Scam Letter(s) from Nadezhda Saveleva to Buf (USA)

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Letter 1

Hi my love Doyen!!!
I do not know as to write to you this letter. I have very sad news. I write from Moscow the Internet of cafe.
Tomorrow I can not fly to you. You remember, I spoke you about a gift of my parents. Now I can not hide from you that it.
This ancient ring with a brilliant.
At the airport at me have examined things and have taken my ring for check. They have told, that this ring is valid with a brilliant and it is required to bring in this ring to the declaration.
Also it was required to pay customs the duty for transportation of precious things abroad. I could not arrive to you, and I had to hand over tickets, I have handed over the ticket in aircash departments before flight to you, therefore I not has lost money at delivery of the ticket.
I have handed over him for full cost.
I can not arrive to you, before I shall pay for a ring.
I should pay a ring. Otherwise this ring will be the property of the state.
I need in 467 dollars that my ring was is entered in the declaration.
I did not want to leave to you without a gift, it is very important for me and my parents. I did not think, that our family ring is of great value.
I did not inform my parents, that I could not arrive to you.
I do not want, that they worried.
I have thought, that you can send me 467 dollars for my name to Moscow. The manager at the airport has explained to me, that I can receive without problems it in any branch of the western union.
Now I has returned in hotel, I have occupied a room for one day.
Because I do not want to spend money vainly.
I hope, that on it a lot of time is not required and I can arrive to you. I very much want it.
I want to decorate your finger with my gift.
I love you and I hope and I wait for our meeting.
It is a shame to me, that today I could not arrive to you.
But you should understand, that in it there is no my fault.
I shall wait for your letter.
Always your love Svetlana



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