Scam letter(s) from Svetlana Motovilova to Stefan (Sweden)

Letter 1
Hello!!! I congratulate you with Christmas!!!!!!!!!!! My name is Svetlana. To me 27 years. I live in Russia. I am attentive and withinterest has read your data and profile on Service of acquaintances on .To me would like more to learn about your country, about her traditions, places of interest. Also it is important to know more about you, your family and job. I hope that in the letters you will tell to me about it more. I am very much confused, when I write you this letter, because for the first time I correspond with the person from far and unknown to me of country. Also I absolutely recently have learned about the Intenet and his opportunities and while to me very difficultly to get used to this system. I work in a children's garden as a teacher, and very much I like children. I like my job. I attend take care of small children in the age of from 4 till 7 years. They very interesting, it is good to observe of them. if I you have interested that write to me . If it is not difficult for you, write from the real address of an e-mail, instead of from Webdate address because the Russian e-mail it will be bad to work with expansion, it will be better yahoo or aol or hotmail. I wait for your letter on my e-mail. Thanks. Svetlana.
Letter 2
Hello my new friend stefan!!! I was glad to see again thy letter. I closely(attentively) have read it him and I want to write to thee the answer. I live in city Krasnodar, which there is in a southern part of Russia on the river a Kuban. Our city is in relative affinity to the Black and Azov seas. He very beautiful and in a nem there are a lot of places of interest. But we, at Russian population have many problems. As Krasnodar territory is on a neighbourhood with the Chechen republic and Dagestan. There are many national problems, the conflicts between the Chechen population and Russian are often. I want to tell to thee more about the family. We live together with the mum only. My daddy was lost in airaccident, when to me there were 2 years. I at all do not remember him. It is heavy to me to speak about it. To my mum 62 years and she on pension. Earlier she worked the teacher of Russian at school. I have finished Pedagogical institute on the teacher for small children.
To me 27 years and mine day birth of March 26. I one child in family and at times happen very sadly to know, that no by a number(line) of the close and liked person, except for the elderly mum. Therefore I am always glad new familiar. I with impatience shall wait for thy following letter and pictures. Tell what news at you in city? Tell more about the childhood?
Your new friend Svetlana.
Letter 3
Good day dear stefan! I rejoice when receive the letters from you. I always wait your response letters, because it's important for me, I think that I have found real, near friend, who I can tell about myself and find out him with pleasure. I hope that it's mutually.
I can not write to you during 2 days because I shall not have access to the Internet. We shall have days off because of celebrating New year. I congratulate you happy New Year!!! I never was outside Russia.
Do you have a real friends? Do you often meet with them? What do you occupied in your free time? Almost all my friends are married, but my best friend is not married yet too. We learned in Pedagogical Institute together and spent many time for our education and rise of qualification. But now I want to create own family very much. I want to love and to be loved. I want worry about my future husband and our kids. I want to divide the gladness and sorrow with my beloved. There are many unembezzle, unaffected and unbounded senses in me and I feel that soon I'll have met that man, which I'll gave my love. I'm finishing now. With great impatience I'll wait thy following letter.
Your girlfriend Svetlana.
Letter 4
Hello dear Stefan!!! Again I write you the answer to your letter. I always with impatience wait for thy letters. They become important for me. Because they please me and lift mood. When I read thy letters I understand that at me the person, close to me has appeared. I hope that thy friendly feeling mutually.
At me small problems with spelling in English. Therefore to me is passed to use the help of the computer interpreter. I hope that the sense of my letters completely is clear to thee. Almost each day I perfect the knowledge of English language. I hope that soon I can write in English without the help of the interpreter. Thee probably surprises that per the 27 years I do not have husband and children. It because all spare time I spent for the doctrine and job. But now I have a desire to create the family center. This question becomes very important for me. I want more to tell to thee volume as I conduct the spare time. It in basic my days off. These days we try to meet the girlfriends and to conduct cheerfully time. For example we arrange a party on which we prepare many tasty(delicious) dishes, we listen to music and socially we drink home Tinctura Araliae from berries, in Russia him name Klukovka. This tasty(delicious) weak Tinctura Araliae, with beautiful colour. Sometimes we visit(attend) theatres and cinema halls. This very entertaining time. I would like more to learn about you target and working days? About that how thee are engaged home facilities(economy)? As of today I shall finish the letter and with impatience I wait for your answer.
your girlfriend Svetlana.
