Scam letter(s) from Elena Surtsukova to Robert (USA)

Letter 1
Hello, Shawn I love your photo.
Thank you for the letter. Yes if we like each other I shall reach you. I am very happy again to hear you, and is grateful for me that you have not forced for me wait long for your replay. I will answer you quickly also.
I want find a soul person for who more important a soul condition than material. I not material person, so I searches for a person which has a rich soul! You know already, I am looking to find sincere and deep relationship. I am person preferring spiritual values.
I don't search for a sponsor who simply would pay for my life.
To live, I not need greatest things in life like nice cars, big house and etc things, to live I need have a sincere feelings, true love and relationship, I am sure material things we can buy, but we never can buy love!!!!!! I am in a condition to earn on livelihood. I would want to see in the future husband loving and caring about me, who could give me due attention, also I will be loving and careing for my person. I would want to find in you that person who could To be simple and kind, careful and gentle. And simply I would like in you To see the PERSON!!!!
I am 23 yo, my birth day is 20 february, so I will 24 y.o. I have a graceful body of 163 sm (5,4) heigh and 54 kg (near 120) weigh.
I like to take care of myself, my appearance, my face, my body. And, I believe, that a woman should always look very nice and attractive. I also to keep my body in shape as sport gives people not only health, but much energy and strength, when doing sports you are always in good mood and don`t concentrate negative emotions on yourself. I very love children, children - our future. Do You love children?
I like people who have goals in their life and strive for them. As for my goals, at present I want to find my heartmate,the man who will be my best friend and best husband. Perhaps, you will ask me: "Why don't you find your love in your country?" And my answer will be the following: I want my husband to be a foreigner, because, I don`t like Russian men, because they drinking much ***** and less romantic. A lot of women married and moved abroad for good and they are very happy, they say, Don't doubt. I have got serious intentions to find a long term relationship with a mature gentleman. I still did not found here The man seriously adjusted on creation of healthy and strong family and Therefore I consider, that if there will be such man, distance between us Will not be a handicap for the fond each other people.
I want have relations with the older person than I because young men not serious about family and do not know what they want from the life, so I wrote you. I think, the most important things in the relationship between two loving hearts is honesty, trust, respest, faithfulness and love...
There are many people who differ greatly from each other but all of them want to be happy. I think we should strive for being happy, because very often it is useless just sit and wait for your love. We should act but not wait something unreal!
I will be glad to receive some pics of you.
I hope you got interested in me and want have really a sincere realationships, if so e mail me please. I hope you have a nice day and I will happy if my letter add little warm in your day.
Letter 2
Hello Dear Shawn
I am lucky get your message. How are you?
Your message brighten my day. I caught myself that I thinking of you all time, I really very interested in you, hope you too!
When I go to the internet cafe I rush to the computer to see if there is anything from you. I must say i am very sincere in my intention to correspondence with you!
I have no my computer, I write you from internet cafe.
Internet cafe this is office where be computers and I have to pay money for use internet to write you.
I have much girlfriends and like to conduct with them free time. I communicative and open person. I like to hear something new. I like to do different hairstyles, in general I like looks well and attractive and support my body. I do healthy lifestyle, I don't smoke and drinking very seldom a glass of good wine.
I am new in computers and internet, so I can't write quickly a text, my fingers not yet to grow accustomed quickly to take text:) But I hope soon it will be better:) I studied English for 7 years, I begin to study it in grade school and try to study more now, I don't think, that English difficult language, I need simply to sit and study it, and then possible I can say some pleasing words about love and other:) Sometimes, I can do a mistakes in English, so don't get attention on it and don't have a laugh from my words:) I like always to study English. In the school I was good pupil and I had a good evaluation. And nearly not play tricks on lessons:))) Are You was a good pupil when was in the school? Did You get a good evaluation? How is your parents apply to you in the childhood? Do You had a good childhood?
My childhood was not so good, my teachers were little strict but in ditto time they love me and did much pleasing things, I think, They bring up me well, they bring up me so that family and children is important in life, they always taught me that lie this bad, so I always honest.
