Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Dmitrieva to Steve (UK)

Letter 1

Hi my friend Steve!!! I was born in city of Kazan, in very good family in which there is a world and the blessing.
I was born, when in Russia all was safe, there were no crises, not as now. At this time my parents have bought a good,
two-room apartment in which we live and to this day. My parents very good people to which everyone concern well. My daddy 50 years which was born July, 19, 1955 call Nikolay, to him. It he works at excellent work which is pleasant to him. To my mum of 47 years whom call Olga, she was born 1958. She anywhere does not work, occasionally earns additionally the nurse. I after school have arrived in university then has not found work. I began to search for a place for work. Went on different schools, I spoke, that very much I love children, but to me everywhere refused.
And then has found a place of the seller, not on the speciality. In Russia to sellers pay not so large sum of money on which I can buy only food stuffs and a part of clothes.
I wait your letters. Respect your Katya.
Letter 2

Hi my friend Steve! I was very glad to receive from you the answer. I pleasantly was surprised having found out,
that there is a real opportunity of acquaintance Through the Internet. I am indefinitely glad, that have received the letter from you the letter!
the friend through the Internet.
People which are able to appreciate female beauty are necessary for me, are able to appreciate Fidelity and love. In Russia it is not enough such people! They practically are not present. I think, that men of your country Have such qualities very necessary for me.
To visit the Internet of me have pushed girlfriends. From them I have found out about a tremendous opportunity to get acquainted with remarkable people,
And it is possible even to find the second half. And she at me is not present. When I have for the first time visited Internet - cafe I was surprised to that there are many people, wishing to get acquainted. To me it was not trusted, that I shall receive the letter from someone ienuiiIieo?ea your letter, my friend Steve was delighted! I think what to correspond interestingly. I very much like to write letters, but most of all I like them to receive, am especial from photos. Probably it is interesting also to you.
As I have written in the first letter I live in Kazan. It is rather beautiful city. I am fascinated with this beauty, set of parks and squares where likes to have a rest all liking pairs. I look at them and to me become very sad. I very much want to see the second half near to me. I love a nature. If there would be an opportunity I all life lived on a nature, but certainly only with the loved person.
Girlfriends speak, that I the cheerful and interesting person. I shall not deny, it actually so, I like to spend time vigorously, like to contact to new interesting people with the advanced sense of humour. Also I like to listen to classical music, under such music I at home have a rest. I like to read romantic histories with the happy end. I think, that in life of such happy histories happen a little.
difficult minutes.
It is very interesting to me to find out about you more and why you search for the girlfriend in the Internet.
It seems to me, that I have overlooked about time sitting for the computer. Time has come to leave. I shall wait very much from you for the letter and many photo.
P.S. English to me is given difficultly, try to understand thinking! I wait for the answer! Your friend Katya!
Letter 3

Greetings my friend Steve!!!
I am very pleased, that you have answered my letter it for me surprise It will be possible with you long the correspondence . Write, what I to you liked?
For me it will be very pleasant to know, that my photo also was pleasant to you. It - a photo which I have made earlier, therefore there I look as well as now. In this letter I would like to inform to you little bit more on me directly. I think to you, it will be interesting to study find about my hobbies. I like to continue various sports competitions,
And most of all on water kinds of sports meets, I especial Like to look behind of synchronous navigation - very beautiful kind of sports meets, Inform me please and what sports meets and you like to observe what sports competitions? Whether owe it very interesting to me study , what you love the same kinds of sports meets as I? Certainly, I understand, that people little bit other kinds of sports meets are similar, for example my daddy very much likes to look hockey and football. My mum as well as I likes to look water kinds of skating fugure and sports meets. It seems, I did not speak you, that I am borrowed in tennis. And so I inform you, that very much I love this kind of sports meets, but now in Russia which will be borrowed in tennis rather expensive occupation, therefore I should refuse sports meets. I want to inform that I was in the childhood. Has brought up very diligent girl and at the school investigated well, the broken parents slightly, has helped mum on the house,
And now I very much in many relations help mum and daddy. The brightest impression from my childhood it when in 2 classes to us it was finished the new boy, and represents, I have fallen in love with him it is good or then it seemed to me, that I in him have fallen in love, and paid on me attention, I have very much transferred, but then have forgotten it, you see children so forget quickly everyone. Nevertheless I want to inform you, that first of all I like to read romantic histories, there all so are fine, but it not seems to me that in life there may be all so simply as in books. As I very romantic person I like to look films about love. I hope you, too romantic and romantic histories like to look. Well and behind of this letter I have not noticed, how have arrived to time But the justification to me which time has come to leave because I also have affairs, cares Good-bye, I wait your answer!!!!
Yours Katya.
P.S Do not hold me long expectation of your letter, I shall be absent.
Letter 4

