Scam Letter(s) from Anna Timoschenko to Barry (USA)

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Letter 1

Kind day, my new friend, Barry!!!I could not write to you so quickly how to want. Now I can write to you.My name Olga, my friends and my parents to name me Olga. You can ask a question and why the Russian girl has decided to write through many miles and only to me? I to want to find the person (the half of heart and soul) and to create with it him family of respect, mutual understanding and love. I to write to you because I to find out a site a site of acquaintanceI attentively to study and decide to write to you . I was to write only to you and who hasmore,because I to want only one thing, family. You, I to think, agree with me? You the fineperson worthy respect. I was to speak you about myself, only so we can find out each other.As you probably to guess, I to write to you from Russia which to be earlier Soviet Union.As you probably to hear and see on TV it is the rich country with its her original natureand culture. Our country multinational, here to live it is a lot of people. I to live in theancient city of Vladimir.It is in Vladimir area. Here at us in the central part of Russia to beall seasons of year.In the winter with his its moderate colds and a snow, summer with warm and hot days, spring with an arrival of birds and autumn with his its riches of the nature. Yes at us here the nature is beautiful. I in my city to live since a birth. I was born at October, 29 1978.My height of 167 centimeters, weight of 56 kg. At me since the childhood to be thedream to become the tutor in a kindergarten . I since the childhood to play kindergarten.We with girlfriends always played In these games in the childhood. I always was the thetutor. After the ending of 11 classes of school, I to go to arrive in Moscow in pedagogicalinstitute. And my dream has come true. I in 1995 to become the student of the Moscowpedagogical institute. I to study 5 years and to begin the to work as the tutor in akindergarten.. After the ending of Institute I to arrive to my native city. And sinceI to to work kindergarten "Kolosok" ? 3. And where you to work? It is interesting to me whereyou to work and than to be engaged on work. I not have my personal house, we live with my mumin an apartment. At us in family still to live parrot Kesha and cat Vasya.My mum to work in a at school and to teach in initial classes., and mine the daddy toremain on Baltic after branch from structure of Soviet Union. It he to not want to arrivehome mums and to marry other woman. Mine the daddy sometimes to write to us letters. My mumto help me with advice. Tell to me please about the family? I with pleasure was to findout about them. You probably it is bad to understand my letter but as you to know Englishnot my native language. But I to try to write to you and to learn it him more that itwas easier to you to read my letter. I to start to go on rates of the English language.I very much to hope to receive from you the letter tomorrow. And in turn to write toyou the answer. I to wait your letter tomorrow. Your new girlfriend Olga. -- olga

Letter 2

Hello again, Barry!!!I today am very glad, that you to write to me the answer to my letter. When I yesterday to writeto you the letter I very much to worry all the evening long and to think, that I shall not receive from you the answer today. In me there were doubts. I thought, my English as I am expressed can not like you or my photo to you is not pleasant. But when I to open my letter box to find out your letter. I was very glad. As they say in Russian proverb " in the seventh sky with happiness ".I to you shall tell, that I to write to you from the Internet of cafe. I have no computer and itis sad, that I cannot write to you so frequently as I to want, but I shall try and to not miss your letters. I shall write to you, after the working day though it to be difficult for me. I to want to tell to you about myself. I to you to tell about my daily day. I to rise in 5.45 mornings. I to try to behave always in the form. I to like to keep up myself. I to try to run every day in the mornings.I approximately to run about 2 kilometers and after jog I to do different exercises, for all body.At 7.30 I to go for work. My way by a kindergarten where I to work lays about 15 minutes on foot,and for this purpose I to not use public transport. Parents of children in a kindergarten by 8.00result. At 8.30 they to have breakfast, then I remove to carry out occupations, games. After adinner with children I to go to walk on fresh air. At them as to be silent hour. They at this time sleep. I to choose this trade as I very very much to love children. In the evening at 17.00-17.30 parents to take away children home. After work I go to the Internet of cafe to write to you.I very much to like to prepare. I basically to prepare for dishes from Russian national kitchen. I to like to prepare for soups, salads. I to prepare for many kinds of salads. It is Olivier's salad, the Herring under a fur coat and much others. Tell you about the preferences to meal.Probably sometime I to prepare to you my favourite dish. If you want I can to teach in my letterssome phrases from Russian. I very much shall wait tomorrow your letter to me and news from you.Your Olga. HELLO - Privet My name is Olga - Menya zovyt Olga. I to live in the fine, big country - Ya zhivy v prekrasnoj strane. You my new friend - Vi mojy novij dryg. How at you an affair? - Kak y vas dela?-- olga