I even could not think, that in internet possible find a correspondence with such pleasing person like you, I so glad we correspond!!!
Write Me please more about yourself.
I like to receiveing your messages.
Anxiously wait your message.
Letter 3
Hello my sweetie Shawn
How are you today?
When I receive your letter, on my face always come a smile and I feel a heat in my soul, thank you for this.Thank you for filling my soul a joy, thank you for filling my heart of the most pleasing feelings!! I am a faith that you really serious with me and I completely trust you that you really want to meet me. I can not now visualize a day without your message, I very very love receiving your messages.
Hope soon we will be together!!! Do You like it? I very much!
We can spend a romantic evenings together, we will be care of each other, I really so want to begin a family and enjoy this happy time together, my heart is full of sincere feelings to give for a person!!!
I have never think, that be such men like you! I have never heard pleasing words like you write me.
Even I not know what to write you now, I simply delighted with you! I wrote you, I like a poetry so now come time to write you some of my poems. Having read a poem, possible understand more what in the soul of person, what is person feel like, so I has write you this poem myself, not to lose good sense these words, So, this words from my soul and heart only for you: This will much not comfortable you journey in Russia.
You should fly to aeroport in moscow " Sheremet'evo" , then you go on bus 3 hours before station train, and on train approximately 17-20 hours before my city. This much not comfort, train in russia much bad. And most main in Russia not to love the foreigner. I shall Powerfully be a sufferings for you. Will be best me to come to see you.
I can get visa easy. This problem be concern with the agent in tourist company. This very big company and they much long ago concern with this deal. They persisting professionals and know all laws and long ago co-operate with embassy USA. With my paper not will not what problem. Single that we must do, pay the money and begin tourist papperwork.
and soon we shall together shall be able to love each other and enjoyment good time. I really love you much and want to marry with you.
I certain that we are created friend for friend and must be happiness together. When you will be able to send the money for our meeting?
Someone will always be thankful for you. Someone will always cherish the warmth of your smile and the happiness in your heart. Someone wants to always be close enough to care in every way and to treasure each and every day spent together. Someone will always keep you lovingly in mind and will welcome every opportunilty to find you in happy thoughts. Someone will always know that life is good because of you, and that tomorrow has a bright and shining hope that wouldn't be there if you weren't here today. Someone will always try to find the words to thank you for filling life with dreams come true and with beautiful memories. Someone will always be thankful for you.....And that someone will always be me!
I has find how much cost a flight to you, it cost $980USD, in this cost enters a passport(70), visa(400) and tickets of plane(510), but this dearly for me, I have no such money, do you will help me to pay for the flight to you? I will very happy to meet you!!! To get tourist documents need wait approximately 5-6 weeks and I can reach you in 5-6 weeks after a day when to pay in the company.
In the tourist company to take cash only, so you can simply send me money through the bank and I shall immediately pay for the flight to you.
I am open with you and I don't want to hide any thing from you! I want to show you all sides of my heart, all sides of my tenderness and I hope you will not break my heart because I will never do it with yours! I pray God to all it will be for real!!!
Anxiously wait your message. Tender kisses for you.....
You always in my thoughts and dreams.
Your Elena
Letter 4
Hello my dearest Shawn I love your photo.
I am as always happy receive your message. How are you? I am fine. I often think, why I has write exactly on your profile? And I can not understand, because this was something inwardly me, I can not explain myself this! Possible this was attraction our fates? Possible, god wanted to exactly our hearts were together? In any way I thank a fate that it give me such gift, this is meet you in internet, but maybe one day come and we can meet personally, face to face!!!! I will happy if this happening!!! When you want to meet me? What do you think if I will reach you in February? I will be happy to meet you soon!!!
