Scam Letter(s) from Taisiya Nikolaeva to Mason (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello my love Mason
I cannot without you, I need in you... You my sun and air... I choke without you... Let me to love you all life and to be with you until you love me. Allow to concern to me you, to laugh and long together with you. Allow to care to me of you and to make you happy. You have already made me happy when write to me words of love. It is a little more and I shall die without you.I thank you for your love and you should know, that I am ready for the sake of you on all. I am ready even to overcome all barrier to be together with you. I think, that you would be glad to see me to hold me in the hands . I want to tell you,that I love you, looking to you in eyes. I have learned to arrive to you to me the visa and the passport are necessary. But the visa is done in Moscow and I should go to Moscow.I shall take the visa of the bride or the visa of the tourist as to me will advise in embassy. The visa is done 7-15 days and this time I should be in Moscow. But as soon as I shall receive the visa, I at once can receive the ticket and arrive to you from k airport Sheremetevo-2 . I do not know still the price of the ticket, but to me there will be a discount, as to the medical worker. I am very glad,that I have chance to see you. But to go to Moscow and to do the visa, 550 dollars are necessary for me to pay for road up to Moscow and residing there and for the visa. The visa is given to me for 90 days and for this time we may marry. I have saved up 100 dollars, and it is necessary to me of 450 dollars. It is inconvenient for me to ask you, but whether you might help me with this sum of money that I shortly might arrive to you? Unfortunately, I have no the bank account, but at us the system the Western Union is very much distributed. This system is fast and reliable also them much in city of Kazan. Then I to go and to receive your money. You may send money in any bank of the Western Union for my full name and the address, my full name Taisiya Nikolaeva
my address;
12-34, Mirnaya street,
Zelenodolsk city,
Also I want to know your full address and a name. The airport located about you. Where I can arrive. If you will help me and will send money, you should inform me on a E-Mail about it and write to me control number of a remittance. I with impatience wait for your answer/Love Taisiya



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