Letter 3

Hello, Barry!!!I to not receive from you some time time of the letter. With you all is good? I to think, that you to not have time or access in a computer, but I very much to hope, that you to not forget me and to write to me soon. I to wait from you for the answer. Earlier I to not think, that I can get acquainted in such a way through the letter. Ayr of electronics to move ahead.Even several years ago the Russian person did not represent, that it will be possible to write lettersthrough the Internet for thousand versts. Your words in letters to me bring pleasure and good mood. I am pleased to you, that you to speak about yourselves and a life of you. I to write to you today at the same time.Today at me to be the same day on work. I to get tired a little. But when I to sit down a computer and to start to write to you at me there passes all weariness and care of my work. In a kindergarten where I to work the six-day schedule. At me on Saturday short day. Therefore I to write to you before usual day. And I to want to find out as you to work? You to work even on Sunday or you to have rest? Yesterday after work we with my mum in the evening after work at a cup of tea to talk about our correspondence. My mum the person very cautious in a life. She it to have wide experience in a life and to warn me that I to be very cautious. She it very much to worry for me. My mum transfers you huge wishes in your life, health and well-being in yourwork. I to think to you it is interesting to learn about my last life and the future which I to have in my dreams.When I to study in the city of Moscow as the tutor of a kindergarten in our high school to study foreign citizens from the different countries of the world, basically were from England and America. Those years there was a politics on an exchange of students which to pass study. Our Russian students passed study in America, and the American students studied at us. Then I to notice, that foreign students behaved well and showed good behaviour. It was visible, that they are brought well up. I those years to not try to give to this of value though there were such students whom to want with me to get acquainted. But then at me to be the purpose to receive good education. When I to arrive to native city I to get acquainted with the young man. We to be friends of it him about 3 years. But one year ago we with it him to leave. My guy was very rough with me, it he came to me on appointment drunk, recently it he to start to lift on me hands. I could not bear his its behaviour any more and leave it him . My mum too was against ours friendship with it him . I any more did not want after that to get acquainted with other guys. Ours Russian the man very much to be fond of alcoholic drinks. When I to study our teachers always to give an example, that there is no such people which can so many to drink. Russian the man to not think of family and children, it he only to think where to drink and fight. As you to know years pass, and to me 28 years and I to want to create family of love and the world, I towant to be the child in family which to bring pleasure in a life. That in family to be harmony and well-being and mutual understanding. I to not take alcoholic drinks. I only to drink a little sparkling for New Year and at date of the Birth, only to show decency and respect to the visitor which have come for a holiday.I never to smoke. I shall be happy if you to send your other photos to me. My address: 658903 RussiaVladimir cityMira street,23-56Olga Babushkina I You can write to me, but I to think, that e-mail can be the easiest way for us. And at us in Russia letters not always reach the addressee, they can get lost or will reach very for a long time. I shall wait your letter tomorrow, which so to please me. I very much to want to continue our acquaintance. Your Olga. I am glad to write to you the letter and to receive them. - Ya rada napisat' vam pis'mo i polychit' ix. I to like to go in for sports.- Ya l'ybl'y zanimat'sja sportom. I to love your photos.- Ya l'ybl'y vashi foto. I to like to prepare for tasty dishes.- Ya l'ybl'y gotovit' vkysnije bl'yda. In the street fine weather.-Na ylicse prekrasnaja pogoda. I to like to ski.- Ya l'ybl'y katat'sja na lishax. -- olga

