Scam letter(s) from Tatyana to Charles (UK)

Letter 1

Good afternoon my love Charles!!!!
how are you!!!!! I'm very glad and I have a good mood becouse I recive your kind letter for me!!!! I'm glad it!!!!
In your letter I have seen a lot of your love for me! I very much appreciate it!
Today I and my best girlfriend went to travel agency and learned about cost travel to you, this travel agency was advised me by my girlfriend, she used this travel agency when she were come the future husband in Australia, She has got acquainted with him 6 months back and now she lives with hi in Australia, they are very happy, they have got acquainted through the Internet too and soon their hearts have incorporated in huge love, you saw my girlfriend on a photo!!! Now she is in my town!!
she has told me that it travel agency has good reputation and it is cheapest egency in our town, she has told me that it travel agency very much help her. I think that we might trust this agency, I trust my girlfriend and I am sure that she is never will deceive me, I believe her completely!!!!
When we were included in this travel agency us have met very well, I liked the personnel it travel agency, there are very polite and good people, to me have offered Conversation about trip with the main manager this travel agency, he has completely told to me about all details my trip and has acquainted with all Necessary documents for trip, he has told me that for my trip is necessary : the passport for travel abroad, the visa, and buy the ticket aboard the plane, and to buy the ticket on a train to Moscow because the plane will take off from Moscow.
The main manager, has offered me use for my travel to you the usual tourist visa, he has told, that it is the cheapest and convenient type the visa.
he has told that this travel agency has already a lot of gratitude from the girl who have already found the true love and is very grateful travel agency for the given services.
I very much want to be too among these girl, I want to be fast with you!!!
And I think that I shall be the happiest person near with you!!!
I want and I wait it very much!!!!
To me have offered for trip to you the price-list:
Registration the tourist passport will cost 234, 50 dollars,
registration the visa will cost 172.40 dollars (full cost for
registration visa is 172.40 dollars, the visa costs only
72.40 dollars, but plus to this it is necessary to pay 45 dollars in
consular gathering and medical insurance and all this together
cost 172.40 dollars),The ticket on a train in Moskow will cost 108,90 dollars,
and the ticket aboard the plane will cost 890.60 dollars.
to me have told, that if I want begin registration the order I should pay the first payment, it is 30% from a total sum travel, to me have told that if I can start registration documents within this week this travel agency will do a discount for me it is 5 % because in 7 days increase of the prices for airflights intends, and tickets will cost aboard the plane more dearly!!!!! what you think about it my lovely Charles!!!! do You want my trip to you!!!
When I have learned these prices in my eyes Have appeared tears because it is very expensive forme, but I want to arrive to you!!! I want that my huge dream was carried out - it to arrive to you and to do you happyest person in world , I shall be happy near with you I am sure in it and I want it.
In each my dream I see you and our meeting, it is very pleasant ,I thinks, that it will be not fair if we shold not meet, I am sure that our love help our hearts to incorporate and soon we can be together..... I ask God each day about that he has helped us to be together and to be happy!!!!!! I think that you will agree with me that we love each over very much !!!! You my most lovely and most fine person in the world and I want to be with you!!!
I want that our meeting was held and we can keep in our hearts it the most important in our life, this our HUGE FEELING of LOVE.....
Excuse but I should go home already very much late!!! I shall go home, I shall have supper and go to bed, and I hope in my dreams again to see you!!!
Remember that that the girl from Russia very much loves you and wasit our meeting!!!
I very much love you!!
I very much miss you!!!!
Only yours Tatiana
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