Scam letter(s) from Natalia Kim to Kenny (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my remarkable Kenny!
Today here there is a rain, I to look in a window as the drops fall Also I think, than at this moment you are engaged?
Probably you have dinner or is engaged at your work, the free time is possible at you and you think of me. I dream concerning you each minute of my free time and certainly I am very happy to receive your letter today.
I feel the same way and to grieve without you much! I very much regret, that there was a problem with my former address of mail, I was not capable to receive your letters and really experienced much, as it seems the eternity has passed, when I received yours the former letter. I also am very glad to find out, that all arrives in the order with your work, I highly estimate your work and how many you care to receive me to you. I with huge desire would like to thank you really and to show, how it is a lot of you to mean for me. I dream to give you a gentle, passionate kiss to show, that you the unique and special man for me.
If you sad also have a problem, I am ready to take it from you, if you have pleasure, I shall be happy to divide it with you also.
I would love to care for you and sincere request to be in safety, while I to not arrive in you to surround you with care and attention.
These days I also have received the necessary information, concerning the visa to departure in your country. The procedure of registration of the documents for departure and visa to departure will cost 280 $ (USA). The registration begins after payment and will be ready in 10-12 days. It will be the visa of the visitor.
Also procedure of registration includes the passport, medical documents, paper and permission, all this should be translation on the English language and certified by the notary, therefore cost of registration all necessary so is expensive.
My dear Kenny, I also could find out details concerning flight of travel to your city, but it is necessary to me to know what close airport is to your city?
I hope you have successful day today.
It always difficult for the first day of new week. My work, as the designer of advertising production, we carry out of registration of a show-window and posters with advertising of various production, cigarette, washing-up liquids, foodstuffs. I love this work, but payment not good enough.
I wish to you good mood and I send mine l..................... ong a kiss. I always here for you and always expectation of your letter.
With tenderness yours Natasha
Letter 2
My darling Kenny, I at all do not know as to write to you, I write this letter with heavy heart. My life seems has turned over very strongly. I have the very large trouble in my life. My parents have got in failure of collision of the machine, my father is dead, my mother is in hospital in a very heavy condition. You can present, that occurs, it is all very awfully and I can not describe by words. I was engaged in funeral of my father, I only to be asked, that my mum will live. I can not arrive to you now. I have the most serious problem in my life. Please, forgive me, I can not write now, I do not feel my body and I do not feel reason and heart, my eyes close tears. I shall write later. Forgive me. Yours Natasha
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