Scam Letter(s) from Olga Afanasieva to Sean (USA)

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Letter 1

Hi my new friend!
Thank, you have written to me! I execute the promise and I shall tell about myself and to send you a photo.
Likely, you to want to know, how I to find you. I to address in internet-cafe. There there is a service of the international acquaintances.
Me to show the various questionnaire of many men. I choose you and me have permitted write to you.
I open for myself e-mail and to write to you. You have answered to me and I thank you. I shall write to you from internet-cafe, therefore do not worry, if I shall not write each day. I hope, you write to me still!
My intentions serious. I search kind and reliable man. In Russia there are a lot of men, but it is not interesting with them.
Many men to drink vodka and to beat the wives. Therefore I to want to find the friend in other country.
For the beginning I to want to tell about myself. My name - Olga Afanas'eva. To me 29 years. May 25 I was born in 1974, May 25.
My growth about 173 cm. Weight about 55 kg. At me a long dark hair. I not have a lot of photo, But I hope, I to like you (:-)))
I work the adviser in small firm. I to be engaged in advertising. I help to place advertising on TV, radio and in city. Me to like my work. I a lot of dialogue with the people. I to work since 8 mornings and till 5 evenings. Sometimes I to work the ambassador dinner till the late evening.
All depends on volume work. In Saturday and Sunday I to have a rest. I live in Kostroma. It is ancient Russian city. It to be in the centre Russia. It in 372 km to northwest from Moscow. Our city very beautiful! Much ancient houses and church. It is possible to look at or other web-pages. I live in an apartment with the mum and daddy. I have senior sister. She lives in Moscow. She is married and to have 2 children.
At me in an apartment lives the cat (Mashka). I love home animals. My friend. Write about itself and city. It is interesting to me. Send to me a photo, I to want to see you.
Write about the family.
In the following letter I to write about myself, family and friends more in detail.

Letter 2

Greetings my lovely!!! The ocean divides us. But I to feel how strongly to beat your heart if you to read my letter! Our hearts to beat together! Our souls together for a long time! Soon our bodies will together!! My love! I on top pleasure! Your letters - honey for my ears!!!
The financial question began a barrier to us. But our love will help us will break this barrier! My love! I to make a beautiful dress! You will like it.
I do not have photo. And I to not want to show it.
I want make to you a surprise!!
It is a pity to me, you cannot get a refund. But to you should return it. I to ask it. To me to tell, money have returned to you! I love you!
Hope, all will be good! I to wait our meeting, as well as you! Write to me! I wait!

Letter 3

Greetings my lovely!
How yours weekend? Hope, it was good!!!
At us has dropped out a lot of snow. Yesterday I with girlfriends to go to a wood. It about city. We have pine grove. There we walk on a snow wood.
It is very beautiful. Under legs the snow creaks. Trees in a snow! We to go and talk about men. Girlfriends speak about the problems. I to tell him about you once again. I to speak we to like each other. I to want, if you will be near to you.
We could hold each other for a hand and walk in park... My girlfriends to envy me. They to ask, when we shall meet. I speak, at us financial problems. But together we overcoming it and a meeting. I dream of it.....
In the evening I to drink tea with my parents. Our relations are interesting to them. My parents pleased about us. They to wish us happiness and wait our meeting. They concordant if I shall fly to you.
My girlfriends and my family to speak you " happiness for you! " Write to me, my lovely! I love you!

Letter 4

Greetings my prince!
Congratulation with last Christmas!
Hope you are good fun and rest!!! My lovely! I love you!
I watch TV. I to look news about celebrating Christmas.
It is very beautiful. There were many fires. Celebratory fur-trees were very beautiful! Me like Christmas Very much!! But in Russia the most important holiday - New Year. We fun some days! It is very beautiful holiday. It is a family holiday. Therefore in Christmas I think of you all the night long! In new Year I shall think of you too! I look at the night sky and stars. I think of you. You are far from me. But I feel palpation of your heart! I feel heat of your hands.
At us strange weather. Yesterday was + 3. Today - 17. I freeze and miss your embrace! My family speaks " Hi! " To you and your relatives. My family well.
We to prepare to celebrating New Year. It is necessary to make many purchase.
But this year I shall not spend money. I economy for trip to you.
To me it will be sad without you. I love you!
I shall wait your letters! You my prince!
The best regards to you and your friends!

Letter 5

Greetings my lovely!
I reception your letter and 10 MTCN. I shall receive it on Monday.
Now in Russia a holiday " the Constitution day " the bank does not work as the Poet. I love you! My lovely! YOU my prince! I am happy! You to do{make} for me all! I to want to do{make} for you all too!
I can soon embrace you! I love you!
My lovely! I economy many money for the ticket too.
You to help me very much. In total you to send me 400 $.
I economy and to find near 500 $. I shall be finding-out the exact sum necessary for trip. I spend money for various inquiries and documents.
You my prince! I hope for our meeting!
Hope it will be fast! Write to me! I love you! I wait.

Letter 6

I once again to go to bank. And at once to want to write to you. Why you have told, you take away money back? You not trust me? I am very much offended! You to think, your money are necessary for me. No!!!! If money were necessary for me, I would find a way to take it! You to not trust me nevertheless... It is a pity... I to not know, how to us continuation of the relation. To me it is insulting.. I to sit and cry. It was necessary to tell, you to take away money. I spend a lot of time find out, how to receive money.
But you took away it. To me insult not it.
To me insult, you not tell to me about it...
I love you! But.... I to not know what to do{make}...



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