I again was very glad to receive from you the letter. How your affairs? Than you are engaged?
At me all on former is excellent. I get tired at work slightly, but it is pleasant weariness.
Life goes forward, and all takes its normal course: day replaces night all submits to the certain laws. And in life of nothing may occur casually. A case it as I think only an excuse for losers, and the one who knows that he wants is never trusted a case. You know that want?
I think, what yes. And if you know that want, know and as it to achieve. You put the purpose,
estimate the forces, then choose necessary strategy, and your purpose becomes any more a plan, and a reality., that I name a pledge of success. And to this always I work with the certain diligence. I very much like dialogue with you never I so frequently did not write the letter to the same person. May to me it is pleasant as you you answer on my letters, or as you them write that, I do not know, but interest at me to you is.
And how you treat to children? You had similar cases in life? When there is a free time we gather with friends to leave from the has put also various problems and simply to stay slightly together. More often we meet in park, some time we spend there, and then are sent to walk on city. I very much love evening city, evening when the sun rolls in scarlet clouds, and shine the sky magnificent shades the pink, red and orange tones combined in inconceivable combinations. This that time when day time life of city was already finished, and night did not begin yet. At this time the city as though becomes transfixed to make the next drink of air that with approach of darkness again to show the beauty to his people, time when all around darkens, and light of neon advertising yet does not cut an eye. Also there comes the moment when darkness as the black cat jumps out of lanes, dexterously and gracefully jumps from one roof on another and then all city is immersed in darkness, but it lasts only instants, and suddenly as under what decree that of the wizard the city shines in one million colors of electric lamps. The city again has come to life has cheered up after short rest and is ready to accept in the embraces. We are sent to walk already on night city, it completely not such what it was in the afternoon,
even streets look in another way. Time passes, themes for conversations too already come to an end and already it would be time to go home, but nobody leaves, everyone wait, that to somebody any idea, as will come in a head We are sent to walk already on night city, he completely not such what he was in the afternoon, even streets look in another way. Time passes, themes for conversations too already come to an end and already it would be time to go home, but nobody leaves, everyone wait, that to somebody any idea, as will come in a head The rest of night with advantage so it on would long be remembered, well not each day we gather together, and sometimes there passes week and when also the whole month we may not be going all together. Dear friend write to me directly as you will spend a free time? Well perhaps and everything, that I wanted to write to you in this letter. I shall continue to describe to you some fragments from my life in the following letter. Good-bye, with impatience I shall wait for letters from you.
Your friend Katya
Letter 5

Hello my dearest friend Steve!!!!
I write you the next letter, so it is pleasant for me to receive your letters and also to answer them and to wait that you will write in the following letter. I with impatience wait each your letter. I seem to you wrote that I use services of Internet - cafe come there in 10 evenings and I write you the letter.
In this letter I would like to tell about that that I like to eat. As probably to me it is pleasant to many girls to sweet It certainly chocolate, pies, and other sweets. It is pleasant to me meat dishes though I do not condemn people which do not eat some meat and would ask them about the same. The private affair of everyone to choose for itself the best,
as they say tastes differ. Very much I love salads which we prepare with my mum. In our family a rank the best culinary specialist belongs to mum though many who tried my dishes remain always are pleased. I am very grateful to mum which me to much have learned. To prepare for salads this my hobby I did not write about it in the last letters because thought to you it not interesting. What you think of it? Do not condemn me for love to sweet it is my weakness.
And what you like is? May at you there are culinary recipes? It would be interesting to me to know that at us with you similar tastes though each person has the right to the opinion.
I want to tell to you that today at me remarkable day was, he began from that that the first solar beam has glanced to me in a window and while he walked on my pillow and my hair to me it would not be desirable to rise, I simply laid and luxuriated in solar beams which warmed not only my heart but also my soul, but I there is nothing has overcome the laziness and have gone on work...
Children such beautiful and harmless, them do not disturb any problems, about as though I again wanted to become the child, probably this happiest time in life. But nevertheless it is more pleasant to be adult, you see there are such remarkable things as acquaintance to you,
unless the child to itself may find the friend behind ocean. Such remarkable day was at me.
And you sometimes have days when all develops as you would like it also all around make to you only pleasant, at you so it happens? So I also live day by day, day good, sometimes bad day, but now I can tell to you that at me here occurs.
I hope at you good day too was!!!!!
P.S. In hopes concerning your answer, yours Katya
Letter 6

