for the first time. Excuse me for the disorder of words, it because I worry a little, you see this my first acquaintance through Internet. Time has come to continue the story concerning itself. My growth of 176 centimeters, and weights of 57 kg. These are the normal sizes for the girl who supports itself, and goes to sports clubs. I very much like to go in for sports, without it I feel not in the form. I am fond of sports from the childhood. You are fond of sports? However, it has not for me the big value. It is important, that we have with you mutual understanding. I shall inform concerning work: I work as the seller of food stuffs in shop. I very much to like to fish, my daddy has learned me to fish still when I was small. I well talk in English but to write at me it turns out about many mistakes as you can see. My dream it to create family with the correct person in the future. I as to want to tell that I do not have house of a computer and the phone, I use internet in internet cafe. Do not leave my letter without the answer. I wait your answer, and your photo with impatience. Sincerely Elena.
Letter 2
Hi dear Uli! I have decided to go in internet cafe after work to write to you. I am very pleased, that you did not ignore my letter. Now I shall speak more about myself. In the person I appreciate first of all honesty, decency, purposefulness. I was never married. Children I have no. Sometimes I visit church, but not frequently. My favourite kitchen - it American, Russian, French. Very much I love fishing and campaigns in the river in a wood. My city is located from Moscow approximately 900 kilometers, and the republic borders on Kazakhstan. But to like me my city. I have no harmful habits. very much to want to find to itself the correct person for creation of family. This person you can will? I think, that time will show. I to want to develop with you relations and I hope for reciprocity. There can be at us with you something it will turn out??? How you think??? I very much would like, that our letters were not simple words. Inform me more concerning you. Than you are borrowed at leisure? Inform concerning work. It is very interesting to me more to learn you. And what weather at you? It is very interesting to me because I never was outside of the country. Though I very much like to travel. I in life had not many men, and the longest relations last approximately 3 years, having dug relations has taken place for the reason that I have learned that my former the man was dishonest with me. Thank for photos, I liked them to observe very much and you to look wonderfully. Now I should go home to have a rest. I wait for your letter. Yours faithfully Elena. or you can write Lena.
Letter 3
Hi honey Uli! It again I - Elena. How - you? For me pleasantly when you write to me letters and that you do not detain each time with the answer. I am pleased, that I have directly the friend not in Russia. I recollected, when we have got acquainted with you. Then I did not think, that you will answer my letter, but I hoped for it, both you have answered, and it is excellent. Here in Russia I long searched worthy for the man, but could not find. I will have free time today late at night then I shall look any film on the TV. I very much love the American cinema, especially new films. I to want to tell you as that I in the future would like to have the child but if my future husband will be against it, I shall obey the future husband and if he can not have more children I shall be agree to live and without children. The main thing that the man was happy. I do not know when I marry, but I very much to want it. You very much to like me and I to think, that when we it is better to learn each other we have chance for more close relations. I did not inform you concerning my relatives? Then I shall inform. Still I have the grandmother and the grandfather, they live in a village, I sometimes visit them. Unfortunately, I do not have neither the brother, nor sister. I wait yours the letter, With the best regards, I think of you very much frequently! Kisses Elena.
Letter 4
Hello sweet Uli! I hope, what at you all is good? I'm fine. Today I have gone in internet cafe and accepted your letter. You know what I felt? It was similar, as the whole world has smiled to me. And I wanted to smile to it in the answer. Yes, I really want to kiss and embrace this big, mad world because it gives me you. I am grateful to the God, for that that it has helped to find to me you! I am not lonely more, I can think of you each minute smile, and breathe with you. Today at us at a to shop has passed reduction of workplaces because of lack of money to pay wage payment. It is good, that me to not dismiss. You for me now the close person and I to want to share with you both pleasure and grief. By the way I yesterday spoke with my mum about you. She not against that we had correspondence, even has on the contrary advised, that I spoke with my daddy. My daddy has told, that we need to develop ours with you relations and if all will be good in the future to create family. he sends the regards to you. whether I do not remember I that at me soon informed you birthday, it March, 8. Birth will be fast at me day. I hope, what to this time we well learn our relations and we shall celebrate mine birthday together? I very much to want to visit your city and to look at all sights. To want to go with you in cafe or restaurant. To have with you romantic supper at candles in the evening. Then to walk with you under the star sky and to speak about the feelings gently having nestled to to your ******. It while all dreams. I very romantic person, but me it will be very pleasant to repeat all in a reality. I send you my photo! It was photographed by my mum when we had rest on a beach in the summer. Ok? Ooops! I have looked at hours and it appears, that I am late on my work. Excuse, I you may had not time to answer on some questions, but the main thing, that for me not simply the person from other end of globe. You for me, that that native and close. I it did not expect, but I seem to me begin to fall in love in you.... I wait for your letter as soon as possible. I wish you good weekend, only do not overlook about me and write to me! Many hugs and kisses! Elena!
Letter 5
My sweet love Uli! Today I have left work earlier, than usually to write to you the letter. For me each time it is very pleasant to see your letters in a box. It cheers up me. During this time I have understood, that you very good the man it - is simple happiness, that I could meet you. I have understood, reading your letters, that your country very good place. I all this time to think of you, and I think, that to want, to visit you so we can study, with what it will be better our attitudes (relations) and to develop them. Now I am interested in your society. I read books, I watch TV to become closer to you. You see culture in my country and in your country, very big difference. You know, that in letters, it is impossible to express emotion which overflow me. Prevents our full understanding, that I not absolutely well speak in English. Simply I have no enough experience in spelling of the English words. It would be good, if we once have met. You at all do not imagine, how I to you have become attached during this short time. Now I very much want to be with you. Though I not each day have time to write to you letters, but I want to accept your letters each day. Sometimes I even think, that I can leave work, if only come and embrace you. But it only dreams. Though can be sometime and dream, it is necessary to come true. Sometimes I think, that our correspondence can be finished by anything, both to me it becomes terrible. And I do not want, that our friendship was completed by emptiness!!!! You hear? I do not want!!! I very much want, that you knew. If there is any way to you to become closer, I shall try to try. Love and kissesssssssssssssssssss. Elena!
Letter 6
Hello Dearest Uli!!! I to want to tell you that I very strongly want to arrive to you and to be with you together. I went to agencies of travel and have learned all concerning arrival to you. I need to issue my documents, the passport and the document of insurance of health. They will be ready in 20 days after payment. Such opportunity to me drops out time in life to be at you so soon on a visit. But there is a problem the matter is that on arrival to you it is required to me 350euro. If you have opportunity to help me and to give me 350 euro I can I shall arrive to you shortly. In agency have told that you can transfer money to the account of the agent of travel. I do not insist on it but if you have opportunity to help me to arrive to you it would be very wonderful also it there would be the best that was with me in my life. As it is necessary for me that you have sent me the invitation. I shall wait for your letter and ours with you of a meeting very much! Many kisses! Elena.
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