Scam letter(s) from Lidia to Frank (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello Frank!
I just read your letter and it attractive my attention. I'd love to know more about you.
I am looking for my soul in mysterious moment,there is adventure to both you and I. I am looking for my beautiful romantic ,he must be honest attractive, he dedicate himself to our love. I SEEK a well-educated versatile man, he is my hope in my lone time. I am honest loyally independent. I want share my passion with you! I hope you will like my photo.
I'm very romantic person and I think you like my little poetry about love When somebody loves you It's no good unless he loves you - all the way Happy to be near you I wait your letter.
Your Lida.
Letter 2
Hello, my new friend Frank!
I hope that this our correspondence will turn from friendship to love, but now I can not know this exactly. Anyway, it is very pleasant to see your letter now and I feel a little involved and at the same time happy, because you may be the one, whom I searched for for a long time.
I think it is time to tell something about myself. I will not tell you much about me, because I don't know exactly what to tell about, what will be interesting for you, so I'll wait for your questions in your next letter, OK?
When I was a little girl I dreamed much about my future life. I saw myself in the role of outstanding woman-singer, then I wanted to be an actress but as the time went I understood that nothing, - popularity, money, success, - can not be compared with the role of being a good loyal loving wife and careful mother for children. I know I sing well and I really have talents in playing even outstanding roles, and I play them in some theatres, but I would like to build a family and be the best in this. May be, it is just an influence of my actress talent, but I get used to be under the sights of many people, who are always ready to criticize me, to express their good emotions or their anger and dissatisfaction. And I want every my move and deed to be excellent.
What do you think about a girl whose moves and speech is always right and full of beauty and perfection and who is going to be yours? I want to give all I have for only one man, who will love me greatly and with whom I'll be in love too. I want other men to tell my lover: your woman is the most wonderful and beautiful one in the world! You're really lucky, you have such a treasure!
So, what do you think about it?
I waiting for your answer impatiently, buy for now,
your Lida.
Letter 3
Hello, my sweet Frank!
It is so pleasant to find your letter again! I have news for you. I've made today an important decision. I decided to write to you only, but not to another men too, they don't attract me more! Do you remember I said in my last letter that I write poems? Pity, I write usually in Russian, but... It is my first poem in English. May be, it is not so good, but English is not my native language and I can only say what I can. I know you so little,
but you're so close!
I feel my heart beating:
it says it is yours. I hardly believe in:
love was so easy to find,
and I'll do anything
for you to be mine! You gave me a special inspiration, thank you for this!
My sweet, how can we meet?
With my tender kiss to you,
your Lida.
Letter 4
Hi dear Frank!
Thank you for your so lovely letter. It was pleasant for me to receive it from you. Dear I didn't receive any letters from you January 31. Now it is very cold here. It is about -3 degrees by Celsius, Strong wind and black clouds. But when I red your letter it becomes warmer. My darling I can't wait our meeting any more. I like to travel very much and I never been aboard. I live in a small town Slavyansk. It is in Donetsk region. It will be great if I can visit your country.
Dear Frank, if we can be there together I'll be the luckiest woman in the world. Dear I want to meet you as soon as it possible. I met my girl friend yesterday. She is happy because she has her lovely man near her. And I want to be with you also.
I am so impatient to have you in my arms.
I want to tell you my poems into your ear. My darling, I want dance with you all night long and to sleep and wake up with you. This will be the greatest happiness in my life. Every passing day, my desire for you is growing and I am dreaming about us and our future children. My arms are waiting for you my love. When will I be able to see you? This is like dream now, but we will make it happen and I want you my darling. You have possessed my heart and I happy with it. I will never complain to be your woman.
My darling, I have never gone away from you. I was always with you. I hope you felt my heart beating for you. I want to take the steps in our relationship my darling and I am waiting for your reply. I am sure that every place is a paradise with you and you are my angel. Thus, I just want be with you and I want to be in the paradise soon. I am sending you my deepest love and warmest kisses...
Your Lida.
Letter 5
Hi dear Frank!
I am happy because I have an opportunity to speak with you once more. I try to write letters to you from the morning because I can't spend day normally if I didn't speak with you. Your letters give me a big energy and beautiful mood for all day. You wrote me that you could keep me warmer in your arms. Dear I want to go to you. I always think about our meeting. By the way I know a travel agency here, which can organize the trip to another country very quickly. They make visa, foreign passport, buy the tickets and even find a hotel where you can stay there. I think it will be a good idea to use the service of this agency. What do you think about it?
Yesterday I spoke with my mother about you. I showed her your photos and told all about relations. And I must say you that she admired our relationship very much. I told her about our meeting and she said that it will be a bad manner to allow you to organize the travel for me. She said me that she tried to help me to organize my trip. And I think that my mother is right. Let me do it by myself. My darling you didn't write me anything about our meeting. How do you imagine it? You must understand that it is very important for me to know what are thinking about this? How will spend all this days and will do in the evenings? Please, Frank, Be open with me, not feel embarrassed. I want to know all your dreams. Is it OK for you? I will be waiting for your replay immediately.
And I wish you the good dreams.
Many kisses for you.
With love, Lida.
Letter 6
Hi my sweaty Frank!
Your words make me feel really happy! It is so pleasant to feel that you are ready to our meeting! My darling, I think it would be really nice to meet in Canada. It would be so romantic! But I have a little problem - I have not international passport yet.
I spend my yesterday solving the problem with agencies... I visited lot of them and at last remembered that my mother has a friend in one of them, and he can really help me. My desire to get to you is wondering me myself!
Firstly, I had to ask about international passport, I don't have it yet. Usually through firms and travel agencies man can get international passport in one month or even lately. But mother's friend is ready to do it in a WEEK! Isn't it wonderful? And then getting visa and preparations for the flight will continue no more than one or one and a half weeks. I can be there with you in two weeks! It is even not pity for me that I get passport through the travel agency, as I know that this way - through a friend - will be faster and I know that friend will be more attentive to this problem. I have only one little problem for now. International passport, getting visa and tickets need money, and I don't have them enough. Can you help me in this? I just can not collect
such money in a short time. I'm a big lucky - I've found a short way to solve the problem of long process of getting passport, I don't want this chance to be loosed - it is really excellent chance to be together! I want to be with you!
Only yours Lida.
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