Letter 5
Hello my lovely friend Stefan!!! The reception of your letters becomes necessary for me. I wait with impatience of each you letter. I am very glad that your write me as it is possible more often. At me begins warmly in ****** and very good status. That we could see in our douches more heat, it is necessary to us to know about each other more. I would like to know all thy habits and desires. I am very much stirred, when I write thee it, because never reflected earlier on creation of own family. I never tried to study the man, but now I feel by the female intuition, what is it it is necessary. There can be I speak silly, thee are possible at all do not understand me. But my female feeling speaks, that probably thee will mine beloved. In old emails I tried to tell to thee maximal about myself and family. I think that your already know many my addictings and habits. But if thee would like to learn more, ask me about it. Now I think to tell to thee more about the country. Russia is country having many natural resources. Such as coal, gas, petroleum, gold and many other things. But standard of living at us very low. Therefore my wages suffices only on nutrition and payment of municipal services. Money to clothes and petty expenses is given me by(with) the mum. Because she receives the very large pension, it is 60 American dollars per one month or 1800 Russian roubles. Our life is very difficult. It is necessary much to refuse itself to purchase a large thing. For example, to pay for services of the Internet (it is 15 American dollars per one month), I should give lessons to small children domiciliary. Sometimes it is tightened(delayed) till the late evenings and I come home sick. I shall not upset more thee concerning our life. I would like to say, that ours with thee the dialogue abirritates and gives me to forget about realities. Today I shall finish, but soon again I shall write to your.
With impatience I wait for your letter.
Letter 6
Hello likeable stefan! I'm very glad to read your letter. I wait your letters all time. I don't know that happened with me, but I think about you and your letters all days and even nights. I want to know more about you, your dreams, wishes and many others. I like to know the news about you and your life. I hope that it's mutually. I think that you know about me almost all. So I'll write to you about my country. Russia is a very large and beautiful country. In Russia very beautiful and at the same time various nature. But a standard of living of some layers of the population is very low and many people live in poverty. And it creates some problems for them. As for me my wage suffice only on a meal and some clothes. Often to have to refuse itself in something or to earn additionally in the evenings after job (I make massage to ill people including children). Let's not be about sad. I overlook about all difficulties and weariness when I think of you. It became necessary for m!
I wait for your answer with impatience. Your Svetlana.
Letter 7
Hello my dear stefan!
How are you?
Yesterday I have told about you and have described you to my mum. She delighted as I supposed. She has said to me that if two persons have liked to each other on correspondence that after their meeting they will be unseparable. I think of you constantly, I dream of our meeting, I present our first a meeting. I very much wait for this moment. Since we began to correspond I always have a high mood, even employees at my job notice it. I so am pleased, that have met you. You are very necessary for me. Now I at all do not present the life without you. I thank the God that he has sent me you. I want to admit to you in something: earlier I never thought that I can so strong be fond of man. My feelings are increasing every day, so it becomes difficult to pass them only through letters. Therefore I wait for our meeting more strongly with every day. I wait for your letter with huge impatience.
Good-bye, your Svetlana.
Letter 8
Hello my boyfriend stefan!!! My heart starts, when I read your letters. I feel, that our friendly relations pass in love. During our correspondence I have understood, that you the person with which I want to create family. I am very much stirred when I write you about it, as I do not know thy relation to my love feelings. I dream, that our feelings are mutual.
I spoke about you with the my mum again. She is glad, that I have found the person, with which I can create family. I have described you to the mum, and you very much have liked to her. She is happy to our relations, but the mum is afflicted with that we with you far apart. We with you are separated by ocean, but I think that for love it not problem. If the people like one another, they always will be together. Today at job, all day I dreamed of our relations. Now I have understood, that I have person with which I dream to be together. But while it is impossible. I shall transmit the feelings through the letters. It is very important to me to know, what thee think of my feelings to thee? Also tell about more about the character and dreams? It is important to me to know about your much!!! I very wait for you answer!!!
Love !!!
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