Letter 4

Hello my dear, Barry! Thanks for a fine photo of you, you perfectly appearing the man.I have the right of you so to name, you to not be against such word? I to want, thatOur acquaintance became stronger, giving chance of the future. Your lettersMe so to please and lift adrenaline in blood. With me such to not be earlier.I am glad, that with you it is possible to speak about much and interesting. I to write toyou Letters, not on the native language and to want to find out, whether you understand me,that I to you To speak and write. I to agree with you, that I was difficult to learn otherlanguage,but To try very much. That you it is better to understand me. I every day to learnPrograms of style of conversation and the letter. Your language contains difference fromRussian From time to time in verbs about past or the future that the person speaks. And inRussian difference in the endings of words. As your proverbs to differ fromRussian which to have other translation. You can be surprised, that I notTo have houses phone. We with mum do not presume to ourselves that at us to beAt home phone. It very much for us is expensive. I to want, that at us with mum ofa house phone that I can with you was To communicate. But all reason in money. At us inRussia to not have preference Trade of teachers, tutors, medical workers. I to know thatat you in To the country they to receive the good salary and to live not poorly. And oursalary To suffice only on a meal and on the most necessary things. And as you to know thegirl Should look well. But I to have houses the TV and I to not lag behind a life,I to know what to occur in the world as a whole. In our country only beginsThe critical period and I to hope, that in the future phones and computersWill be available in each house for the Russian person. But while the Russian personBe to enjoy the nature and culture of the country. I too since the childhoodTo spend it is a lot of time for fresh air. I liked to go for a drive on sledge withHills and when begin more adult began to ski. And in the summer we children to likeTo bathe and sunbathe. When I to become adult, I too to not throw the relationTo a healthy way of life. To you I was interesting than to like to be fond? I tooTo think, that it is interesting to you. I to like to carry out spend the free timeDifferent employment. I to like to run in the mornings, to do different exercises.In the summer I very much to like to bathe in small river which to be near to oursCities. In the winter I to like to ski.I to like to watch TV, and especially comedies.My preference to To classical music. Classical music to calm and give forces. MineFavourite color is red and dark blue. To me be to find out interestingly about yourhobbies. I was to wait from you for the answer. Your caramel Olga. -- olga

Letter 5

Hello my love, Barry !!!I am very pleased to receive from you the letter. How affairs at you weather are? At us Cool, but the sun.We today with children to go to a zoo which to arrive to us for a week with an exhibition. It was very interesting to children to look at animals. They very much to be pleased and laugh.Very much to like children walk in a zoo. I to give them to think up to tomorrow who of animals him it have liked more to create the small story about them. I very much to get used to you with each your letter. I am very glad, that I to get acquainted with you on the Internet. At me after to get acquainted with you to appear force which to help me to work. My colleagues on work speak me. That I to change very much. I him it to tell that I to get acquainted with the foreign person and it to give to me of force in a life. My mum transfers you congratulations. After our acquaintance I begin to think of you more. In my ideas you to be in increasing frequency. I cannot do anything with myself. I am constant in the evenings to speak mine mums about you. My conversation always only in the majority about you. I to tell to my mum, that I to not be mistaken in my choice, that you the good caring person understanding me. But my mum neverthelessnot completely to trust you. She it to want, that I to not be mistaken in you. She It to want for me only good and to speak, that I should find out you better and closely. She it to wish us only good luck and well-being. You to understand about it? I very much to wait for your letter. Each time I to feel, that we all becomes closer and closer. In fact it so whether or not? You with me to agree? I to want to be always so that we to not cease to find out each other and to not cease to write. I to write only to you and I to want, that you to write to me and only I and anybody have more. You to write only to me or still to other girls? I to trust you completely and to not want to be disappointed, that you to write only to me. I to want to write every day to you. But if you to not receive the answer from me do not worry about it, I always to rememberyou. I, that with impatience to wait to receive news from you and to Give you an air kiss! Good-bye! Your fruit candy. For ever yours Olga. -- olga

