Romance scam letter(s) from Tatyana Volkova to Nick (USA)
Letter 1
Hello my love Nick.
How your affairs?
My honey I have received the visa and I can travel to you but I had unexpected difficulties and I am very much afflicted.
Today father again would go to bank what to take the loan. But at him(it) has failed. I so want to be with you but there are various obstacles in a way of our meeting. I have borrowed(occupied) money from my relatives, but it is not enough of it. Lovely Nick You can help me with money?
I all time think of you and our future. I can not suffer(bear) any more when there will come(step) our meeting.
And me sadly because of that that at me begins impossible to arrive to you. My parents do(make) to you a greeting. You like them. They wish good luck us happiness in the further life.
Today I was on a visit at parents and we talked about you. I LOVE YOU
On it I finish the letter and I shall look forward to hearing from you. With embraces and kisses Tatyana.
Letter 2
Hi my love Nick!!!
I am again happy to see your letter.
I have read it and again began to understand that you are the sole man in my life. Which can understand me and support in difficult situations.
Money are necessary for purchase of the air ticket to take off to you for me only. I paid the visa from own money. Please if can help me with payment of the air ticket it(he) there is 732 $ US I itself might pay it but can not find such large sum and father could not help me and at me iaa inoa?ony other output(exit) ask you about the help.
Like any other woman I dream to have my own family, honest, loyal and reliable husband to care for and to help him about everything;
children to foster; home to keep and tide up, etc. I am happy that I had met you and had written to you and anybody to another.
That day when I had written you was happiest in my all life. I know that all things are under construction on trust and understanding, Any relations without it can not exist in general, differently. It is difficult to name it as the close relations. But I consider between. We already generated the close and sensual relations. Personally it occurs now to me. I do not know as you my love, but I am in such condition.
It would be desirable to be with you, to embrace you. To see and to love you only. I can not help thinking of you.
I rise and I lie down to sleep recollecting about you. About what you told me. I also think of you and your letters only.
Looking forward to hearing from you. With love, your Tatyana.
P.S.I have attached copies of the passport and the visa which to you were necessary.
Letter 3
Hello my love Nick!!!
How are you today?
Your letter has brought to me a lot of happiness.
Due to your letter my life was filled by sense.
Thank my love, that you want to help me.
The large hope, that you will help me.
You can send me money with the help of western union?
I send you the exact address of bank.
Western Union.
Name and surname of the addressee: Tatyana Volkova
I have counted up all charges to me there is no only money for purchase of the air ticket. Residing at Moscow and trip to Moscow I can pay other charges. Please help me with money for the ticket if it with your forces. As soon as you send money, please inform me control number of translation, exact sum, Your name and surname, and as the address of regular mail. It is necessary, that I without problems have received your money.
I very much love you......
I hope for our fast meeting yours Tatyana. P.S. As it is possible to you my address is required: Russian Federation.
ZIP: 424003
street: Zarubina 20a-9
Tatyana Volkova.
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