Hi the my dear friend Steve.
How you today have carried out day? How your health? At me all is fine, because has met you.
It is very interesting to me to communicate with you and to find out you better. I can share the ideas and tell to you about myself. Up to that as I have met you I spoke only with my girlfriends, now I can tell to you.
In this letter I shall write about my parents and am direct about me. I spoke you, a name of my mum Olga and my father Nikolai. They married 1972. I think, my parents happy people because they have met each other. I put as an example home life of my parents. In our family good mutual understanding. My parents are able to forgive each other. I very much estimate as they together find an exit from complex situations. I think, that in each family do not do without small quarrels.
The main thing that the husband and the wife are able to find the compromise and are able to forgive.
For me my mother was the main adviser. On serious questions always might find her support.
My father the kind and responsible person. he never abused alcoholic drinks.
In our country many men abuse alcoholic drinks and from it families collapse. At disintegration of family children first of all suffer. They receive a psychological trauma as a result of disintegration of family. I think, that parents should think first of all of children. And to solve the problems so that children have not suffered. I think that the love is necessary for children scold also the father. The my dear friend I to you shall tell a history which am secret our family. I think you my good friend. That's all, that I wanted you to tell. I shall miss and wait for your letter.
Letter 7

Hello my dear Steve!
I very much like to receive from you the letter, it very much pleases me.
I already spoke you that I very much like sociable people. And I love dialogue.
When I looked structure you to me at once have liked. I from the beginning was not sure that you will be interested in me. But I know hour, that I am not mistaken.
You have helped with all to me to not be mistaken. I want to tell you for this many thanks. I am sure, that you very kind person. And you may understand others and not leave them difficult minutes. Most important in my character - truthfulness. I do not like when to me tell lies. If the person is fair and is sincere with me, I very much estimate and I respect this person. You likely too love validity and do not love treachery?
I do not like when you make to the person kindly and they to you then make evil.
My parents of me so brought up also I is very grateful to them. I the sociable cheerful person. I like to spend with my friends cheerfully. At me it is a lot of friends, but I have only one best girlfriend and one friend on correspondences - it you my dear Steve. We with my girlfriend know each other from the childhood.
When I or at her did not have mood we always each other helped to leave from this situation. I always told to her about the dreams, and she to me. And hour at me is you my dear Steve. Hour I can share with you bitterness and pleasure. You already likely know, that each your letter of me pleases. I hope, as to you to like to receive from me letters. Send to me please your photos, I very much want to see on more your photo. What opinion at you about me? I want, that you have answered fairly.
I think, that you the good and sincere person. I hope that I in you am not mistaken.
I always want that at us was general and did not deceive each other. It would be pleasant for me to find out your opinion. It will be pleasant for me to write to you the letter again. On it I shall finish my letter because already late, I should go home. I hope, that you will understand me. I with hope shall wait your letter.
Good-bye your friend from Kazan Katya
Letter 8

Hi the my dear friend Steve.
I have again received your letter that causes in me the best feelings, and cheers up. In your letter you have mentioned interesting themes. I agree with you. We look with you in one side,
at us identical outlooks on life, it pleases me. Our relations develop dynamically, you agree with me? From the very first letters I had feeling that we are familiar with you a lot of time.
I spoke you as sometimes thought that you will write in the following letter. I guessed some your ideas, I can not explain it in a word, but such happened. Of which person you sometimes think did not see many years and meet it him face to face. With you there were such cases in life? I ask myself our meeting it is a case or destiny? I shall try to answer this question. It seems to me people meet not a case. In my opinion our meeting it is destiny. You see we have found each other on different continents, at us different culture, a climate, language, despite of all this is not for us a barrier, we well understand each other. I spoke you what to search to myself of the friend in the Internet to me have told girlfriends, it is possible to count a case, possible to count destiny. My heart spoke that this meeting may change my life. I did not speak you that I believe in the god. I am glad that the destiny has reduced me with such person as you. The meeting with you has raised in me hopes in ****** that in the world there are kind, romantic, good people. I very much appreciate our friendship, relations constructed on trust, understanding, and the love is the present happiness in life. Please answer my questions. Write that you think of destiny? With impatience I shall wait for your letter. Yours Katya
Letter 9