Letter 6

Hello my dear and loved, Barry!!!I so am pleased to receive from you the letter. How do you feel and a state of health?So it is good on heart, that we have found each other. I to love your words to me and your letters too. They always bring pleasure in soul. I too to think, that my letters bring to you pleasure in soul. I am very grateful to your letters. Your words to me as an easy breeze to iron my person and a neck. I very much appreciate your letters.Your letters keep our attitude, our words. You to have any secret? I can store your secrets. On work and my friends to speak me about the secrets. When you have in soul secret and for a long time to think about it it is bad to affect state of health and mood. When they to share with me about secrets, I them to try to listen to them and to help advice. They thank to me, that I of them to understand and help with advice.Between my mum and me never to be secrets. I always to speak it her about my ideas. She it to bring up me and to give high qualities. Which she it to have. I very much to appreciate and try to help it her always. I am very grateful to my mum. That she it could lift and educate me good formation and education. Children go to a kindergarten at some parents whom to live poorly. But all of them to try, that their children to be same as well as at other parents. At us the country after Soviet Union has gone on market economy. From for it to people it is very bad. You agree with me? But I to not worry, that my childhood has passed well, due to my parents. They taught me that I could become successful in a life and well-being. I can share with you about your anxieties and difficulties, I can share with you your secret. I to trust you as well as my mum. I to not want, that we had secret. On it I to round off my letter. I to not want, that you to lose me. I to wait from you other letter. They to become for me such relatives. Your Olga. I love you -Ya lublu vasYou are very pretty - Vi ochen simpatichniyou are gorgeous - Vi velikolepnimarry me = Jenites na mneI want you to kiss me - Ja hochu chtobi bi pocelovali menya P.S. I to apologize, for quality of my photo, my eyes here look red, but I to think, that to like you my photo.

Letter 7

Hello my unique and love, Barry!!!I to not receive from you the letter some days. I very much to experience in this occasion why you to cease to write to me. I to think, that this our acquaintance will proceed further. I to think, that you to not have access or you are borrowed very much and cannot write to me. But nevertheless I am glad to receive from you letters. I to think, that you to write to me soon. I to wait very much from you for the answer. Your letters to please and warm my heart. Your letters to allow to me huge energy and inflow of forces. I to hope, that in us with you all to be good. We should respect our connection with us. My girlfriends to know, that I to meet you and they very much to be glad to us with you. They to wish us that our connection developed further and we to meet you in the future. I to think, that you to agree with me. I to want to talk to you about children and about their families. In our country many parents to not look and not bring up children properly. Parents to not try to give children of due education and education. They then to complain, when children to grow badly brought up and not ready by a life. I mums in this plan to bring up me properly. She it to prepare me for home life and to good education of children. I to want, that at me to be two children. One boy and one girl. How you to concern to education of children? I to want to hear from you your opinion. I to want, that you to be my support and, to support me at a difficult situation and I as you to support in a difficult situation. I to hope, that you that person which to substitute to me a shoulder of support. I was to require your support and in education of children. I to trust you as my mum. I am grateful to you, that you to speak me feelings of love to me. Only the love holds and connects each other. In love there should be a full revelation, trust and any secrets. My mum to trust us with you. It has come time to leave to me you up to tomorrow. I shall wait from you for the new letter. They are necessary for me now as air and water. They to warm me in cold days. I to dream of that day when we together. While my love your Olga. -- olga

Letter 8

Hello my lovely, dear and love, Barry !!!!I so am pleased to receive your letter. The truth well, that we to have between us communication. This communication is very dear to me. How at you affairs with work are?We with children to prepare for a holiday to a quiz which to be this week, devoted by the Autumn. We prepare for children to learn poems and songs. I very much to get tired after work,but I always to find time to write to you my lovely. I always to wait your letter and when I to find out your letter on a computer I very much to be pleased. I too to think, that you too to wait from me with impatience the letter. Till that time as I to meet you, my life to be grey and monotonous. But when I to meet you to change At me always high spirits and cold days to seem in the warm spring days. You to fill in my heart feeling of love if you me to leave my heart to be empty not reciprocal feelings. You to understand my English, what I to want to express in my words? I to know, that you to concern to me with more sincere feelings and trust to me which I to feel on distance. We should be together. I to wait for that day when we to be together. And you too to wait for that day? Write, that you to think of our meeting. It is necessary for me as I to love you. My hero and the knight is word which I to say only for you. You to win my heart which belongs now only to you. I to love you my knight! Your princess Olga. -- olga