I can find how much cost of flight to you, I need know what international airport close to you, write me. I talked with my mother long time and I has say her that have a correspondence with very pleasing and good man. She is much pleased for me. She speak you Hello! We with the mother always each other to understand and I very love her. My Mother and Father - the most close and the most dearest persons for me. They always help to me, when me difficult, I am also always pleased help they in all. Sometimes she give me an advice if I can not do anything myself. Very good mother:)
I want to say you, that I like you much and I never met such interesting and good person like you. I do not want to lose a relationship with you! Hope you serious with me also as I with you. Possible at one beautiful day we are meeting and will speak each other, I think, this will prettily. I can not presently write you all that I feel, but maybe not yet time? Maybe I mistaken? But I was the most happy person on the land if I not mistaken! I simply much want be near by the good person always, which has a kindness and understanding. I want have one man and forever. I do not want have a divorce I want have family forever. Because this bad not only for us, but for our children. I do not want to my future child saw this, I do not want to my child needed for the heat and weasel mother and father, I want to this he had always much. I very love children, and not important my they or no, this small inhabitant our big planet and he must not have a necessity. But when he will be adult he heself will choose its way in life.
I anxiously wait your letter.
Your Elena.
Letter 5
Hello my sweetie Shawn
I always very lucky to get you letter.
Yes I must have $270USD. And I shall be able to begin tourist papperwork. When you will be capable to send this?
My sweetie, I thinking of you all time and I want to ask you some questions but when I come to internet cafe I forget them:) I go on street and see so much couples and I see in them you and me, I dreaming as we can walk together, our hands together and on our faces such beautiful smiles......and when I thinking about it my heart knock more quicker and I have a mild smile! And at this time I feel myself like I have met you personally and spent time with you!!!
Here is couple questions for you, What best values in woman you are looking for? For me best values in man is sincerity, honesty, sincere desire to have a sincere relationship and family, to be best friend, husband and lover.
What is mean for you a family? For me family this is love, helping for each other in any things, have all joys and problems together!
To be us as one! Happy Family this is purpose of my life! And I really serious about it!!!
You each day in my sweet and beautiful dreams, when we together with you conduct very good time for mountains and sea, but the most main to after these dreams began real and I has been able to see you not in the dream but face to face and this will the most lucky moment in my life, hope and in your life too. And when begin real, we with you shall go on the coast under the moon light and together looking on stars and moon, which will brightly blaze only for us.
And this will really the most beautiful and romantic moment our life. But certainly we shall have not only one such evening, for us this evening will the whole life and have not the end! And our heart always will have a full feelings from which will leave only happiness. I very hope soon to meet you. I very want to see you soon and stay with you forever!!! At a last time I have very beautiful condition a soul and this condition only from you, thank you for this. Hope soon to get your sweet letter. Many gentile kisses only for you. I thinking of you always.
Your Elena
Letter 6
Hello my beloved Shawn
I am very happy receive your letter. Presently I am siting and think, in the world much much people, their much millions, but be only two special persons for each other - you and me! Why so is get that I did not meet never such good person as you?! Or why we earlier are not meet, why we live on different part a Land? Earlier I disbelieve in the fate or something such, I always spoke - a concurrence of circumstance, but now I am conceived, maybe be a fate, maybe this not concurrence of circumstance?
Now I believe that in this world be a person for you and for me, simply we never know what and where us wait.
And when you meet this person, feel itself flying to the sky. So always cans be, if for a long time no person with which you want to conduct together the whole life, he appears suddenly and this adds else more happiness, feelings. Also as any surprise, when we its not to wait and it appears, we certainly have a big delight. This so beautifully, when two hearts are connected in one big and beautiful love. I feel myself presently as a small child, which looks and sees a world first once. I simply want to write what is in my heart presently, soul, as I feel myself. I very happy, you has wake in me the most beautiful feelings, which for a long time sleep inwardly me, which must to live in person's life rather then sleep inwardly and died, GREATER THANK YOU for this!!! Hope soon to see you and gentily kiss you. Whole my heart only for you!
Sincerely Your Irina
Letter 7
Dear Robert,
please be advised that the address given in your order is incorrect. Elena doesn't live there and never lived. Please urgently advise her new address details or phone number.
Thank you in advance.
Best Regards,
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