Scam Letter(s) from Flora Dickson to Vince (USA)

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Letter 1

what kind of man are you?
you are so unbeleving?
i wonder what might have caused this, perhaps your past ordeal?
you did send me a two files mp3 attachment which which open halfway up and got hung, i got it to be pics secondly, you ought to tell me you did not receive the full message which may be due to computer error, but you just keep on talking to me as if i caused you to be angry.
i do not want a faithless man in my life.

Letter 2

Dear vince,
I got your message, and i have accepted your apology, i do understand that there may be a lot of bad people on the internet, and one need to be careful these days, but my stance is diffirent and unique, if i do not want you, i would not have send you the details of my family secret, but i so much beleive and have faith that our relationship will work out and we spend the rest of our lives together. i believe for us to suceed we need to be honest to each other right from the start of our coresspondences, i have no reason to hide things from you, belevie me sincrely, all that i wrote to you is real . if you look properly at the picture of the fund in the boxes i sent to you, you will fully understand that the fund exist and belong to my late dad. with your connections and comapny we will have the US$2.5M sucessfullly receive into your account, i am thinking that after we receive thgis money we shuld get married and buy a new house for our honey moon. I know or us to get to know each othwe we must meet . however, i need you hep to get what belongs to me out of that country first, so that i can happily join you and we live together. firstly, i want you to call the director and introduced yourself to hi mas my fiancee, tell him you are aware of the fund belonging to my late dad, tell him that whaty do you nned to do get the funds in you quickly. Darling, please note that i would have do this myself, but i have no account here to have the draft placed. hence my reason for contacting to help. he director details is below. NAME: MR AJALA KAYODE ANTHONY. TELEPHONE: +234-803-327-6588. i await your updates
lots of love



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