Hello mine dear Steve!!! In me all is simply wonderful, I hope, that at you mine lovely Steve too all is simply wonderful. Mine lovely I too very strongly thank destiny that I have met you, with each your letter I understood only one, that I with each day fell in love in you and I already completely like you and I want to be with you always, all life. Mine dear Steve, if at me now on hands were the visa and foreign passport, on which I can arrive in you, but alas it at me no, but if I had such large money, I would make it and has arrived in you. You see at me of the money,
which I earn suffices only on, that I could buy to myself some clothes and a little meal, I earn per one month 130 $, you probably understand, that I can not to myself allow anything magnificent. Mine lovely I very strongly want to arrive in you and to be with you always, to give you children and that we them liked together, I want that we with you went on park, went for a walk on a beach. I am very strong it I want, but me main that we with you always were together. On it I shall finish the letter, whole and I embrace, for ever yours Katya
Letter 10

Hello mine lovely Steve!!! In me all is simply wonderful, I hope, that very well with you and at you very well. Yes mine lovely I enjoy by your letters, but I very strongly strongly miss on you and I want to be now with you a number. If we now were a number, we with âàìòè now would go together on park and whether did still something, but alas while we with you are far apart and we with you are divided many by kilometers. Mine Steve if at me the documents now were dear, I would collect all things and has arrived in you and we would beat are happy together, but alas at me no 480 $ to make these documents, that is visa and passport. But if you want, that you should arrive to me, I you shall not convince, only I shall say, that if you will arrive to take away me, it will cost very many money, and if I shall arrive in you, it will cost very little.
I shall do the visa and foreign passport, and it is all will cost only 480 $.
Mine lovely I hope, that you agree that I have arrived in you and we with you were together happiness. On it I shall finish the letter, whole and I embrace,
for ever yours Love Katya
Letter 11

Hello mine lovely Steve!!! In me all is simply wonderful, I hope, that at you mine dear too very well. Mine lovely yes I very strongly want to arrive in you, that we with you always were a number. But if you want to arrive in me,
I shall agree to it and I shall wait for you always, because I like you and I want to be with you. But I very strongly would want, that we with you were together and have moved together in your new apartment, I hope she is simply perfect. On it I shall finish the letter, whole and I embrace, for ever your love Katya.
Letter 12

Hello mine lovely Steve!!! In me all is simply wonderful, I hope, that at you mine dear too all is simply wonderful. My love Steve I very strongly miss on you and I want to be with you always, each minute and each second. I very strongly want to arrive in you, but if you do not want to spend many money, I can I shall arrive in you and we with you soon shall the husband and wife? My love you agree to, that I have arrived in you and we with you became the husband and wife? If you want it and do not want to spend many money, I shall say, that if I shall arrive in you, you will need to give me 450 $, that I have issued the documents, that is visa and passport and has arrived in you. But if you do not have such desire, I you shall wait, while at you money will appear and you will arrive in me. My love Steve I hope, that if you will give me this money, I shall arrive in you and you will have such attitudes, which you want, because I already like you and I want to be with you always. My love, if I have arrived in you, I would like your daughter as and cared of her all stayed life, that happened with you or with her, my love I would replace to her the present mother.
On it I shall finish the letter, whole and I embrace, for ever your love Katya.
Letter 13

Hello mine lovely Steve!!! In me all is simply wonderful, I hope,
that at you mine dear Steve too very well. I hope, that you well have carried out the time with the daughter, I hope, that sometime we with you shall spend a lot of time with your daughter, I hope, what you will allow me to name by her daughter? My love I agrees to live with her and to replace her mum, if she is bad for you, I probably shall arrive in you and we with you shall be for ever together, I, you and our daughter. I hope,
that you agree to, that we with you were together. On it I shall finish the letter, whole and I embrace, for ever your love, and future wife, I hope, Katya.
Letter 14

Hello mine lovely Steve!!! In me all is simply wonderful, I hope, that at you mine dear too very well. I very strongly miss on you and I want to be only with you. I very strongly want, that we have met you and always were together.
I hope, that when we with you shall meet and we shall be together, I think,
that I shall like your daughter as native and I shall spend with her a lot of time, but my love, that it is all has taken place we with you there should be,
you see we, I hope, we like each other and want to be together. My love Steve would directly now has arrived in you, but I have one problem,
I need to make the documents, on which I can arrive in you, that is it is the visa and passport, but my love Steve you know, that on it money is necessary which I have no, because I now anywhere do not work. My love I hope, that you agree to give me money, that I could arrive in you. On the visa the bride and the foreign passport is required 610 $, I think, that you agree. On it I shall finish the letter, whole and I embrace, for ever your future wife and future mum of your child, Katya.
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