Scam letter(s) from Flora Dickson to Mike (USA)

Letter 1

How has the day with you? welll as for me am very bored here because have not read back from you,which am very worried about because it doesn't take you so long before you write back ,please hope I don't stress you off with my predicament? we've met each other now for some days, atleast you knew little about me and I also knew little about you, if not the condition I found my self we would have gone far by now, may be proposing to marry each other I guess, I think God has a reasons to made this happened to me, I pray it should be good reasons by end of it, because I never maltreat or cheat on anybody in my life,I do give 10% of money I earned to the charity homes because I always remember people that could not afford to meet there daily breads but why am I still in this condition? this what I keep imagine day and nite, I don't deserve this I know it. Mike, if you insist or fail to assist me out of this I won't blame you because am more or less like a stranger to you and again this is internet alot of fraudulent things happened I think this is more of the reasons am still here. Mike I don;t know what your thinking about me, I don't know if you really want's to help me out from this, but I will always tell you this and I will stand on it till eternity, take my words for real,I never plan any evil not playing game on the net is against my religion, am the kind of girl you will never regret you met, do not think or see anything negative about me, am not an internet beger, I called on you due to my problem, I just want you to imagine what am passing through down here, I knew you had a human feelings that's why am sending you this, please do not ignore my letter to you, am written this deeply of my heart because I can't endure it anymore is getting more worster I need to leave here before somethings get spoilt, your the only one and God that am counting on now, you forget about my friend and the company, I know what to do when am finally succeed, just make sure you assist me to US as soon as possible for the contract,because is a huge amount of contract I don't wanna loss it, have been processing it for long we're now in final stage now and I knew am gonna win it, I must be in there on final day which is second week of June, Mike am really counting on you towards this, and I promised I will never fail you in anyway, you will always in my mind because you really stand by when I needs you, please let me read from you as soon as possible, I would have called you on phone either but the network here is very bad,let me read your positive response. Lizzy
Letter 2

Am very glad to read from you,I am planning to come to the state immediately, because I was in trouble here at the moment, the hotel am staying here was on fire last night,I was very fortunate to not be in the hotel the fire incident, I was in openinig ceremony of a clothing model event which I was among special guest of the event,eventually I was informed my hotel was
Letter 3

Mike, Glad to read from you again,am very sorry to not write you back as soon as possible, I told you I was sicked in my previuse mail due to that am not able to check my email often, content of your mail is well noted and understood,I really appreciate your support and care,I don't want you to miss understood my previouse email nor me,see nobody expect what happened here,even if I were told such a thing will happened I wouldn't have believe ,I don't want to share this with you before because I don't want it to look as if am trying to collect money from you by trick, is not your fault if think that way is one of those things that happened on the net this days , but I want you to have it in mind that I can never do such a thing is against my religion. Immediately after the incident, the hotel got me another place to stay for sometimes they promised to do something but I don't know how long it will take, before I called on you, I called my best friend Tonia in Uk to send me some money so I could get all my travelling documents done to US which she told me she had send the money but is very unfortunate that I can't get the money here, I don't know what happened we can't even trace the money here and it was confirmed that the money sent there,this caused mis understanding between me and my friend, she always ignore my calls, I can't blaim her for that,I called my company I was told they can only issue check which not cashable here in Africa, so I decided to explain everything to you because your the next person I can call on,all am after now which made me to ask for your help is that, am processing a contract in a clothing company in US which they asked me to come b4 next months, please mike I don't want to loss this contract you need to do something,just believe in your self and trust me, am for real, do all you could do to assist me to get to the state. i got your number I will call you as soon call also call me on thin number +2348054086894....i will be glad to read from you again. Lizzy
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