Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Vinogradova to Ernie (Australia)

Letter 1

Hi Ernie your burning brunette is here for you and wants to thank you for your interest. I am happy that we have a possibility to get it started and I want us to enjoy our future journey. So, as you already know, my name is Julia, a girl aged 25. I feel myself like a shining star and I want to illuminate your life, to make it better... Are you ready for this? I have serious intentions and hope that so feel you and if so, let's start our voyage and the sooner you answer me, the sooner you will find out where we will travel. I will wait for your reply. Sparkling
Julia. write me to
Letter 2

Ernie!!! You made my day with you message! Thanks for the interest. Now I know that my love-philtre works (smile) and I hope that it won't stop its action:-))) Thanks for the pictures, I liked them and I like the way you look. I want to tell you about myself and hope that you won't be against of this, but I also want to get the same from you in return. I am Julia, I was born on the 30.05.1980. As for my measurements, they are: 89-61-92. I live in Ukraine and I am originally from Troitsk, but I have never been abroad and I also don't have an international passport. As I studies in Lugansk Pedagogical University, now I work here and rent a friend with one girl. I am teacher by profession, because I feel that it is my vocation, but now I work as a stage manager of performance in a childish school of arts. I choose this, because of some reasons - I love children, I am very sensitive and my job helps me to express my feelings as I am completely alone and I don't have a person who will accept them. Because of this I am looking for a husband, hope you also have serious relations. What else about me.... Shame on me, but I don't know English. I didn't study it at the University, because it was necessary to pay for this additionally and I didn't have money. So now I resort to the help of one firm to write letters. They provide me accept to the Internet and translate the letters. Of course, I must pay for it and I do it myself. You know, once I gave my pictures to one marriage agency, but I was told that no one writes me and no one likes me. Maybe they deceived me, but I don't know the truth and than I decided to use not the marriage agency, but the translation firm where I can do everything myself and they only translate letters and all the information I need. I think that it is much more better as I don't believe any marriage agencies any more. As a person I am kind, open-hearted and open-minded. I am not selfish and all of my friends say that it is easy to deal with me. In relations I appreciate respect and trust. And, of course, love. I think that it is the most important feeling. And I want to find my true love. I hope it's still possible. I think that love is the mystery that people couldn't resolve for ages. And if they had resolved it, life will be dull. Every moment of the life we look for love. We can't live without it. Do you agree? So, I will stop here, but I wait for your reply and I still hope that my love-philtre will work:-))) Till soon,
Gipsy Julia.
Letter 3

Hi my Ernie! I became more sure that my love-philtre works!!! You answered me again and I am very happy because of this. Thanks for the photo, you look nice and I like this. Aren't you afraid that you won't be able to get rid of me and will be totally in love after my love-philtre? (smile) I am happy to get some information about you and I will use it for my own profit:-)) I have just one question for you, how many languages and what are they as she wants to be an interpreter, I am just curious. I want to know you as well as possible and because of this everything you will write will be greatly appreciated. As for me, I am warm and affectionate, I am very doting and if once I fall in love I will give everything I have to make the other person be on top of the world. I am very romantic, love candle light dinners, cuddling and care of each other. From the other side I am passionate, very passionate and all the passion I have is burning inside of me and I need someone (maybe you) to accept it. Won't be you afraid of such a sensitive and passionate girl as I am? What about my dream, I want strong family with funny little children, loving and beloved husband. I just want real happiness and the realization of myself as a woman. And that's why I decided to look for my man via Internet. I hope that foreign men have another mentality and will value me as a person. I think that communication through Internet is a nice way, because we can get to know each other's souls, minds and dreams. Do you agree? I will go and make another dose of my love-philtre in order you write me sooner:-)) Be careful, your Gipsy is going to attack you:-)))) With kisses,
from Julia. P.S. today I send you a picture which was made the last summer and hope that you will like it in spite of it is not studio and professional one.
Letter 4

We inform you that the Lady you were corresponding with, Julia, was the client of our firm and she used our services - Internet access, translation of your correspondence (as she doesn't know English), printing/typing the letters. At the moment she can't reply your letter, because of some financial difficulties in her family she can't pay for our service. If you are interested in the quick continuation of your correspondence and relations and becoming our client yourself, we can send you all information about our firm with all the necessary details.
All the staff of our company wait for future cooperation. Yours Faithfully,
translation department
of "Karoline Company"
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