Scam letter(s) from Svetlana Motovilova to Scott (USA)

Letter 1
Hello. My name is Svetlana. I have found yours structures on I am in search of the man which could estimate in me the woman which can be gentle and tender. Now it is a little about itself. To me of 27 years. I live in Russia in the city of Kirov.
If to you interestingly further acquaintance to me write to me on the address to me have told, that through to write does not cost, in Russia this delivery badly works for us, so write from your electronic box. I wait for the answer. Svetlana
Letter 2
Hello Scott,
Thanks for the answer to my letter. I very much hoped, that you will answer my letter. Now I can tell a little about myself. My full name Svetlana Motovilova. As you know to me 27 years. I was not for the husband and I have no children, but very much it would want in due course. In fact my work this dialogue with children. I teach at school in initial classes. I teach children with 7 till 9 years. I allow him the first school knowledge. I very much like this work. As you have already understood, I live in Russia in the city of Kirov, it about 1000 kms from Moscow. I of 172 sm of growth and my weight make 50 kg. Unfortunately I do not know, how many it in your system. I live with mum. Mine the daddy was the militarian and was lost in a hot point 7 years ago. My mum already on pension also is engaged in domestic affairs.
Thanks for the letter. It is very beautifully made out.
Tell now more in detail about it self, and in the following letter I shall write more in detail about myself. With impatience I wait for the answer. Svetlana.
Letter 3
Hello Scott,
How at you an affair?? How has passed day? At me all it is good. Now at children while a vacation and at us on work carry out ???b??? on improvement of professional skill. On his results the best teacher of initial classes of school will be chosen. Now I shall little bit more in detail tell about myself. I very much like to prepare. To this I was learned by mum, in fact they came home after work late at night, and all facilities kept on me. I very much like the nature. In the summer I like to have a rest in a wood or on coast of the river. I like to go to campaigns. I have many good girlfriends. We frequently meet with them and we spend time at cinema or at theatre. Music is pleasant to me different. I think, that for each mood there is a music. I like to dance. I love water and I like to float. I would like to find once the man with which I would like to leave though on edge of light both to live with him and to create our family.
I do not know, that else it is possible to write about myself. Ask me, and I with pleasure shall answer all questions. I would like to have as much as possible your photos if there will be an opportunity - send me them. I hope to receive from you the answer soon. Svetlana
Letter 4
Hello Scott,
Today my day has passed well. I had the day off. My girlfriends have called me a little to sit in cafe. I have told him, that have got acquainted through the Internet with the guy and now I have conversations with him. They have smiled. They asked to transfer you greetings from them. In such occasion one of girlfriends has asked at familiar the digital camera and they have photographed me and have told, that I have sent you this photo. I would like to ask you, you plan to speak the friends about our friendship? Soon I shall tell to mum, that I have correspondence with you. Tell to me please about the most remembered case in your life? Still I would like to know, how you carry out the rest more in detail. Especially I am interested with outputs on the nature.Excuse for some carelessness of me in the letter. I simply am so is happy that I receive the letter from you! Svetlana - a usual name for Russia probably as well as Scott for the USA. I would like to arrive to America once, but only to the liked person.
Letter 5
How at you an affair??? What new??? How has passed day??? My day was full of events. At school competition on the best teacher of elementary grades has ended. As it is not strange but I have won first place. The table behind which we have well sat has been then organized. There there was very tasty wine and many fruit. To me have presented the letter and have given out the premium of 1.000 roubles. It makes approximately 30 American dollars. Then I have met girlfriends. They asked me, as we have attitudes. I have told, all at us is good. Soon children leave from a vacation and at me usual work will begin. I want to take holiday the next month and to have a rest a little. Only while plans any are not present as an ego to lead. So has passed my Cursor day. Happy Valentines day !!!
It is a photo it has been made in the summer by the black sea.
