Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Surnina to Janne (Finland)

Letter 1
Hi dear Janne...
I have made all as you asked... Excuse, that so long did not write, on that there were reasons... Now I want to tell you, that very much I miss under your messages... I have made copies... Write that else it is necessary... I Want you to afflict, I can arrive if you will give more money as money to gasoline it is necessary more, and stops are necessary... Excuse, but it is the truth... It Is necessary about 500 dollars... On all road, there and back... If you send money in 32 hours I already I shall be about you and we shall meet... If there will be good weather conditions and all will be good... Forgive, but you should understand me, I do not have relatives in Saint- Petersburg... And even trusting you, I can not go for 100 dollars as it is not enough, and suddenly you on what reason can not approach, if you will have urgent affairs... I want that my trip to you was without problems and we have well communicated...I you see am afraid, suddenly I shall not like you also you will not pay my travel... I do not have relatives in SPB.. Even familiar...I wait for your answer.... Sweety kiss, yours Kate... I trust you, but it is necessary to provide all...
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