Letter 9

Hello, Barry!!! Thanks for fine photo, I to love all .I am pleased, that you to write to me such pleasant letter for me. Than you now to be engaged and how at you affairs are? At me as has much put on work. We today with children to visit a display of paintings of known artists in Russia which to arrive for two weeks to us to city from Moscow. To children it is a lot of to tell about our Russian well-known artists as Shishkin, Repin and other celebrities. It very much to like children. I in turn to see there a picture where the girl and the man to sit under a tree and to kiss. I to present that it we with you. That sing birds on a tree and to be pleased to our happiness and love to each other. When we with you to start to kiss, birds to cease to sing as though to not want us to prevent our solitude. And we thus are very happy. You to hold me in your hands and we can sit so all life. Our kiss in dement us and we cannot limit our desires. And us to employ love. I was, so are excited my idea, that I was more picture, could not look and I to write to you. It - very much pity to me, that it only my dreams. I today to speak with my mum, that I to want to be with you, my mum not against, that I to want to fly to you. She it speaks, that I already adult girl and in the right to decide and create the future life and happiness. She it to think, that you the good person and not are to offend me and to subject to dangers. I to want to be with you and to carry out them. You to want It?You to want to see me? I love you also I cannot without you. I of you very much to ask, what we to be together? I am very strong to want to be with you. I to trust, that you to want me and to do everything, that we to be together. I should know, whether I can expect your help to be in your embraces. But I directly was not capable to pay cost of trip to you as in me small wages. Money will be necessary for trip to you for me, but me to not have such money. Therefore I shouldknow, that I can lean against you. I can study within several days it to me to be necessary to make and us, together we shall decide to be farther as us. My cuisine works in one of the Moscow companies of travel also should try to study from it, that it is necessary for me to make both what documents and the information are necessary disassemble that I could arrive to you. You to want to see me and to meet me very? I to hope for your decision. I I shall wait your letter, my love. I love you my Hero.Your Olga.

Letter 10

Hello my love, Barry!!! I so am pleased, that you to write to me. I am happy, that I can speak with you. I to be the happiest girl on light when we to meet you......... About as I, to want that this dream has been to spend! But I to have difficulties with money on the visa. I very much to dream with you, but to not know as it to carry out without money. I to want to be near to you and to be close to you in your embraces. I wanted to arrive to you under the visa of the bride, but it is difficult for receiving very much the visa of the bride. For this purpose to be demanded to disassemble many documents and a lot of time and money. I to want to arrive to you under the visa of the tourist.To borrow it on registration the visa and all necessary documents of 2-3 weeks. The visa of the tourist is allocated to people, leaving in the USA for rest, Visitings of friends or relatives. For reception of the visa it it is necessary for me for be filled in questionnaire - the application on reception not the visa of immigration, the form - 156. The visa of the tourist determines stay from 3 till 6 months. If to be it is necessary, the visa of the tourist about 1 year inclusive is possible to prolong. Further having received the visa of the bride we can marry. I to want to be your wife and to remain with you for ever. We to be would have fine family of love, the consent and respect. You to want, that I to be your wife? On registration the visa and on all necessary documents 400 dollars are necessary for me. But I to not have such big sum of money as in me small wages for my work. I very much to hope for you, for you to help me. I cannot remain more without you and without your love to me. I think it You to want it, I could arrive to you more soon and we could meet. I to want to send money through the MoneyGram and I can receive money to the visa. I to write You the address of bank of the MoneyGram where you should send money:


Then you when to send me of money please inform me concerning eight figures, should give you on the MoneyGram. As informs me the data: your post address and your full name. All this to me to tell in bank, but to me could forget something, therefore ask the employee From bank, that else you should inform me that I to receive your money. Please write to me the name of the international airport closest to you where I should fly. If you to send me of money that I today to fly in Moscow and to enter into embassy, to begin to disassemble the visa. I to remain there In my cuisines. She it is always pleased to see me. Fine mine, I so miss on you and very much I wait, when we shall be together. I with huge impatience shall wait for your letter.For ever love of you Olga.



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