Letter 6
Hi my bestfriend Scott,
My affairs today have passed well. I today have told to mum, that I correspond with the person from the USA and have told a little about you. After that story mum has told to me, that it is very good, that at me the close person though he and it is far has appeared, but in fact people do not have barrier if they are necessary each other. I have asked her why she{it} so speaks though at all did not see you??? She has answered me it, that all has understood under my story. In fact mother you will not deceive. Mum always feels, that the daughter or the son wishes. Then we with her have gone to drink tea and she{it} to me has told, how has met the daddy. It were the most remembered moments of my day. Tell to me how has passed your day? What good has taken place with you? I very much want, that we began to trust each other and that the thread which connects us has appeared though what that more. I received your mail, but probably for pleasure have forgotten to write to you the answer to all your questions. p.s. Unfortunately I do not have more photo of me on a computer.
By ......
Your Svetlana
Letter 7
Hi my Scott,
Today my day has passed simply wonderfully. When I have risen and have sat behind a computer, whether mum has asked there are news from you. I have told, that there are also they good. I have told to her, that you like to correspond with me. Mum has embraced me, and has told, that wishs us of the big good luck together. She has told to me, that the main thing to keep the friend for the friend, and to be able to forgive a little. Then I went to school. There we had meeting devoted to study. After a dinner I had meeting with girlfriends and we have gone with them on shops. They too asked, as at us an affair. I have told him, that we are fine. At all I do not know that all occurs to them. They count us almost as a single whole. I cannot get used to this. What do your friends speak??? In the evening I have gone in good mood home, have prepared for a supper, and we with mum have sat behind a table at candles. At us for a long time such was not. Day has passed simply wonderfully. In the street there is a good weath.
With impatience I wait for your letter. I already simply do not present myself the life without them.
Yours Svetlana
Letter 8
Hello Scott,
Last night I for a long time could not fall asleep. I recollected all your letters. I have understood, that in them it is a lot of heat, and I answered as. I dreamed of time which at last will be and when we shall meet. I feel, that you that person with whom I would like to lead all life. But I know, that we far apart and it practically is not possible. It is very easy for me to write to you letters and I with impatience wait for the answer. I very much worry, when letters are late more than per day. I start to think, that I have told not so, have not offended than or. And, I am imperceptible for myself understand, that you is not simple for me as the friend, as the best friend. You for me steel that the man which I would like to find. Now I with confidence can tell, that I have found the second part of. And it you. I AM VERY GLAD to this, and is a little afflicted. The matter is that the big distance between us. I simply do not know what to do My last friend has hurted me very much. I was necessary for him only for *** and for an ornament of his company and he walked with 2 girls. I do not like Russian men more. MARKSA, 110a-10 KIROV, 610027 It is my home address.
Forgive for such muffled letters, but I think, that you can understand, that I had in view of. I simply wrote that at me on soul, and now not re-reading I send it. Understand me correctly. Kiss.
Yours Svetlana.
Letter 9
Hi my love Scott,
I am very glad, that you could understand my letter. If I that that have told not so, forgive me. I have simply given will to the feelings. I also did not think, that can be so difficultly to be from the dear person for myself. Today I have told to the best girlfriend about it and she has a little condemned me in it. She has told, that it is impossible so to become attached to the person whom so it is far from you, all the same you will not meet. But I think, that it not so....... Today I went to school and have written applications on holiday since next month. All the same subjects of my children it is replaced with physical culture. Now they the whole month will go in for sports and go to pool. I have some to hear of it sadly, but I would be not not prevented by holiday. I want to have a rest and well to lead him. Like and all that has taken place with me interesting. How you spend time?? What do you plan for the near future? Tell to me about the childhood and the school days, in fact the most interesting.
I think, that we can solve this problem. If I shall approximately find half of sum necessary for us for a meeting, you can help me with the second?
I love you.
Yours Svetlana.
Letter 10
Hi Scott,
I know, that there are many people which want to live dishonestly. I shall not try to prove to you, that I good. The only thing, see at a photo and you should notice, what is it not I. If you have decided, that you do not believe me - let so. I would like to find to myself the husband and to live with him happily, but I think, that after such silly suspicions of happiness will not be.
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